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  1. Got mine too - decided to try one with A'nol in it since I'd had a long crabby day. And I don't know if it was the happy scent or the pheros's but I was down right chipper after hanging out in the room with it for an hour. Made me really really want a bed time soothing scent with a walloping dose of tranquility that I could put on to warm, close the door, fill the room, hang out for a while, then shut off the warmer and go night night. So Something really soothing and cuddly...Which I think you may have had before but is long gone now. Just saying as you come up with plans on new ones... I'll be interested to see how the HSF reacts to Treasured Hearts in a melt. I have told him the phero is in there so he is curious too...
  2. Mara - will you push me an invoice for these? Want to add a bottle of BeeGasm plus a single Lace in alcohol. :-)
  3. Mara - Full Sets please of each - Love Potion with Open windows Floral romance with Treasured Hearts Nox with true confessions Summer Love with alpha androstenal
  4. Most fun night out together - ever. Between dressed and made up to the best of my ability, being in a happy mood, and the SS4W glow? Laughter, good conversation, sexy attraction all evening long...and DUH. Oh how I missed this when it was gone...
  5. Soooooo.... Since cop heavy mixes are a bust with the HSF - I broke out the beta of SS4W while he was doing homework and I was 6 feet away reading. He resisted while I was up and down cooking lunch, even while eating lunch but when I went and cuddled up after lunch? Neck got huffed. Huffed again. And I got the cave man treatment in one astonishingly hot way. Dayum. I need a nap. !!!!!!!
  6. I'd set the tone the first couple of weeks with Leather. You are after all the boss - but you can still be the boss with a feminine side. :-)
  7. Oh and for a fast giggle - Me and Homeland Security at my home airport - who seriously - see me all the freekin' time. Them - "Excuse me you have to go through the scanner" Me - "Again? I'm not wearing baggy clothes this time..." Them - "You have been selected randomly for an electronic search" Me - "Sighs." Scanner machine runs. I walk through. I have to go to the holding area until I'm cleared. I lean over to the person with the microphone who has to keep track of me til I'm cleared and whisper "I have to do the naked scanner every time I come through. Seriously, I couldn't hide anything under these yoga pants. I swear ya'll make me do this just because you want to see which thong I'm wearing today." Crickets. More Crickets. "You are clear to go Ma'am." Whistles while I walk off.
  8. LOL!!!!! I so get the Canadian polite thing...I've worked with Canadians for years. :-) However - I'm going to say even with that - behaviors were over the top. The grinning, the smiling, the looking under the lashes...yup - say what you want about polite - I get it. I'm still saying - there were hits with the SS4W and there were no ifs ands or buts about it. As to this one and the old one? I loved the old one (eventually - it had to grow on me - when I started using it - I was just trying to decide about leaving the Ex-Mr. Shelly so I was pretty down in the dumps. And down in the dumps and SS4W just don't work together. No 'Tude plus SS4W = no hits due to incongruence.) Anyhoo - while I loved the old one - the new one in Alcohol disperses *SO* much better that the hits ARE way way better and more obvious. I would NOT buy this in a 2x strength though. This is not a more is better Phero. 1X is plenty on this one ladies. I did 2 sprays on the top of the wrists (one on each) and rubbed (I'm a hand talker), one on the front of the neck, one on the back of the neck - and called it good. And it was very very good.
