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  1. I am beyond excited! Just got my package today! Actually, it came yesterday and instead of the mail carrier coming to the door to deliver, they just put a slip in my box. I know for a fact that a delivery attempt wasn't made because I was at home yesterday. I teach so I'm off for the summer and happened to be home. Do your job!!! ***side eye*** Anywhoo, I went up to the post office and picked up my package a little while ago and, as always when I order from LPMP, I am like a kid in a candy store! I am in a phero cloud right now due to my huffing frenzy, but as happy as a clam. Four full bottles of my old reliable go-to's and seven trial bottles!!!! Plus, I got hubby some trials that smell amazing! He's become a fan and I love that he lets me pick for him! I am always looking for advice on what mixes well together, so if you have any suggestions on scents I (not he) could mix, I would love that! Here's what we have in our arsenal... For me... Like a Magnet(original) Sugared Vanilla & Honey(full bottle)This is the one that started it all and had me addicted to LPMP! Sneaky Clean/SS4W (full bottle) Dom Noire/ Dominance Potion + Copulins (full bottle) Aja (full bottle) Saisha/Bang(trial) Aliya/Audacious(trial) Fascination Potion/ Copulins (trial) OCCO white (trial) OCCO pink (trial) OCCO SLF (trial) Honeyed Love Potion/Gotcha (trial) For him... Corwin/Open Windows (trial) Pashazade/Heart Throb (trial) Mark's Girl Nip/ Perfect Match (trial) Xavier/SS4M (trial) Dylan/Perfect Match & Hedione (trial) Leopold/Charisma (trial)
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I find myself slathering blindly at times. It's never led me astray yet, but I'd like a little method to my madness, ya know? Lol!
  3. Hey, ladies! Below is a list of all the scents I currently have in my arsenal. Some of the bottles are older bottles that were purchased a while back and only have a little bit in each bottle. I will indicate that next to those fragrances that only have the small amount. Anyway, if anyone has time, could you please review my inventory and tell me what would be the best blends to put together? Thanks so much in advance! Here is the list... Phero-enhanced fragrances: LAM, Rocket Fuel, BAM, LFN, Totem Goat, Pouncing Potion, LP Incandescence, LP Tropique, Aja, G&L, Horny, Totem Beaver, Unbridled, Sexology, OCCO Red (small amt left), CP (small amt left) La Sylphide (small amt left), Caressful Breeze, and Kitten Nip Unenhanced fragrances: Totem Monkey, Honey Whip, Candy Tuft Tea, Flowers in the Moat, Totem Horse, Velvet & Steel, LP Latte, Shelly B's Secret Garden, Give Peas a Chance, √Član Vitale, Pleasure Valley, Purple Pitch, Rose of Shrewsbury, Candy Pop, Bayou Musk, Ghost Bumps, Sang Real, Pumpkin Souffl√©, and Gothic Xmas
  4. Hey, androstenol! I tried it. I don't get vinegar. I get a sort of a sweet/stinky smell. It's peculiar, but as it dries, it's like a sweet, warm honey smell. It's wonderful! I think I may go fb on the Aja. I'm gonna test drive it one or two more times to be sure, but I think I need a fb of it.
  5. I just realized that I never posted an update on my Aja adventure. Too bad I don't have a journal yet. Nevertheless, the clean version...(((sigh))) Anyway, hubby wanted to shampoo my hair. That was VERY nice. After getting out of the shower, I had hubby wait in the pole room. He lit some candles and, meanwhile,I slathered the Aja and Rocket Fuel. I guess I should also mention that hubby bought me some apricot vanilla lotion from B&B not too long ago. I lotioned with that first. I notice that the pheros stick better to it, last longer, and smell even more scrumptious. Anyway, I met hubby in the pole room and, needless to say, the next three hours were incredible!!!! I thought hubby was going to gobble me up-- yes, he was biting! That's all I can say outside of a journal. Anyway, it was a phenomenal night-- one that I will be sure to revisit again. Thanks and a special s/o to Nutrix for the awesome suggestion of Aja and Rocket Fuel!
