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  1. Ha ha. I have. Multiple times to verify I'm not crazy. I've also checked out the store page and the artfire site. I've learned the hard way that when something isn't working the way it's suppose to, triple check for human error first (especially mine).
  2. I feel like I'm missing something. How is everybody able to see the labels already?
  3. Does the alcohol evaporation over time make the fragrance stronger? I'm not sure I'm using the proper terminology, but I was wondering if I had something at cologne strength sitting out, would the concentration bump up to parfum strength after evaporation.
  4. Thank you for playing Love Potion detective/mad scientist. : )
  5. Good god! Waiting for my order to arrive is heartbreakingly painful!

  6. Have you heard of Agua de Colonia? It's a classic cologne out of Spain. It opens big on this refreshing lemon scent followed by notes of bergamont, and geranium, with hints of rose, lavender, and spice. It's a bright, sunny scent. I've been toying with the idea of making a PE with similiar notes, and spike it with something calming and focused (pheromone-wise). If there's something like this in the LP arsenal already, I would love to taste.
  7. Ha ha. I don't scare that easy. I've just been looking around the forum. I'm blown away by how long you guys have all been together, and how much everyone acts like a family. "Quack," back at you Ducky! My avatar is actually an image I made in the photo studio for a class. I photoshopped the barcode to read, "You are the one." Kind of impossible to see with it being so small.
  8. I wonder if this gives guys the same status elevation and just got some vibe that copulins give out.
  9. Thanks guys! I will let you know it works. Only 2-3 weeks before it gets here, right? I guess I will have to entertain that pesky bastard, patience, after all.
  10. New here. I was trying hard to hold out, just to see what was coming, but my impatience won out. LP: Homme spiked with SS4M will be my first love potion! It was a tough call with Voracious and Pashazade also on the list. I guess this just gives me more things to look forward to next time. I read a lot of the boards before making this decision so a quick thank you to all.
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