  9. Wanted to add a general comment now that I've played a little further with the new SS4W in spray... SS4W seems to work great for men and women - doesn't matter which gender - it just gives this very "Wow, she has GLOW!" goofiness to the people in your wake...really - both sexes. It's almost silly. Women are all smiley - even one I hadn't met before but came with a man-eating reputation...and one male I met who was loaded for bear because something a coworker did? Went from sparkin' hot to pulling his chair up next to me, grinning like a school boy. I have to do heavy duty business travel - not George Clooney "Up in the Air" heavy duty - but heavy duty. And my fellow road warriors and I don't talk to others. We can recognize the newbies, the vacationers, and our fellow frequent fliers. We have our own rules. If you saw the movie - the scene about going teaching the new hire how to go through airport check in and security - nearly made me wet my pants laughing because it is 100% true. Why do I say all that? Because due to a serious set of weather issues - my connecting flights - instead of taking me through the states - took me through Canada. Why important? Internal domestic Canadian security policies are different than ours - and suddenly "Ms. Smooth Know this inside and out" - was a newbie. Normally - no one helps you, remember? SS4W before entering the airport though...and TADA! People killed themselves at every turn helping me figure everything out, fill out forms, one even took 5 minutes to explain why my particular boots were setting off security My personal fave - and this is how I know it was a total score...another fellow warrior - again - we know who we are...is sitting next to me on the chairs waiting to board. They call gold elite in french - I can't understand - I ask her - excuse me - did they just say Gold Elite? She said - Yes. Oh you must only speak English? I said yes. "oh by all means - come with me..." And off we went - new airline, new procedures, she explained the elite policies there, told me I'd been all hosed up by their concierge at the front on a number of things, blah blah blah, and proceeded to talk to me for 10 minutes - even after we were seated in adjoining rows. Road Warriors do NOT speak. Not to anyone. Least of all for 10 minutes. It violates the unwritten rules. Someone might want to keep talking for the whole flight and then we would have to slowly kill ourselves with the ball point pen in our handbag. Even better - the signs at the next airport were big letters French - baby letters English - and I was having trouble figuring out how to find the US Connection point/US immigration station. Even though she had gone part way down the Canadian domestic exit - my fellow road warrior looked back- saw me confused...turned around - came back - got me started in the right direction - and sent me on my way. Road Warriors don't do things like that - not because we are mean - but because when our butt is off the plane - we haul it off the plane and we are running to wherever we have to be next and we don't look back...I still can't figure out why she turned around. I have so missed this one. If you can't already rock the 'tude - it won't work. If you aren't already confident - this isn't going to make you that way. But I've got attitude in spades so throwing on the the SS4W over the top is just a Ga Ga inducing phero.
  10. Road Test- SS4W in alcohol- EDITED TO SAY - ALL HITS WERE IN SS4W - I totally should NOT have written both PP and SS4W reviews at the same time - on my lunch break in a hurry - and I got the text all mixed up....GOOFED IT! Please see corrected.... Took on a business trip - sprayed at airport - security people tripped over themselves being overtly friendly and flight attendant couldn't come back often enough to see if I needed anything else. At hotel? Busy like crazy - and I am not a member of the frequent guest program...no matter - bumped up for free to the elite floor with the lovely granite counters, kitchenettes, and seriously upgrade furnishings, puffy beds and high thread count sheets- all for free. And meeting with my new customers who are really PO'ed about service they have received by previous leaders? Started out bad - within 10 minutes they calmed down enough to listen to my business plans and give me a chance to explain my 45 day, 90 day, 6 month and 1 year visions. They would have run me out of dodge if my business strategy was poor or I didn't understand my specialty - but I do credit SS4W for helping diffuse some of the profound aggression that each meeting started with. And when my return flights were all canceled and I was going to be stranded? The airline staff went way out of their way to find me seats on another airline at a cost their own so I could still get home. I have traveled for years and I know how unusual it is for the desk team to work for a half an hour for one single travelor. Thanks Chris and Mara for bringing SS4W back!
  11. PP makes me so sassy - that I have to give very careful consideration to when I wear it. I had the original in silicon and in oil - finding it works best for me in the alcohol spray at 1x - any higher and I'd probably OD. As to the sassiness - on the other hand - when I wear it - others put up with a lot more sassiness out of me than they normally would and in fact crack up at it. Even people who normally don't laugh at my sense of humor... I sat next to one person (deliberately) at all day meeting with PP on - respraying at breaks. He can't stand me normally and we are very competitive with each other. By the end of the day - he said "Well, there must be something wrong with me - as I find myself agreeing with Shelly - again." Bwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhha. Score one for the PP.
  12. Have a sample in the box I get to pick up tomorrow - and I couldn't be more excited. Honey and civet? Plus grapefruit? Sounds almost like a naughtier Cougar to me - have fingers crossed I will love it. Am leaving the house phero and scent naked so I can unleash the box in the PO parking lot. :-)
  13. Well that would completely suck - since this is the one I'm most excited about. :-(
  14. My vote is this - it's unscented so you can pair with whatever else you already have. :-)
  15. Interesting new effect - the sexual blends are no longer "doing it" for the HSF on a consistent basis. And this does every single time. I am chalking it up to an enhanced emotional connection...but this and a dash of Cops- Yeah Buddy! ;-). Fun and extra cuddles too.
  16. We never really know until we road test and report back. :-). For instance Stone Cougar - the current version - is less a sexual blend than it used to be and much more a social blend than the original. On the other hand, Chris who made the original SS4W I believe is involved in this brew (someone correct me if I am wrong) so it should be close if not identical. And I loved this one for social wear - without cops - totally no big deal. But it did elicit rather mind boggling results in men who had been drinking - open worship is not to put too fine a point on it.
