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  1. I am in love with these and the names theme is outstanding for me as a name meaning nerd. I think a fair few others round these parts share that interest, including our PM!
  2. The NR labels are so complex and interesting. They remind me of the Deviant Moon tarot.
  3. NEs looking fab as always but I'm especially interested in Autumnal Rain, Bewitching Hour, Hauntings, and Supernatural.
  4. Thanks so much for the lightning-fast shipping and the honking great bag in which to store some of my latest acquisitions!
  5. I was in a similar boat. Well, they all looked good but not enough to overcome my determination to save my pennies for November and pheromas. I've got the same intention to skip October and save up this year... but NRs have been know to scupper my savings plans!
  6. Derp. I haven't tried this on a man yet. Thanks for the reminder that it's mainly intended for them! It's not my favourite on me but it could be another story on a man.
  7. I'm thinking I'll need FBs of Ambrosia of Eros and Pillow Stuffing.
  8. Congratulations! Which did you choose? It seems I have come over all blatantly inviting.
  9. I think you'd do well to have a sample on hand for woo-woo, and because it's a pleasantly magic shop sort of resinous scent.
  10. Thanks, tink. I thought I sounded like a dissipated libertine but you make a good point.
  11. What a delightfully witchy scent! Wearing this in bed and was told (uncharacteristically and unsolicited) "you're the boss". I'm sure this potion's power was intended for a higher purpose but I'm just mentioning that it also works in such a sphere.
  12. Everything arrived safe and sound yesterday and I'm not usually an animal print gal but I loved the bag!
  13. Ah, yes, that's true. I'm sure mine has SS4W, though. We've got some opposing polarity there!
  14. What I think I love most about this scent is that it brings out the tropical summer beach vibe even in people who don't naturally go there personality-wise. It's like putting on a costume or something, using a scent for a different sort of persona. To my nose that works without feeling forced or incongruous because the scent is at the fresh and crisp end of the tropical spectrum, which helps the wearer slip into the eternal summer vibe even if they're not normally that way.
  15. I have had the same kind of experience with SS4W: nada when I use it in Sneaky Clean but in Rocket Fuel it gives me discernible hits.
  16. I'm so pleased that my order is on its way. I hope the international post gets it here quickly!
  17. What a wonderful woman she surely was, cutie.pie! This PE sounds spectacular, too. I really look forward to reading the reviews and I hope you gain success after success when you wear it.
  18. Teddy BB has helped ease such feelings for me on several occasions. ETA: Derp - I missed the 'for men' part of this topic. See halo's post below for caveat. I am not a man so my opinion is of no value here.
  19. What a sweet story, cutie.pie, and how nice of you to share with your family. That Persephone Potion sounds like very, very cool woo.
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