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  1. I don't think your broken Lor! LOL - you just respond to different things. I DO notice the beautifying effect and I am finding this added to Perfect Match is AMAZING. I cheat and I boosted my PM with 4 drops Cops neat per bottle. Enough to be there - not enough to knock you down. That recipe - PM, 4 drops Cops, and DHEAs misted on hair - truly is a very feminine, very much NEW love, Girly blend - if you want to remind the man why he bonded to you in the first place - give this a go. It's a CHAMP.
  2. I get that "Wheeeee" like yippee let's go thing. - but at high doses. And like Halo - I talk really really fast. My sweet spot for making everyone else happy and not ODing me so much is spraying the BACK of my hair. I'm not doing the inhaling they are. I just have to keep it off my skin or ick - b-acne.
  3. Hi - no I bought it elsewhere as I had ant's in my pants - so didn't report here - although I do understand it's a property of both the molecule itself and less the carrier but more importantly - I think for me - it's dosing. I have it a 100 mcg per spray strength - which I WOULDN'T do again as I am a mister and this is very very potent. IE - it my effort to determine sweet spot - I have given myself a number of unhappy side effects because I have doses at strasopheric levels This is clearly a molecule where misters do better at lower dosages. But - the pluses - so no one panics - i
  4. How about something summery and tropical with Perfect Match? That way when having a summer party - we can spread the love? :-)
  5. Ok - totally going to hell for doing this BUT.... I wanted to test Bodacious Bomb with the Sexpionage Beta - and the man is WAY sensitive to Big OL' Scents. And normally I'm not one to release something this sexual on the public at large...but WTH - it's broad daylight, noon, and I'm just going to the grocery store and garden center with the GF - what can it hurt? LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! The hits, the palpable HITS! 1st - the Bomb totally covers the Sexpionage. Easy Peasy. 2nd - Grocery Store - Male who works there has known the GF for quite literally 15 years. The store has a f
  6. No worries Calii. It's not a tent city thing for him - he actually really wants to have a relationship I think...although he clearly was appreciative of how I looked... It was more that the combo seem to trip some trigger - and the whole suppressed wanting became a really public wanting again...and honestly - I preferred the suppressed thing. Since I'd actually thought he'd moved onto greener pastures but guess not... Makes face - again - not your fault. More mine. I thought it wasn't an issue and broke out my happy sauce. My bad.
  7. Actually - I feel a little bad about it. I had (I thought) managed to quash the whole thing. So much for that. It got so obvious that I felt compelled as we were leaving for the day, to mention I was off to see the man next weekend...and crush-man got so-pissed off he couldn't control his expressions (tantrum) followed by storming off to his car.(barely said goodbye, sayonara, peeved out of his head) Again - he isn't feeling anything he wasn't already feeling. I just felt bad that he nudged over into a public display. And I did think his feelings had gone away...
  8. So OCCO plus SS4W give me phenomenal self-effects- a total shiny happy people thing. It's been an issue at work before however when the pissing match starts...since I don't want any of them - it's an issue. I thought all the relevant male type subjects were OOTO today so WTH? Go OCCO Green plus SS4W and embrace the inner Shel...true that!!! Laughter, giggles, pranks, I had the BEST most fun day at work. But - the male who has had (we all suspect) a crush on me in the past - was in. And that combo proved deadly. Again- you won't feel what you don't feel - but his feelings became r
  9. I have noticed a self effect that when the man is all stressed out and climbing the walls - I get calmer when I have this on. (as long as the anger isn't due to me anyway). Normally I would be a big ball of WIRED - but if I have on PM, I remain a lot calmer- just let him settle himself down on his own. Which is actually what he needs but I'd have a harder time doing it without it. Really - this has become a go-to staple. I wore it cooped up on a long car ride with family to see what would happen - and people not only got along and were loving - but were super honest about things happeni
  10. Put the Green for the drive up yesterday and hanging out last night - perfect match beta only spritzed on half hour before I got here. Every stop I made - wearing the Green? DIHLs. Doors opened. One man actually waited at the Starbucks after his order was ready - (noticed him loitering in the sale coffee cups after he hit the cloud) just so he could run and open the door for me when my order was up!!! LOL! Stopped at grocery store to get some staples - same types of reactions. Was sitting at his kitchen table working on something when he got in - he gave me a kiss but I was pretty
  11. I love the OCCO Pink - sooooo yummy and Girly. I have to say - unlike the Black (which I like but others seem to find too much) the White (a great cop undertone to others) and the Gold which sadly males him sneeze like an SOB, and the Purple - which please believe makes me smell like toilet deoderant - the Green and the Pink - on dry down - smell just like regular perfume. LOVE BOTH!
  12. Bought it UN in 1x alcohol - arrived yesterday. Have an issue with someone that is simply not resolving with my other stuff. Hoping a change helps...ROAD test...
  13. OK - got two new LAM full bottles...(with sampling this last order, I have tested enough cops on to be a French whore...and a fertile/happy one at that...) Anyhoo....on the right arm... 1) Rose/Orchid LAM....How do I love you? Let me count the ways...HOW THE HELL did I NOT order this until NOW? Did I get dropped on my head as a baby? Who pinched off my oxygen supply? OMG. The things I have missed. Upon dry down (please do NOT forget dry down) this is soft, feminine and soooooo pretty. I could wear this to work and NO one would no I was cop-u-licious. They would just think - ha
  14. Ok - finally did a massive order (the divorce ate my budget so I only just gave myself permission to LPMP-out) and under the OCCO Category... OCCO Pink: LOVE this. So surprised. I'd wear this "neat". So girly and yummy and NO COPS smell after dry down! SCORE!!! Not my dirty ol' self but the HSF does *not* love that so this might be a candy coated compromise that we both can live with. Since he sneezes like a beast at both OCCO White and OCCO Gold - I can't sneak even a drop past him - I'll be dying to see if I can sneak the cops in this by him. The cops bring him up from the dead -
  15. Twin is right - At least to my nose - UN-Sexpionage is actually harder to cover than straight cheese - I mean EOW. Sweet Baby Jesus but UN-Sexpionage is HARD to cover. Hard enough that I am thinking the only thing that would work is a big bodacious summer fruit bomb of a scent - as fruit covers nearly anything. I am guessing several kinds of melons (and how appropriate would that be right?!) would be required.
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