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  1. Thank you! It very well may be the EST, although I don't remember this smell coming from my UN Cuddle Bunny. I'll have to test it. It just completely took me by surprise- it's DEFINITELY a smell and not a feel, and it's so incredible to boot. Which I find hilarious because it's very rare my body chemistry doesn't warp a scent horrifically.
  2. So um, weird question. I got a little unscented trial bottle of this, and while I am not ready to conclusively report any kind of hits yet, something weird is happening. This smells amazing on me. It's unscented, I know. But I kept smelling something INCREDIBLE earlier and couldn't figure it out and then I realized- it's gotta be this. I put it on without anything else over it because I was out with my grandma today and she is very fragrance sensitive. It's soft and powdery almost, like kind of in the same family as a baby powder but WAY better than ANY baby powder I've ever smelled, and it smells like...like if you took sandalwood or rosewood or some other kind of beautiful fragrant wood and left it in the sun to warm. It's fantastic. I don't understand it a bit. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  3. Hahaha, it's quite all right. I'm sorry you have the flu! I remember having it back in early 2008 and it was the worst. I can recommend this lemon-ginger-echinacea juice I find at the organic/natural section of the grocery, though, if you'd like to try it. It always seems to help if I feel ill. Also a "recipe" for soup I make when we're under the weather, if you'd like that too. Also I have no idea what to try next! Cuddle bunny? Sneaky Clean? The regular perfumes? Help! I'm drowning in fun choices.
  4. It doesn't actually change nearly as much as most perfumes do- especially ones with amber in them. It just gets sweeter and less spicy as time goes on. Not enough that I'd need to wear a scent locket, and...well all my clothes tend to be light coloured. I could put it in my hair though if I felt the need. It's actually something I would wear on my skin, as it's not bad, it's just not something I consider reflective of myself, and I generally like my perfumes to "feel like me."
  5. Wait, Cuddle Bunny is loaded with B-nol? I thought it was just EST and Cops.
  6. I got a trial vial of oil of this. As a fragrance, straight out of the vial, it's gorgeous, eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head delicious. Usually I don't go for vanilla-foody based scents, but this is really lovely. Reminds me of Christmas (not Egg Nog, just...Christmas). As it settles into my skin it becomes sweeter and more subdued- which saddens me as I loved the spiceyness of it. It remains lovely and wearable though. As it finally begins to wane on my skin (about an hour later or so), the vanilla has taken over a lot more, drowning out the sandalwood and nutmeg. It's a beautiful scent, but with the drydown in combination with being just not very "me," I think I'll use up my trial vial (maybe save it as a Christmas fragrance) and let someone who loves this more have the full bottle. However. It did have several interesting effects on my husband. At first it was very hard to tell what was just him being his wonderful self and what might have been the oil. He asked to hold my hand after telling me he loved me- usually he doesn't ask, he just takes my hand (not that I'm complaining). But what was really interesting... I have long, tailbone-length hair, so I usually wear it up in a high bun to keep it out of the way when I'm at home. I dabbed some on, including on the nape of my neck, and didn't tell him I was wearing anything- let alone something with pheros in it- just for a "blind" test. When I was in the kitchen making a snack, he suddenly came up behind me and kissed me right on the back of the neck. A few minutes later, on my way out of the kitchen, he did it again, only this time he nipped me. I have my hair up all the time and he never does that. As headed back to the computer room, after a noise of protest, he stopped and asked if I wanted to cuddle. While cuddling, he spooned up behind me and kept burying his face in the nape of my neck, taking deep breaths, and when I tried to roll over to face him, he wouldn't let me. And then he finally goes, "What oil did you use last night in the bath?" referring to my collection of perfumed bath oils. "Why, do you like it?" And then he sighs, "Mhm..." (It wasn't bath oil, but I didn't tell him that yet.) I have a lot of perfume. There has been exactly one (the first one he ever smelled on me, actually) in all my collection that he has actually liked. Not just, "It's nice." or "It's okay." But that happy little sigh of enjoyment liked. They are nothing alike (the other is also one of my favourites, a japanese solid perfume with a fresh peach blossom scent). It was so out of character for him that it was my 'marker' for something being extraordinary. If he doesn't respond as well to the others, maybe I'll get a bottle after all...
