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  1. Some very cool ideas here, folks. I look forward to reading the notes.
  2. Finally placed my order and got FBs of Spirit Bottle 2015, Moist, and Dragonfly plus an NR sample set and a sample of Summer Crush. There were my freebies, too, after some assistance from LP folks.
  3. And now I'm a 'deliciously wicked' bunny!
  4. 'Cherry trap', eh? That's what I'll be calling it from now on!
  5. For some reason the first scent association I experienced when I applied this was of the old-fashioned candy store that was near the Vermont hotel we stayed in all through my childhood. Sweet memories literally and figuratively.
  6. I am at the other end of the spectrum and weight the combo in favour of BAM. I'm a B-nol girl at heart.
  7. Back of the knees is great if you're wearing a skirt. It helps waft things around. Small of the back is also good in my experience.
  8. I can't wait until I've finally saved up (and am not too distracted by NRs) to get an FB of Dom!
  9. Got this as a sniffie (whee!) and though it's not a scent I'd normally pick based on the notes I am getting lots of maple and brown sugar on a creamy, juicy baked pumpkin. No scary 'nana standing out. To me this smells like the holidays but unspiced. Maybe this is the pumpkin you have at new year as an icy, sweet creamy cheesecake or something rather than a spicy pumpkin pie.
  10. Hee! Congratulations! Aw, thank you! Ha, cheers!
  11. Another smutty honey lover here! Horny also has Aja (and cops) and I wonder if that might be what gives you that not-quite-smooth result.
  12. I will totally send some willpower and intention to quit smoking and if the perfume gives you a feeling of motivation and reward then that's great. You can focus on how much you can treat yourself if you reduce slightly, moderately, heavily, or stop entirely. For every pack you cut out you're that much closer to LPs!
  13. I got a sniffie of this and am so happy about it! It has a lot of what I liked about Beautiful Dreamer but it's smokier and muskier, not as heavily vanilla, on me. On application the lavender was just fresh but as I loaded this page to read the notes I noticed the tiniest medicinal hint. I, too, was scared; like Blackcat I couldn't get on with Tickle, Tickle. Well, as soon as I had read through that part or Blackcat's review the medicinal quality settled and the lavender was perfect. I love how the woodsmoke works in this and I might like it even better than Beautiful Dreamer. Thank you, Blackcat, for the idea, and PM for the creation and sniffie!
  14. Cutie.pie, that's exciting! Hey, why have two if we aren't going to sell one? I am pretty sure I am going to end up going with an August NR sample set and FBs of Dragonfly, Summer Crush, and Moist. For about the 12th (no, really) time I'm leaving Un pheros and permanent perfumes I want behind because there are limited-edition things I can't let get away.
  15. Totally having a sampler of these but I already think I'll need FBs of at least two (okay, okay, maybe four) perfumes. I seriously hope the samples come fast enough for me to know before the FBs sell out. Thanks you Mara for doing some excellent forward planning on that front!
  16. First, I *adore* your avi. Second, from my understanding of Aja as well as how others who know it better have described it, yes the sex+light honey is Aja!
  17. This is why you are the Potion MASTER! Wisdom in action! I'm so excited to be able to try these as they are all new to me. So now I need a sampler in addition to all the darned FBs of this summer collection I told myself I wasn't going to like because I don't do summery things but wanted to try just for fun. Eejit.
  18. donsie

    Summer Crush

    An unexpected love! I get so much juicy, refreshing strawberry and some lovely (youthful, summery, not at all like old potpourri) rose. The lemon keeps it all delightfully fresh but doesn't smell sharp or like furniture polish, and this is coming from someone who doesn't do citrus scents. The patchouli and sugar round things out and give Summer Crush a little something more than just you'd expect from a simple lemonade scent, or some teenaged berry-scented body spray. I think I need an FB of this. This one goes beautifully with BAM Pink Amber, by the way.
  19. I didn't. This is my first Aja experience! I can see how persistent Aja can be (still noticeable today) but I don't find it too strong. I think I'll keep an eye out for it in perfumes in the future.
  20. Considering a bottle of Audacious and one of SWS, possibly one of Dragonfly. ETA - and a bottle of Summer Crush, and of Un CB and the August sampler. And selling a kidney, obvs.
  21. Thanks for those detailed replies. I am trying to figure out which of the things I'm smelling is Aja and thus if I like it enough to want to try it in other things or even by itself. The responses above have been very helpful for that purpose and I think I'd dig Aja in another guise.
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