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  1. Mara and Danna - are you listening? Ok - in Honey Cherry - the red musk, honey and whatever amber you used - is so much like HAM - I know you think you can't make it again - but without the cherry - Honey Cherry is almost HAM...I've been wearing HAM for days - I know....The red musk with the honey? To DIE for.... So - of my new PE's Honey Cherry is my hands down favorite. It starts out smelling like a Ludden's - but give it 10 minutes and NOM NOM NOM. My next favorite is Sex Bomb - where the berry isn't prevalent - but it's more a honey/vanilla like LAM but with a big burst of musk. The berry flashes in and out - but it's elusive. Spring Fling is not my favorite- the peach just get's eaten and I'm all HYACINTH. And don't get me wrong - I like hyacinth or I wouldn't have asked for it. But it's more hyacinth and honey than anything. I'd wear this to work. It's a nice floral that no one would complain is toooooooo SEXAY for the office. Sex Bomb is warm and nummy and - not sex bombish - comforting - almost like a big cotton blanket or a hug. But Honey Cherry is VA VA Voooommmmm. Lurvs the Honey Cherry - it's HAM with a great big Marachino on top! I'd like to lick that arm but I won't...
  2. So the full bottle came in time for the weekend and wowser. Using a little more than when we just had a sniffie? mmmmmmmmnnnnnn I have been a huffing fiend. When the wind came in off the lake just right and it would blow it over to me - I would get all SQUEEEEEEE! The HSF amps the tea - which I am surprised to LOVE on him. The Charisma seems to turn me into a total PDA snuggle bunny. I am in love with the scent and the phero.
  3. Count me in as a frisky COPS user. Lurvs Cops. No reason to do it - but I think I need to find some OCCO. Just Cuz I can.
  4. That's not really a joke for me at the moment. I have the divorce budget blues. :-( I think my last two orders are my last two orders for a while. Paying the equivalent of two houses a month (and my old house is a macdaddy house) is going to eat me alive. I'm going to inventory all my stuff over the next two weeks and see what I can let go...I only have better than 100 bottles for pity's sake.
  5. Huh - all that and a bag of chips. Welcome Jaycee. And please recognize this bunch is one -horny- wrong word - Focused - yes focused - group of women! Seriously - we are no different than guys in that we want what we want - and when we want it - it's what we want and when we want it that might differ. Just sayin' AND obtw - welcome to our forum.
  6. Funny - I had a similar conversation with the HSF. :-) I reminded him he didn't have any LP's on my first visit and further - 1) phero's don't reach through the phone and 2) they don't change your soul. And I pointed out he's liked me - at least as a friend- since I was 8 which seriously predates my love of LP. And I got the whole - "Ohhhhh. You have a point. I love you too."
  7. He is to me - it's just Legend makes me want to be on him like white on rice. Something about that scent and that phero in combo and I become one PDA lovin' fool. :angelstar-kaos058: (And I am so *not* a pda person otherwise...) If he has that on and I PDA him - my family might collectively pass out. Edited to add - that would be hilarious actually. Squeee!!!!!!!!! Just one more week.
  8. I lurves that man! :-). Getting to see him makes me all Squeeeeeee!!!!
  9. Back to bumping up and down -!if the pkg not here on Wednesday - no Legend for my trip. I can live with everything else coming slow post but must have my Legend. Do you think they would ship that by itself to the parents? Hmmmmm..... Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  10. Aaaaaahhhhh. I love Cops. LOVES them, loves them, LURVS them. Ummmmmmm........was that my outside voice? Nevermind.
