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  1. Ok - haven't road tested SWS with him before. Anything too dominant? Issues. Anything too sexy/sassy? Issues? I just want to be good at what I do - which frankly I am - and send that vibe w/o triggering a million other other things...
  2. So - have a very *difficult* meeting tomorrow with someone senior in the organization tomorrow... He swings between protective and competitive in the worst way....I had Leather on today (had to do some bossy pants work with someone else- he reacts HORRIBLY when I wear it - and sure enough - the worst possible reaction) I'm trying to decide between SWS and Perfect Match. I get it - SWS is work blend - but this person is all about trust/protection. I am thinking PM a better blend. I just want to come out without the need to dip myself in liquor. And if I get this wrong - to say my day will suck? Understatement of the century. Really. You have until 6:30 EST tomorrow - reasons for/against - go! (And no one say OW - I have it, it works with others - this one? ANOL is kiss of death...) Ladies - votes in please...
  3. The Stamps.com notice came! Hooray!!! (I've been in retail therapy mode so Mara had a LOT of things to ship my way. My bad.)
  4. This really can't get here fast enough. Taps toes.
  5. Well sheeeettttt. Wish mine was here. Just found out I won't see the man for 5 freekin' weeks and I wish I'd had a full, really alert day with him before I realized I'd have a totally shit time. Well I'd like to be a totally beeyatch - because I really FEEL like being one. But that would be cutting off my nose to cut my face. So I think I'll go have a good cry - and then stop being a beeyatch. And test this on everyone else I know...
  6. Hops up and down!!! Me wants the precious!!!! I can open and close the mailbox all I want and it will still not be there tonight... Assume the lotus position, pretend you are David Blaine... Nope - mailbox still Freekin' empty. Of the phero. It's full of junk mail and bills. F'ing box.
  7. Fruit based scents cover cops really well - if you have Empress - that covers this combo well.
  8. I have noticed a self effect that when the man is all stressed out and climbing the walls - I get calmer when I have this on. (as long as the anger isn't due to me anyway). Normally I would be a big ball of WIRED - but if I have on PM, I remain a lot calmer- just let him settle himself down on his own. Which is actually what he needs but I'd have a harder time doing it without it. Really - this has become a go-to staple. I wore it cooped up on a long car ride with family to see what would happen - and people not only got along and were loving - but were super honest about things happening in their lives they hadn't talked about. I suspect this has more social uses than we have tapped yet.
  9. New FUNZIES!!! :-). I do love test drives - Besides the usual suspects I have my favorite control subjects (men and women) at the grocery store, eyebrow shop, nail place, etc - because I go so often I know how they react to me with and without pheros. Claps hands!!!
  10. Put the Green for the drive up yesterday and hanging out last night - perfect match beta only spritzed on half hour before I got here. Every stop I made - wearing the Green? DIHLs. Doors opened. One man actually waited at the Starbucks after his order was ready - (noticed him loitering in the sale coffee cups after he hit the cloud) just so he could run and open the door for me when my order was up!!! LOL! Stopped at grocery store to get some staples - same types of reactions. Was sitting at his kitchen table working on something when he got in - he gave me a kiss but I was pretty focused on the task at hand. He sat next to me a minute bemused, went away...and then my attention was ummmmm-called away.... Determinedly.... Two thumbs up - not running out of this one!
  11. I did a just for funzies roadtest this week after work - two different nights shopping. Control clothes - boring ol' t-shirt and yoga pants. I am not in bad shape so this is not a negative - but I am hardly all cutsey. Phero combos - Either OCCO Pink/SS4W beta OR LAM Pink Amber Luna is right - LAM is more of a happy sauce mix. Gave the all around glow without being too much. The OCCO Mix was a WHAMMO to the brain stem. I got major non-sensical DIHL's - particularly from male clerks half my age. Which was HUGELY funny since I was dressed like any old soccer Mom and yet it appeared I was the Cougar Pied Piper. It's still about confidence - and you can't rock it if you don't have any - so one has to point out that phero's are only a portion of it. But they do boost the fun quotient for certain. My thoughts after the road test? LAM is better for general social settings. OCCO + something in Beta is better for parties/specific social interactions where you want to be SEXXAY plus something. Or just at home when you want to be ravished. Repeatedly. There is room in the arsenal for both.
  12. I love the OCCO Pink - sooooo yummy and Girly. I have to say - unlike the Black (which I like but others seem to find too much) the White (a great cop undertone to others) and the Gold which sadly males him sneeze like an SOB, and the Purple - which please believe makes me smell like toilet deoderant - the Green and the Pink - on dry down - smell just like regular perfume. LOVE BOTH!
  13. I know it's heresy - but you might *start* with the pheros, keep collecting the sniffies and finding what you like as you go for scents. What I like from here is so alien from what I like commercially as to be irrelevant. I would recommend based on your description of your man - Perfect Match in a beta spray and the OCCO sampler. Then you have covered his needs to love on you plus the various ways to cover Cops - thus your need to become very, very horizontal. My .02 cents
  14. Bought it UN in 1x alcohol - arrived yesterday. Have an issue with someone that is simply not resolving with my other stuff. Hoping a change helps...ROAD test...
