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  1. Ok - bustin' out the Perfect Match for the after-party. :-). Will road test the spray over an LP he likes and see what happens. Nothing too interesting - we both have our kids and are returning to different crash pads. So this is all about creating loving atmosphere...And if love is spread amongst the party goer's - this is NOT a negative.
  2. I have a little bottle someone was kind enough to send. I think I am going to use some tomorrow on the HSF (and friends) in a we-survived-our-families- Thanksgiving Party. He's been under a lot of pressure from a million sources and I want to remind him that I am his safe place. If anyone has road tested, your thoughts?
  3. He's in health care and surrounded by women. I think it's time to go in smokin' and still make small talk/unlikely any friends (sheesh - with those boots?!) Heck I might be early just to make sure everyone get's a good look. Even better - I could stop at B&N on the way to pick up an exceptionally torrid romance so while I hang out, they have more to consider. I did decide to warn him that Hurricane Shel was making an appearance tomorrow. Since he's known me since we were 8 or 9 years old - he started laughing. He made me show him the outfit and then laughed harder. "Someone feels like making several points do they?" Blink blink. Why I have no idea what you are talking about. Mutual hysterical laughter. :-)
  4. Well that tears it. :-) I was almost all the way packed for tomorrow but I have to go toss a couple of things in the bag. The HSF is not a huge fan of the cheese. BUT JIMMY CRACK CORN cuz I DON'T care. I have a hot new pencil skirt, CFM spike heel knee high leather boots, and a tight sweater all crying out for a trip with Beta Sexpionage and Compromising Positions (the sample I bought). I do believe I am wearing sweats to my friends, sneaking the outfit with me, and surprising him at work when I pick him up Friday night. And let the ladies at work understand something basic when I sashay my a$$ in - mine, mine, and all mine. I do believe I deserve dinner out and a night of really rude debauchery. And BethanyV - Hola Missy - hope you are doing well. <g> If he's not treating your right - tell him I can still smack the sh*t out of him from the midwest. I have mysterious powers.
  5. Something is bothering HSF - want to see if when we are together this weekend I can create a warm, loving protective (and maybe sexy?) safe place to let out whatever the problem is... I don't have TC and I HATE it anyway...OW not right for this I think... H&S for day and Sexology for night to get the BNOL/EST whammo going? Thoughts? Anyone tried blending the two? Advice sought from my darling VGF's since I have not been an EsT or BNOL user...
  6. And that - my darling Luna is incredibly true. I kept reading your posts about BNol in this respect and had thought - MEH - maybe for sweetness - but not so much for me. Just needed the right man I guess.
  7. LOL - ok - don't pass out ladies -BUT... We all know I love Cougar and Leather...and now that PP is back I could not be happier. I do use OW at work a lot and have used H&S when I need to have tough conversations that need delicate navigations - works like a champ. I use BI now that I have a reason to - and DAYUM that is fun. (First time out on that - forgot it was on - got completely mauled in a rather unusual place and time. Nuff said.) But the HSF way does NOT in any way respond to Cougar. It's like the anti-phero. He's in health care so he's constantly alert to feelings, reactions, and is very touchy feely. So I thought WTH - Cougar is way not working. Oddly enough Leather was rocking it? I guess work around a lot of women in charge and that one works for you...? Go figure. I had Leather on one night when dressed up to go out for dinner and he just looked at me all starry and said - "Ok Rock Star- let's go confuse people in public why someone this hot is out with me." Sweet. Not true but sweet. I did my reading, decided to try the Sexology UN - since it's EST plus BNOL plus Cops to see if it would be a better fit. Out of the ball park home run. Long conversations, snuggles on the couch, hair brushed, coffee waiting for me on the counter when I get out of the shower, and I still get chased around the house. It's like it drops down barriers to conversation that needed to be had and makes it safe but still keeps things sexy and warm...once again proving the lovely Ail is brilliant. It's not that this might not have happened otherwise - but anything that may tip a tough conversation to something that is healthy and growing rather confrontational is a gift in my book. Get a back rub out of it - BONUS. I am planning on breaking out the Sexpionage on him next weekend. I am warning him first. He hates the smell of cheese before full dry down and that's some fierce cheese. And now the Cougar is reserved for non-HSF times...
  8. I like this one for the HSF - it garners respect in a job where he needs it - and the women don't try to jump him more than normal which is all good in my book. As a side note: He stopped wearing Legend anywhere but around me because his Ex, the kid's friends Mom's and ladies at work all suddenly treated him as a target. Which- thank goodness - was NOT a win for him. :-). I did buy him a full size Hunter Trapper which I LOVE the smell of and intend to put to exceptionally good use next weekend. I haven't tested the phero yet but it smells dead sexy.
