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  1. I got the "your package is shipping soon" email from LPMP Fragrances (catalunalpmp at yahoo) two days ago. I didn't get a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number, but the package arrived in good shape this morning.
  2. I wore this one yesterday and was surrounded by a soft strawberry aura all day long. Very nice!
  3. Beautifully written! I am so excitedly waiting for my kit!
  4. Thank you, Mara and Danna, for the info on the spell kits and the intentions of the potions! Not to mention all the work you do and the artistry with which you created these lovely scents! Many blessings to you in the New Year!
  5. Mara, When you post the expanded descriptions (when time allows), will there be more notes about the potions in the spell kit?
  6. Marvelous idea! I'm gonna take a page out of your book!
  7. Absolute YAY!!! This is the LP I love the best, even though I love many of the others dearly!
  8. stkatz

    Buns of Cinn

    Oh gosh, and I just placed what is for me the order of all orders (can we say "splurge"??) and was going to stop for a while. Guess that won't happen, because I've gotta have this one!
  9. Just want to add my thanks, too. This fragrance is amazing! The notes harmonize and blend, and it's like a symphony where the individual instruments can be discerned, but the total sound is exquisite. Thank you!!!
  10. Danna, Rest and FEEL BETTER SOON! You and Mara do awesome work and everything you do is appreciated greatly. Just take it easy right now and get over the flu.
  11. stkatz

    Constant Craving

    So glad I got my shipping notice Friday, because a bottle of this is in the box. I cannot wait to try it!
  12. Looking forward to getting my sale order, because I've got a bottle of this coming. It sounds lovely!
  13. I have a little sample of this that I tried for the first time this morning. All I can say is "Wow!"
  14. I had one person mention smelling cat pee when I wore this around her, but she also claimed her sense of smell was off, so I drew myself up and looked down my nose at her and said, "I showered this morning AND put on deodorant!" She doesn't make comments like that around me, anymore. I suppose I should feel bad for being haughty, but it'd be a stretch.
  15. stkatz

    Sugared Honeycomb

    Heal well and quickly, MyDogDaisy! So sorry you had to do that all alone, but glad to hear you had the comfort from your Sugared Honeycomb!
  16. Hello, mejuxtaposed and mirrorghost! You both have very interesting usernames, and I really like the way "mirrorghost" looks written out! Enjoy the forum and all the fragrances. You are in a wonderful place!
  17. Thanks, Beccah. I think Sorceress is going to be just what I need. I brought up a longstanding issue at work that everybody complained about but no one had the backbone to do anything about . . . got the issue corrected, but having upset the apple cart (so to speak), I'm the one whose name was mud for a while. It's getting better, but I think Sorceress is going to help restore the balance faster. And, having said that, I would do it all over again in the same way, even with the consequences being what they've been. It's all good.
  18. My Sorceress came today! I am so thrilled with the scent, and ViolentKitten's review expresses so well how the scent reacts on me. No chance to see how it will work on others until the first of the week, but I'll be wearing it to work on Monday for sure.
  19. Thanks, Beccah, I'll definitely keep the Bach Rescue Remedy drops in mind!
  20. Me, too. People tend to believe me when I tell them I'm an alien. LOL
  21. Getting really eager for it to arrive . . . I've been reading the comments about the fragrance, and as a scent, it sounds like it will work very well for me.
  22. stkatz

    Remind Me Again

    And any little thought that starts you seeing things as good will start the roll. Just get something that makes you feel better going on in you mind and milk it for all it's worth. More good thoughts will come, and then more . . .
  23. Got two bottles of this coming my way, thanks to the sale. Your comments, Dolly, make me think it's going to be just what I need right now.
  24. stkatz

    Remind Me Again

    I was having this conversation with a neighbor last night. You've hit it, Lor. I think as long as one can relax and go with the flow, the good things come, The better it gets, the better it gets.
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