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  1. I don't think your broken Lor! LOL - you just respond to different things. I DO notice the beautifying effect and I am finding this added to Perfect Match is AMAZING. I cheat and I boosted my PM with 4 drops Cops neat per bottle. Enough to be there - not enough to knock you down. That recipe - PM, 4 drops Cops, and DHEAs misted on hair - truly is a very feminine, very much NEW love, Girly blend - if you want to remind the man why he bonded to you in the first place - give this a go. It's a CHAMP.
  2. I get that "Wheeeee" like yippee let's go thing. - but at high doses. And like Halo - I talk really really fast. My sweet spot for making everyone else happy and not ODing me so much is spraying the BACK of my hair. I'm not doing the inhaling they are. I just have to keep it off my skin or ick - b-acne.
  3. Hi - no I bought it elsewhere as I had ant's in my pants - so didn't report here - although I do understand it's a property of both the molecule itself and less the carrier but more importantly - I think for me - it's dosing. I have it a 100 mcg per spray strength - which I WOULDN'T do again as I am a mister and this is very very potent. IE - it my effort to determine sweet spot - I have given myself a number of unhappy side effects because I have doses at strasopheric levels This is clearly a molecule where misters do better at lower dosages. But - the pluses - so no one panics - i
  4. Tried it last night as a matter of fact - both components of the tweak - added cops and the other secret ingredient - and ZOMG!!!!!!!!!! No really. ZOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Your guess of the cops was dead on (although I cheated and added one more drop - couldn't help myself - 3 seemed so little - don't know why 4 seemed right but WTF it did and it worked) and the addition of the secret ingredient boost? DAYUM. EXACTLY and I mean EXACTLY what that blend calls for. Couldn't be better. So - when you get ready to tell the world what's in Top Heavy - then JUMP up and DOWN - because
  5. Ok Mara - I'll bite. Which version of Topper did you *DO*?! tapping foot wondering....
  6. I really can't top Luna's outstanding review - so I won't try. Here is what I get on me - almond, honey, deepest darkest bitter chocolate underpinned by amber and skin musk. It's not overpowering...it's a close to the skin, come get me studmuffin scent. I smell the cops - more before drydown - some after - but I like them so I'm not in the least bothered by that. Between the Leather and the Cops - it gives me one seriously sassy swing to my hips and attitude. All in all - this is everything I hoped it would be. Dead sexy. And I can not keep from wanting to lick my wrist.
  7. Thank you. Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle...
  8. I don't know. I'm pretty positive that the notes in Glistening Buttons would clash with those of Licorice Wand. But hey - we are all different. And you might really like that...me - not so much.
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LURVS that LUNA laughed at the Cactus. (BTW Luna - a) I MISS YOU BUNCHES I miss you bunches c) I miss you bunches and d) yeah that) I pretty much expected you would laugh at that DAHLING!!!!! I have to say that Naughty Jester and I have had a BLAST doing this one - we have been back and forth with ideas, text, prose, brainstorming - and it is NOT FLORAL. Not one teeeeeeeennnnnyyyyyyy tiny droplet. It is pure SLF Gourmand. Never designed anything with someone else let alone with (gasp) one of the male persuasion - but inspiration is what it is - and th
  10. Totally with Twin on this one...I am a champ at wearing but mixing? Not going there... It's like being a foodie - I know what I love to eat - and even my favorite ingredients are - but making that butternut squash rissotto as excellently? Isn't happening...
  11. I am not snuggly at all - but Perfect Match makes me a lap kitty. :-). And a PDA hound - which I am also NOT. Well -ok - maybe secretly - but I would never have acted on it - but this just tipped it over to permission. I love PM.
  12. How about something summery and tropical with Perfect Match? That way when having a summer party - we can spread the love? :-)
  13. Ok - totally going to hell for doing this BUT.... I wanted to test Bodacious Bomb with the Sexpionage Beta - and the man is WAY sensitive to Big OL' Scents. And normally I'm not one to release something this sexual on the public at large...but WTH - it's broad daylight, noon, and I'm just going to the grocery store and garden center with the GF - what can it hurt? LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! The hits, the palpable HITS! 1st - the Bomb totally covers the Sexpionage. Easy Peasy. 2nd - Grocery Store - Male who works there has known the GF for quite literally 15 years. The store has a f
  14. Ok - testing again this morning on the premise that if I don't do well I can shower it off before running a million errands later. I am on hour three - have put it on over Musky Dusky Greenery which is super light and went 2 baby sprays on application. I was very very careful not to overapply and OD. I felt great before I put it on. I still get increased sensory perceptions. Colors, shapes, sounds are really bright. Went up to Starbucks and got the usual...no noticeable hits by others which is weird - normally the middle aged men are all scoping me out - with or without pheros.
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