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    Writing poetry, reading, shopping, traveling, dining, spending time with family and friends, and experimenting with love potion pheros and scents!
  1. I am beyond excited! Just got my package today! Actually, it came yesterday and instead of the mail carrier coming to the door to deliver, they just put a slip in my box. I know for a fact that a delivery attempt wasn't made because I was at home yesterday. I teach so I'm off for the summer and happened to be home. Do your job!!! ***side eye*** Anywhoo, I went up to the post office and picked up my package a little while ago and, as always when I order from LPMP, I am like a kid in a candy store! I am in a phero cloud right now due to my huffing frenzy, but as happy as a clam. Four full bottl
  2. Hey, androstenol! I tried it. I don't get vinegar. I get a sort of a sweet/stinky smell. It's peculiar, but as it dries, it's like a sweet, warm honey smell. It's wonderful! I think I may go fb on the Aja. I'm gonna test drive it one or two more times to be sure, but I think I need a fb of it.
  3. I just realized that I never posted an update on my Aja adventure. Too bad I don't have a journal yet. Nevertheless, the clean version...(((sigh))) Anyway, hubby wanted to shampoo my hair. That was VERY nice. After getting out of the shower, I had hubby wait in the pole room. He lit some candles and, meanwhile,I slathered the Aja and Rocket Fuel. I guess I should also mention that hubby bought me some apricot vanilla lotion from B&B not too long ago. I lotioned with that first. I notice that the pheros stick better to it, last longer, and smell even more scrumptious. Anyway, I met hubby in
  4. I mentioned in my welcome thread that I just received Aja in my package this week and I really want to like it. When I sniff it from the bottle it smells so stinky, Sex smell? Unclean? Not sure. In any case, It has had me afraid to wear it for fear of giving off an unclean smell. The weird thing is most of the scents I like have honey in them. Anyway, it was suggested that I try Aja under Rocket Fuel. I put the two of them on the back of my hand and rubbed the backs of my hands together vigorously. I waited for dry-down and sniffed, although the scent jumped out at me beforehand. It's funn
  5. Missdarlyncherie, it's great fun, isn't it?! Love it! I have never desired any LAM scent but the original, but many of the ladies here seem to love the PA LAM. I'm starting to consider getting out of my comfort zone and trying that one out. Hmmm...
  6. LAM has been and always will be my first LPMP love! I have only ever tried the Sugared Honey and Vanilla scent. I fell so deeply in love with that one that I haven't tried any of the other LAM scents because I can't imagine one smelling better than that one. When I put it on, it requires little dry-down time on me, Once dry though, it settles into this vanilla-y, sweet, powdery scent that just keeps getting better and better as the hours g by, not to mention that the scent lasts ALL DAY! Many of the reactions I get when I pass people are something to the effect of, " What is that smell?! OMG!
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