  17. My ship notice came - got it in Beta - can't wait to see how it is alike/different from the original.
  18. I have to say - this has become one of my favorite blends. I wear it during the day on days I spend with the HSF. It mellows me out, makes me cuddlier, more able to sit still and just accept love/affection...which let's be honest - isn't a strong suit. It works on both men and women - when I'm hanging with my BFF who is also a major driver like me - and I have this on - she mellows out too. I wouldn't wear it to the office and if I wanted to get shagged within an inch of my life - this wouldn't be my go to either...but for a Saturday on the couch snuggled up with a cup of coffee and a book? Absolutely perfect. But be aware - much like Heart and Soul - you may feel a bit more emotional. And my need for hugs is off the stinkin' charts with this. I'm like human static cling...
  19. With Mara on that - TC = entirely toooooooooooooooooooooo much honesty. For everyone involved...couldn't trade it fast enough.
  20. Ok - OCCO Black. How do I love you? Let me count the ways... How does the HSBF hate you...the ways I counted do NOT outnumber the ways he hates you. So - the HSBF sneezes like a son of a gun when a smidgeon of a drop of OCCO Black is within 20 miles of him. (He was not raised Catholic so this is not some autoimmune response to incense... just sayin') That being said - I can't wear anything dark and resinous near the HSF. GACK - going to have to try the PINK stuff. Puke. (sotte voce) Although - he has liked B-Gasm and anything that has NO trace of resins or sandlewood or patchouli....which rules out damn near everything...sighs again...men. Can't live with them. Can't kill them outright. Anyhoo....I'm on my own as I pack to go overseas...so I'm just swimming in OCCO Black. Let me do a quick review. OCCO Black is the naughty Nun. Or Father What-A-Waste. Stop laughing. If you were raised Catholic you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about. Right now I'm slathered up in horny incense censor bliss - no sign of Brother Tony who I can't maul because he had a VOCATION (WTF) anyplace. Just Sayin'. OCCO Black is the Catholic Girl's plaid micro mini with a bottle of warming lube in the cute wristlet handbag. Not that I might know. Huffs wrist again. I'm fairly certain (because I'm not going to confession for this) under the rules - this review officially just sent me to HELL. Oh well. Shit happens.
  21. The problem is he doesn't like the heavier LP's. He literally sneezes - OCCO Black which I love and wear just because I do - he HATES it. I'm going to have to work on this thorny little scenario a bit more. Shoot - he can pick up Sexology UN underneath something...(which works like a champ in a different way...) So he doesn't mind a little cops but dang...the cheese in the Sexpionage...but still I wonder if I could NOCO this? Get the strength of cover of an OCCO...must ponder further...but think that might work.
  22. I busted it out on a sure thing. Ummmmmm. I tried *very* very* hard to kill him. I darn near succeeded. Wow. Self Effects are off the chain. But WHEW the cheese, oh the cheese. No mistaking the cheese. I got it in beta/alcohol and I'm sure the high diffusion of the cops/none is why I'm completely nuts when I have it on. Ravished is a polite way of putting it. I haven't figured out an effective cover yet. Thank goodness I went with the 1X because the idea of what a 2X would do or smell like? EGAD. I know why they suggested the oil now - I get it - really - I do. But still - diffusion.... I think only at home.... Must find a better cover....
  23. Well it did create a loving, cuddly, totally "I am so into you" vibe. I think it may have self effected more on me - because I was a back rubbing, hair stroking, hand holding fool. Actually - it worked so well that I didn't want the night to end at all and did the most UN Shelly like thing of being a big baby about leaving - as in got all choked up at the end of the night. I KNOW RIGHT?!!! It generated a whole cuddly snuggem's unrelated to sex - really did remind me of the old Soulmate blend. Two thumbs way up - have it coming in a beta.
  24. I got the 1x in alcohol. Good Gawd allow for dry down. I applied for an early dinner which due to circumstances beyond my control was a tactical error. He couldn't break free of some stuff and as for me? Drowning in self-effects. And due to the nature of what held him up - he was in no way prepared to respond too. So I was in a bad, bad way. For HOURS. I will note there are enough cops to raise the dead so after the raging adrenaline from his situation had worn off, I did get ravished in a most excellently thorough way. But the next time I break this one out - it will be sure thing only. As in- he's here, I am here and the only place we are going is dinner together or to watch a movie. Because that much unrequited self effects is a bad, bad thing.
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