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  1. Oh - I got the unscented Cougar. I tried to get a full size of the Fragranced Cougar Potion yesterday *but all gone.* Egad. So, I got more unscented. Because running out is just not an option. Can someone who is more experienced with the unscented phero's comment on the following? - The SS didn't do a thing for me. At all. I didn't notice anything and it certainly didn't make me feel any different. But the hits from guys were a little nuts. I kept getting "moony" looks from a couple of men I know who had not shown any tendency to those before... out of the blue, one even asked me to lunch. After two days of unanticipated compliments. Another one started acting all cave man around me - really aggressive. All in all - I wasn't feeling that sexy so it was weird to get that reaction. Not sure I'd reorder. - Cougar. What can I say? LOVE, love Cougar. When I have it on, I feel like a million bucks. I swagger. I sway. I'm confident I'm "all that and a bag of chips." And attitude is everything. Wondering - can anyone compare Cougar to BI for me? Haven't seen reviews in the archives from experienced users contrasting the two? I'm wondering which Pheros have more "self effects" - ie - impact the wearer as well. The only one that specifically mentions it is Cougar. I noticed the Pharmacom website indicates they are now out of business so I'm wondering if Mara will have Stone Labs make a Cougar blend? Because a world without Cougar...unthinkable. I'd have to snap up a few more bottles. And hide the bill.[/color] Anyway - thank you for the welcome.
  2. So - tired of lurking. Let me say "Hello". And that I love Dolly. Thank you Dolly for your advice - previously unacknowledged. Today was order number 3. Loves: Cougar is a gift from God. Where has this been all my life?! The hits are just crazy with this. At work, at the store - it's different from my every day experience that's for certain. Doesn't make me what I'm not, but does seem to sway attention that might have been on the fence. It's just brilliant. ****Thank you**** Loves not so much - food scented scents. It's me obviously - as if it wasn't, Mara wouldn't make them - but I hate smelling like a cookie or coffee. And honestly - the roller bottles are a bit problematic. My first order of SS, well the roller ball was loose. It kept getting caught up in the cap. And before I knew it, half the bottle spilled in my travel bag while I was flying home from far away. I'd hate to imagine the baggage handlers being that attracted to a burgundy carryon, but sadly - it's a visual I may never forget. <g> Ok ya'll. *Stop* picturing the defilement of my makeup bag. I know it's a Friday but still. Whatever with the bottles - I'm a total freak about tightening my LP potions. And if I spilled a drop of Cougar, I'd cry. So for what it's worth - another lurker is uncovered.
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