  11. Totally FUN Mega Cougar Hit.... Define Mega Cougar...Cougar fragrance in a beta - amped with 2X more Cops and 2X more Stone Cougar.... YUMMERS! So - I flirt with my surgeon and I had a follow-up appointment with him today. So - WTH - fire up the Mega Cougar. I spritzed 5 minutes before I got to his office and was a bit concerned about Cop drydown but this covers pretty well and dry down seems shorter. Anyhoooo.... All the women that work there were very very over solicitous - way more than normal. It was funny - one was actually walking through the waiting are for the 3rd time - stopped, did a literal dead stop and spin - "OM Goodness - please tell me you are being helped?" Yes thank you. :-) I'm in the middle of my exam - flirting and cracking him up as per normal when out of the blue - he turns to me and... "You know, I hate perfume...." "Really, I didn't know that." "No really, I HATE perfume. I actually flinch when I see some patients are coming in because I hate what they wear." "No- I was not aware you felt that way" "I forbid my staff to wear perfume." "Wow - You sure feel strongly about that." "So - given that - what on earth is that delicious smell I'm smelling....who is it...?" "Ummmmm - (holds up wrists) is it this?" "OMG YAIS. This is FABULOUS. OMG I love this." "So this is one perfume you like?" "Like? (as he huffs wrists repeatedly and then sniffs up my arm - NO SH*T) Love. It's like a candle - what is all that I'm smelling - I get vanilla..." "And Grapefruit and Sugar." "G*d I love this. What's it called." "Cougar." "No it's not." "Swear.to.G*d. It's called Cougar." Abject laughter.... "You are a BAD BAD Cougar. BAD Cougar." Laughs his way out of the room, peeks his head back in around the door and says "RAWR" The two staff in the room? Look at each other in amazement. One says to me later..."OMG - He huffed you. HE HUFFED YOU! What's it really called?" "Cougar. I wasn't kidding." Today - Shelly had her GROOVE on. Sorry Ya'll but banana joy was getting no love lately.... Love to banana joy!
  12. So break out the Cougar if you have it. Cougar plus OCCO equals fun self effects for me - sparkly, sexy, confident and very very much WANTED. Oddly enough - I haven't broken mega cougar out on the HSF - because he responds so well to the Leather I haven't felt like it. Maybe next trip - I have him to myself for three days...
  13. My vote is Open Windows! :-) That is GREAT for the office - everyone is cheerful and nice to each other.
  14. Ooooohhhhhhh - that would smell AWESOME on a man. Yummy!
  15. I think I might get flung. :-) I guess it could be my spring fling now that I think about it... And that's less than 2 weeks away. I got greedy this time and didn't want to wait so used up the rest of my miles...
  16. Shelly B's Spring Fling - 1/3 fl.oz. Romance is in the air for our beloved Shelly B! Shelly designed this blend to "scream" Spring, featuring Hyacinth, the freshest juiciest Peach, Green Musk, and sweet spring Honey. LOL - I'm supposed to tell you that HSF does not consider himself to be a fling at this point. But he did laugh pretty hard at the name....
  17. that would be peaches, hyacinths, honey and musk - wanted something springy. The other two are meant to be fruity and yum for hot weather
  18. Thread jack - Dolly - what happened with the Man last night? Did it work?
  19. Someone asked me if I'd get married again...I nearly spit my soda through my nose laughing. I might play catch and keep one - but legally tying the knot? That's a NO.
  20. LOL - MORE COPS! OK fine - there can be too much cops. Seriously though - you just need to experiment with different blends until you have a full catalog of what they do for him. For instance - TH could have canceled out some of the Leather. The OCCO's are always ok because you can always boost the cops with any blend. The only other universal boost I can think of is A'nol - seems safe to bump that one with most everything... Look - if Lace is getting a good response by all means keep going. But if it makes you so mushy he walks over you - I'd skip it. You are in a tough situation - so you have to decide - who does LadyRose want to be? Cinderella looking for a Prince? (Which is ok - most women were raised on that...on the other hand - my mother gave me "The Practical Princess and other liberating fairy tales" so I pretty much thought Princesses had an obligation to save themselves. And sometimes a hapless prince. Edited to add: this makes me pretty weird to the bulk of women I know. Oh well - different strokes for different folks.) Once you know who you are wanting to *be*... - you just have to develop a phero signature that is congruent to your desired outcome. And keep the others for when you need something different. It may well be that Leather works for you on a daily basis but Lace works for him so you do Lace around him... Edited to add - Because you seem like such a strong person - I'm guessing that Leather for daily use and Lace for getting him worked up use - may well be you favorite phero pattern. I like Cougar (the Stone version - not the old P-Com version), Open Windows or Leather without cops for daily use - depends on what's on tap for the day. And when I get home from work, get ready for an evening of going out, or going to see the HSF - Leather, Leather and MORE Leather - PLUS plenty of Cops.
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