  9. So - it cried out to be done - WTL PLUS 1X PP Beta in Alcohol - to work. It's been a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG week and I was feeling battered and bruised. So - WTF right? Right... I just knew ya'll understand. Anyhoo - that combo is just takin' candy from a baby. 1) I felt like a rock star and let's be honest - you can't work it if you aren't feelin' it. And despite a major wardrobe malfunction that normally would have just ruined my day- (Pants way to big due to pretty large weight loss - long story short - I did not intend for one of my direct reports to know I have both a tramp stamp and a preference for thongs - but there you are. Some days just don't go as planned. Sadly - given how conservative work is and who saw - I'm pretty sure I am now a legend in my own time.) I kept on stride, no worries, and laughed it all off. 2) My new team member who was in for training this week - not only said "seriously - if you weren't my boss - I'd think you were part of my family or my girlfriend from high school", asked how fast I was getting her back into town and when we were going out, *and* hugged me on the way out 3) Two different people I've addressed work place challenges with - went WAY out of their way for me today. It's the congruent scent, awesome phero, cover it up with the PP Un and HOLY SHITE! Let the fun begin... I'm not touching my sample again until my trip next week. Must make sure I have some precious left until the 2 full bottles show up...
  10. Ok - I just have to. I ordered a full sized sampled of WTL. It came today. I went to the PO, signed, and as always, whipped out the handy/dandy knife and sorted through my LPMP goodies right there in the parking lot. Some things my VGF's are simply congruent with the universe. I rooted like some sort of humanoid truffle pig through the full and bitty-sized samples and picked this as one of my first try-ons. Yes - I smell like a french whore. Look - I keep track of what went where and my head ache is my d*mn business. Whew - as I was saying... WTL...may be my fave LPMP (besides Port Jolie which is so seriously under rated but I digress) in the past year. It's elegant, totally great for work, covers all the notes mentioned above that if I said again I'd be repetitive. And that would just be wrong. It's smokin' enough that I'd had the sample all of 4 hours before I had a 2 full bottle purchase order in. (Duh - with other things - like the afore mentioned Port Jolie which as long as you want to be idiots and not order I'm great. More for me. I'm good.) Phero effects? I went scent and phero naked waiting to pick up the box of all things good at the PO today. So the only thing I had on for pheros was the WTL and I did not load up on my beta sprays when I went out to run errands. Unimpacted WTL? The manager and all the staff at lunch place acted like complete idiots serving me - to the complete confusion and dismay of the other diners at the time. I jumped the line at the Pharmacy both dropping off and picking up my scripts. The cashier at a very busy big box couldn't have been nicer if I'd slipped him a tenner. So - WTL and the much loved and now returned PP? 1. LOVES THE WTL... smells like a massively expensive scent and 2) OMG - I know I've said how much I loved PP and how much I've missed it - I have after all been here a while but H*LL - I'VE MISSED PP. And dear sweet baby J*s*s- PP in 100% alcohol for diffusion? SWEET!!!! I am Shelly hear me ROAR. That said - WTL plus alcohol based PP? Bound to be a ROCK STAR hit.
  11. CRAPPPPPPPPP........ I don't have the Stamps.com notice on the last order. If I order now I could be in LP helllllllllll....... Sighs...... I so hate sitting on my hands....patience, patience, patience.
  12. Holy Sweet Baby J€s*s!!!!!!!! Be still my heart!!!! I am blowing out the budget this month baby!!!! I can live on Ramen and Tuna fish...(dude - really - if the "Why-oh-why is he not the ex-Mr. Shelly already" wasn't being such a PITA I wouldn't have to stockpile so much money for lawyers...) Woo HOO!!!!!! New Phero's all around! Let the fun begin! How fast can we order already Mara oh goddess of all things awesome?