  6. I mentioned in my welcome thread that I just received Aja in my package this week and I really want to like it. When I sniff it from the bottle it smells so stinky, Sex smell? Unclean? Not sure. In any case, It has had me afraid to wear it for fear of giving off an unclean smell. The weird thing is most of the scents I like have honey in them. Anyway, it was suggested that I try Aja under Rocket Fuel. I put the two of them on the back of my hand and rubbed the backs of my hands together vigorously. I waited for dry-down and sniffed, although the scent jumped out at me beforehand. It's funny. I get strong honey notes with it, but the brown sugar and cinnamon soften it. I have spent the past couple of hours trying to determine if I like it and if I think it smells good(Yes, the scent stays put even after hand-washing.). I do know that the scent is addictive in a peculiar sort of way. I said to my 5-year old, "Sniff mommy's hand. Does it smell stinky, smell good, smell kinda stinky, or smell kinda good? " He sniffed and said. "It smells good." He's so nonchalant about things though and half the time acts like he can't be bothered if he's on the Ipad or watching one of his shows. The only time I have his attention is when we're doing things together, so I said, "Are you sure?" "He said, "Yeah, mommy. It smells like butter and cream or buttercream brownies. Can you make me some brownies or call daddy and ask him to bring home pizza after work?" LOL!!! Mind you, I had just made lunch for him, so I guess if it made him hungry, it smells good. I wore Unbridled w/LFN last Saturday night (Gotta post my results in that section...Hee Hee!), which led to a very "interesting" evening with hubby. He has been all over me all week. He asked if he could shampoo my hair tonight after we put the kids to bed. I'm gonna give the Rocket Fuel and Aja mix a whirl tonight and see what reaction I get from hubby. To be continued,,,
  7. Missdarlyncherie, it's great fun, isn't it?! Love it! I have never desired any LAM scent but the original, but many of the ladies here seem to love the PA LAM. I'm starting to consider getting out of my comfort zone and trying that one out. Hmmm...
  8. LAM has been and always will be my first LPMP love! I have only ever tried the Sugared Honey and Vanilla scent. I fell so deeply in love with that one that I haven't tried any of the other LAM scents because I can't imagine one smelling better than that one. When I put it on, it requires little dry-down time on me, Once dry though, it settles into this vanilla-y, sweet, powdery scent that just keeps getting better and better as the hours g by, not to mention that the scent lasts ALL DAY! Many of the reactions I get when I pass people are something to the effect of, " What is that smell?! OMG! It smells so good...like baby powder...nah, that's not it. I can't place it." The confidence I exude from the self-effects is ridiculous! I'm a huge Jill Scott fan and the song that comes to mind by her when I wear LAM is " The Real Thing." Lyrics like(I'm skipping around the song to the parts that pop in my head): "...Sweeter than your favorite ice cream. Bask in my glory, baby...I'm the real thing in stereo....your main attraction....your phospherous, I'm your energy. When you're lost and you need some focus come see me. I'll entice your mind. I do it all the time. In the morning, in the evening, when the doves cry..." That's what pops in my head with LAM! OMG! I feel like the shiznit with it on! I have gotten so many hits, it's ridiculous, but perhaps one of the most outrageous hits I got was when I stopped at a gas station one evening on the way to meet a friend. I normally pay at the pump, but the pumps seemed to not be working properly. I had to buy something from inside anyway so I made my purchase and mentioned the pumps not working properly. The clerk said ok and that he would check it out. He and one of the other clerks made a sniffing gesture. Oh, did I mention the DIHL expressions? I left with the intention to go somewhere else and get gas. As I'm getting in my car, the two clerks run outside and damn-near tackle me trying to stop me. They both start fixing the pump and get it fixed. I thank them and put my card in. They start playing tug of war with the pump to be the one to pump the gas for me. I took the pump and said, "I can pump my own gas, thanks." They start practically begging me to pump my gas for me until I had to give them the, "I'm dead serious. Back off or I'm about to spaz." look and tone of voice to get them to disappear. I cracked up afterwards! It was annoying, but so much fun! (Edited for typos)
  9. NuTrix! Hi! Thanks for the welcome! Thanks also for the advice! I love Rocket Fuel. It can make anything smell scrumptious ! I'll try that. I want to like Aja so badly, but sniffing from the vial turned me completely off. I wasn't expecting the stink. I read comments about the stink, but wasn't expecting it to be to the point where I'm afraid to wear it.
  10. Thanks, Donsie, Dolly, Hearts, Bella15, and Quiet Guy!
  11. I'm not sure why my editing button doesn't work...maybe because I'm using my phone to post. In any case, my above text was supposed to say I, not "IS" and scents, not "sense". That was really bugging me.
  12. Ladies, forgive me. I havent gotten the hang of replying to quotes yet...smh... Androstenol-Hi and thanks!I love, love, love LAM! Did I mention that I love LAM? A lot of the scents I like have honey in them. The crazy thing is I'm not sure how I feel about honey on its own. I just recently bought Aja. I haven't tried it yet, but it's kinda stinky to me.We'll see how it goes though. Vladmyra and BeachGoddess- Thank you so much for welcoming me!
  13. Hi, Missdarlyncherie! Thanks for the welcome! The only LAM I've ever ordered is the Sugared vanilla and honey. I absolutely love the scent on me and the hits I've gotten!
  14. Hi! I'm Lilhoney!I have been a customer since the early part of 2012. I discovered LPMP while goofing around one night. The movie "Love Potion #9" came to mind and I couldn't help but wonder if there were any real love potion-type scents out there. Google is my obsession. I did some googling and came across LPMP. I was hooked on the site alone before even placing an order. My first order included two full bottles--one of Rocket Fuel and one of LAM. I fell in love and the hits?Absolutely outrageous! I have been addicted since.I have been lurking the boards, but was so inspired by one member's posts and journal that it coaxed me out of my "lurkdom" as she calls it...LOL. Now, I can stop stalking and start posting!
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