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  1. What a stunning collection, folks! Such fascinating labels and names! I am really looking forward to reading the notes and reviews.
  2. I actually don't find any pheros have the sedative effect on my personally (about which I'm pleased), though I know others on here do. That's who I had in mind with my disclaimer! I am more like you, StacyK, and find that Balm Bomb and Teddy BB "take the edge off", which is exactly how I'd put it, too!
  3. Hi, Rob! Welcome to the boards!
  4. Ha, my fella's a neat freak and I'm a slob by comparison except that I hate things to be dirty while he hates them to be untidy. So yep, we are an example of people who interpret clean differently. Sometimes I look at this 'clean' dishes and while he has stacked them in an orderly way they are *not* spotlessly clean. My haphazard crap piles may populate some corners of the house but I know how to disinfect a bathroom! I think it's because I grew up with animals so I have a horror of germs/contamination in an otherwise ramshackle house (think the Weasley's Burrow in Harry Potter) while he grew up with the intensely tidy and picky parents and 0 animals. Aaaanyway, I think someone should start a thread where we can dream up disclaimers for different LPs! Like Balm Bomb and Teddy BB: 'Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product'.
  5. Ooh, good to know, Sputnick! I've got a trial vial of Ambuscade w/ Hunter Trapper coming as it happens. @Snoop, lol, the cologne guy!
  6. Oh, interesting, RB. I will deffo make a full report once I try it out, including how the fruit works for/on me.
  7. Me too! But BC is right -- it's very useful to have one of us doing fieldwork!
  8. Ah, interesting. Topper isn't one I'd thought of using in that context, but it's an intriguing idea that I'm keen to try out.
  9. A little vial is wending its way to me now. I know I'll almost certainly miss out on FBs but I did want to make sure the fruit and I got along since I've never tried it before. I am glad I at least get to try it!
  10. It's such a beautiful scent - pillowy soft and lovely. Guess guys just wants some sexy cuddles. Maybe they could help us relax first, though, and clean the house or give us a massage or something. Maybe BD should come with an informational insert for SOs "Warning - you may feel sexy but she may feel sleepy'.
  11. Oh, looking forward to trying this one again soon. Somehow it seems like it will suit the warm weather what with the sugars on top and the cooler greenery and balsam underneath.
  12. Wow, that is even more elaborate than mine! LOL!
  13. LOL, really? I assumed I was the only weirdo who thought of it that way!
  14. I can hardly wait to put this on boys and smell them!
  15. And mating call: two pairs of spectacles clacking against one another! But I would say that, as I'm now scandalously intentioned.
  16. YOU GUYS I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY OCCO AMBROSIA! Phew, sorry for yelling. Just sounds like I need to be super excited about this based on all of the fantastic reviews!
  17. Sample set, trial vials of LP Red and Ambuscade (a little gift), and BAM Pink Amber, I think. NuTrix, there was a thread about this a little while back. It might tell you what you want to know about hedione. http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=10416&hl=
  18. Have you folks caught too much sun today or something or is it International Talk Like A Pirate Day and I forgot?
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