  15. Finally got my full bottle and YOWZER. Just in time for summer - this should hide cops nicely - or even alcohol sprays (after dry down) and off to summer parties with loaded ammunition I go! (With the notation unless you are swimming in fruit - nothing but nothing is going to hide Sexpionage. Sorry - but you need a butt load of fruit to hide that...) <Ummmmm- please DON'T picture a butt load of fruit. It's grim. It's not pretty. Really.> Regardless - love this.
  16. OK - got two new LAM full bottles...(with sampling this last order, I have tested enough cops on to be a French whore...and a fertile/happy one at that...) Anyhoo....on the right arm... 1) Rose/Orchid LAM....How do I love you? Let me count the ways...HOW THE HELL did I NOT order this until NOW? Did I get dropped on my head as a baby? Who pinched off my oxygen supply? OMG. The things I have missed. Upon dry down (please do NOT forget dry down) this is soft, feminine and soooooo pretty. I could wear this to work and NO one would no I was cop-u-licious. They would just think - happy and roses...sighs...Mara -this must never, ever - go out of stock...This is a work sexpots dream. It's stealth sexy. It's FREEKIN' BRILLIANT. 2) Pink Amber LAM - after Pink OCCO - this is meh - not so much. My skin ATE it. Gone. Bye Bye. Bupkus. I'll use this to boost cops in other things because it's so not there as to be not there- that it's a cop boosting fest on me. I could use this under nearly anything - and be less noticeable than any other version of LAM - like I said - skin ATE it. I know the cops are still there...but who would know?
  17. I loved this so much in the oil sample - I bought the spray. :-) This is sooooooo cheerful/happy and bright. I get so d*amn chipper I hate myself when I wear it. I've been referred to as "Sister Mary Sunshine" when I have this on, I'm that irritating. So while not naturally my normal kick-a$$ and take names state - it does appeal to my softer, more feminine, "let her out of the box to play every now and then" self. To the confusion of others. Who scratch their heads, count the drinks on the table in front of me, say "nope - that's not it...."
  18. Ok - finally did a massive order (the divorce ate my budget so I only just gave myself permission to LPMP-out) and under the OCCO Category... OCCO Pink: LOVE this. So surprised. I'd wear this "neat". So girly and yummy and NO COPS smell after dry down! SCORE!!! Not my dirty ol' self but the HSF does *not* love that so this might be a candy coated compromise that we both can live with. Since he sneezes like a beast at both OCCO White and OCCO Gold - I can't sneak even a drop past him - I'll be dying to see if I can sneak the cops in this by him. The cops bring him up from the dead - duh - but with the stuffed up nose and sneezing from Gold and White - I'm hoping for a different outcome... OCCO Green: So - 1st - a birthday thank you to Mara and John for including in the order. I'd never ever have bought it on my own. And when wet I thought EEEEUUUUUWWWWW. Surprisingly - an hour or two later - I'm getting daffodils, spring, green grass and nature. Not my thing - but for the nature boy? It might just work. And again - give it a full dry down - and I think this actually covers cops better than White or Gold. I can't smell one teensy tiny drop of them in there. And it's not like I haven't been monkeying with cops since 2008. I'm not Dolly or Ail. But I do know cheese when "I smells cheese." I give both the Pink and the Green two HUGE thumbs up. (and I am surprised about that...who would have thunk it?!)
  19. Bubble is long gone but I always find that one plus a hefty dose of Tranquility Potion makes a huge difference. And it might sound silly - but a de-stress self hypnosis DVD/mp3 also helps before bed. Chills me out and I am all nighty night.
  20. Twin is right - At least to my nose - UN-Sexpionage is actually harder to cover than straight cheese - I mean EOW. Sweet Baby Jesus but UN-Sexpionage is HARD to cover. Hard enough that I am thinking the only thing that would work is a big bodacious summer fruit bomb of a scent - as fruit covers nearly anything. I am guessing several kinds of melons (and how appropriate would that be right?!) would be required.
  21. Excited about Naked Twilight & Girly Twirly - but this month got the sampler so I could huff all the goodies. :-)
  22. I have to say wine plus Nox with True Confessions = major world class drunk off very little wine and a headache to rival a college bar crawl hangover. Don't even get me started on loose lips sinking ships. Eeeeeekkkkk. My BFF who is desiring pumping a few people for major relationship hairballs that have remained unsaid will be getting my stash. I think she is going to get more than she wants to know - but hey- it's just me. The Summer Love with the A'Nol is a COMPLETE WIN. Soooo cheerful and happy. Open Windows is more subtle and better for family parties where one simply wants to take the edge off potential crankiness. I really wish I had scored some with tranquility or perfect match.... Want both very much.
  23. LOLZ back!!!! No lovie - I just don't want the formula monkeyed with - they are perfect as is!!! And I want want want them to be a permanent fixture. :-). I still had left over with A'nol from the other night - after heating the tart for nearly 3 hours. And I still want one with mega Tranq so after a mega craptastic day I can get all soothed out. :-)
  24. Ok - I am NOT going to say phero's were to strong. NOT EVEN. Melt ONE tart - just ONE and you are fine. Violate the one tart rule and you are on phero and scent overload. As long as everyone on the forum - and the packaging- says look you knucklehead - there is a ONE tart rule no matter what your warmer says and the picture on the box shows for any REASON I fail to see why you should alter anything for lower IQ levels. sniffs. Yes I know that was witchy. Sue me.
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