  13. Hola Ladies - Life's been a tad - ummmm- crazy (?) lately - but I thought ya'll would laugh at an OCCO White/HSF plus BI story. I flew back for a stealth weekend with the HSF this month...shhhhh...no telling the parental units...but seriously - I had basically 2 days...I did not want them interrupted further...anyhoo... Sunday - we drove up to a hotel near the airport since I had an a$$ crack of dawn flight back to Tejas and work. Now - I have not been using BI on him since July as I didn't really have a reason to have it in the permanent arsenal. He had to work Sunday morning - called from the road back 20 minutes out - and I had time to apply OCCO White and BI 1X spray with dry down time before he got home. We were at lunch when he said I smelled wonderful. We were 10 minutes home when I realized I had a stain on my shirt while packing (so mid shirt change) to leave for the city near the airport hotel when I was attacked and mauled. I do mean attacked and I do mean mauled. Did I say mauled? Yeah - that. So Shelly the phero genius decides (LOL) - really - drydown shymdown. How bad can a no dry down period be? HA! STUPID Shelly. We are getting ready to go out to a nice dinner from the hotel - I apply the raging a$$load of cops that is OCCO White plus another liberal spritzing of BI spray. And leave the bathroom. We are crossing the parking lot when he says very politely..."What are you wearing tonight?" I said "The vanilla stuff you like..." HSF: "Why am I smelling Cheese?" Hysterical gut busting stop walking across the parking lot laughter. (He knows about the pheros.) I could barely choke out the explanation. I seriously was laughing so hard I cried. And you can only imagine what happened when after the explanation - he said - "You mean to tell me there is a scientific reason why I think the smell of cheese and crackers is hot?" Oh sweet baby Jesus. It's a miracle I didn't just lay down on the pavement and wet my pants. And then the accusatory - "So I have been a phero guinea pig have I? And you have discovered?!" "Baby- you want me whether I have them on or not. Trust me. I would like to suggest your stamina might be enhanced with the cheese. And I have empirical evidence to prove it. Trust me when I tell you in a half hour - you will no longer smell the cheese."
  14. Ok - so I had traded away my BI as for the longest time - I didn't have a reason to wear it. But with the HSF in the picture - I decide - WTH. I ordered a bottle of 1X BI in alcohol spray and used it over the top of spray Synch II the last time I went to visit the HSF. Results? HOLY SHITE. Cougar is a big fat nothing for him. Leather is da bomb with him but BI? Pull the car over and get mauled. Think it's not possible for a man his age to go one more time? Wrong. It's possible. Think it's not possible that you could ever be that satisfied? Wrong. Totally possible. Think really crazy behavior that was normal as a teenager is beyond your grasp? Maybe not so much. Remember the bed spring review? If I hadn't already killed that mattress it would have died another death... It's been a long time since I've needed a 3 hour nap the next day to off-set the night before. I've said it before and I will say it again - I get 1000% better self effects from Leather. (Which still is see Shelly, hear her Roar) But sometimes you want to blow their mind utterly and completely - so self effects be damned. Welcome to BI. Whose impact in mind blowing of the male species should NOT be underestimated. Or frankly - appreciated.
  15. A BI 1x in beta - since hot wild sex in my life again - albeit less frequently than I'd like - I want to wallop him with a BI load in July to see what happens. A Honeyed Cherry Beta with Leather and Cops 2X - My way big splurge A beta kit to put my Synch II in - which will be perfect for work Samples of Port Jolie - which I LOVE, Mellonia - which is carmelized honey and for me not so much for summer but in the fall - ooh la la.... and Dad. Which I adored in the bottle. And I may yet get for the HSF who once again - I still adore. And Luna - I texted the ex-KSBF I'd be meeting him at a conference in August should nothing change on the job front - this one the follow on to the Springs Come Out Party conference - and extremely important to both our careers - and the first thing he asked? Yep. Booty Call? Men - you can't kill them. Seriously. You can't. You'd go to jail. LOL
  16. Shelly B

    Port Jolie

    WOW - I love this. Not my normal thing but the honeyed tea plus just a whisker of tart fruit is really intoxicating. This is just about perfect for the office - clean, cheerful and just so bright. I could totally see getting this as a beta spray - with a bit of the extra diffusion I think I'd be in head over heals.
  17. With the sales of some of my LPMP's not getting love - I got Honey Cherry in Beta with 2X Leather, 2X Cops (YAY for ME), in a nod to Dolly - a Blatant Invitation Beta, 1x in 100% alcohol (going to road test it on the HSBF next month) and a primer bottle to pub the Synch II I love so much in it.
  18. Well the African Musk is my new favorite since the nummy civit is has gone the way of the dodo. This musk totally ROCKS! I have it on again and I smell AWESOME!
  19. Luna - I love your reviews. Both of them... I wore the Sex Berry Blast last night to bed and it was very comforting. Just all snuggly and sweet. But I am love, love loving Honey Cherry. And since I love HVM and SLF - for all the reasons you so elegantly wrote of - I continue you to think of you as a sniffie genius.
  20. did you get a sniffie of the Honey Cherry? It's so concentrated it has the weight of HAM. Swear. :-)
  21. an hour later - still thinking Spring Fling is the least fave. still think Sex Bomb is LAM with a big burst of musk....cuddly and fun like a pair of Nick and Nora Jammas... and Honey Cherry - OMG _ I'm huffing myself. I'd do me.
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