  7. I got Betrothal Potion, Glass Slipper, Nectar de L'Amour, and Smitten Kitten. Sniffy samples of Candy Pop, Trianon-esque, and Elan Vitale. The first two are the ones I loved in the vial. Elan is the one that is making me kind of wary but curious. On the phero side, I got Cuddle Bunny (the perfume blend not the straight UN), Sneaky Clean with SS4W, La Sylphide with LFM, and Garland & Lace. I do plan on reviewing everything thoroughly, but I need time to really test them out. Right now I'm wearing the La Sylphide, and my chemistry is doing its thing and making it...not quite as gorgeous as it was in the vial, but it's still very nice. I'm going to give it time- although I think I might be pretty susceptible to B-nol. I accidentally said 'Hell' in front of my grandmother when I usually never slip up and swear around her. I might have to choose blends in the future without that particular molecule. Although I think it might be working on my husband- he randomly just went, "I love you. Can I hold your hand?" Not out of character for him at all, just wondering if perhaps the LFM is "goading" him. Ah well, he's ignoring me now (about 10 minutes after it happened). Edited: Just sent my registration email in.
  8. Woohoo! I got my order (no shipping notice, it just showed up!)- what a wonderful surprise. It was in a pretty beaded little gold organza bag and everything. Haven't opened the pheromone vials yet, but I will say this- Mara is magical. Magical. Every single one of the four trial vials I ordered I liked the smell of in the vial. This almost never happens. Oddly enough, they all evoked positive scent memories in me and I can't tell why- best I can guess is that the three fruity ones remind me of my long, long discontinued favourite perfume oil, even though they aren't "the same" scent. Weird! Pleasantly so. Going to have to pick a pheroblend perfume now and test it. ETA: Okay, I don't think italics was enough to describe how MAGICAL Mara is. Even the three little sample sniffies that were sent (two of which were discontinued/sold out?), two of them I love the smell of in the vial. The third I think was also chosen with my preferences in mind, but I'm a little wary of because it has that kind of scent that tends to get soapy and sharp on me. It's not bad though, and I'll gladly give it a shot! Usually I am frustratingly hard to "shop for" and it's very rare indeed that I like free, "randomly" chosen samples like that. I'm just really stunned and pleased that it seems they even gave me samples they thought I would like, as opposed to just randomly tossing little vials in there. ALSO ETA: Oh my god my eyes almost rolled back in my head when I opened La Sylphide and smelled it. How can it possibly smell that delicious what is this I usually hate the foody-esque scents.
  9. Thanks! It's been two weeks so far- not nearly as bad as some of the waits I've had recently for other things from other places. I don't suppose you know what the current average turnaround time seems to be?
  10. Still waiting on my first order! Still no stamps notice either. The wait is driving me crazy! I'm so excited to try my first LPs.
  11. Yay! Just placed my first order. I ended up not getting Pixie Dust after reading reviews- from how it was behaving on other people, I was pretty sure it would it would turn into sharp soapy Poudre de la Mort on me (this happens with unfortunately alarming frequency). Everything else I mentioned, I grabbed though! I can't wait until they come in so I can try them! I am so excited to try the pheros- they've fascinated me for quite some time. I remember picking up a perfume I found in the drug store while I was in High School that supposedly had pheromones in it (Fisher Price Baby's First Pheros?). It came in a little glass bottle that looked like a test tube. I think I still have it buried in a box somewhere... Edit: Yep, I still have it. Just as vaguely and sensationalist-y labeled as I remember.
  12. Oh boy. I guess I will have to do a lot of experimenting and testing and trying to snap up samples. Amalthea, you are so sweet. I really, really appreciate that. I think I'm going to order samples of, besides the pheroscents, Bethrothal Potion, Pixie Dust, Glass Slipper, Nectar de l'Amour, and Smitten Kitten, so if you need a sniffy tester of any of those, I'd be glad to help you out with that. As for me and fragrances, I'm really picky because my skin chemistry tends to do weird things. Very few mainstream fragrances work on me because of this, so I've mostly turned to smaller Internet niche perfumeries. My favourites right now include this Japanese solid perfume that smells like fresh, almost fruity peach blossoms (it is amazing), but it has absolutely no throw and no staying power at all. The other is from another niche perfume shop- I won't name names, because I'm not sure if that's polite or allowed on this forum, but it's one of the bigger presences from what I've seen. The oil is called Snow White. It's got floral and creamy, sweet notes, but on the whole it just smells like cold on me. I like fresh, light, sweet or pink florals (pink rose, peony, wisteria, lilac, hyacinth, freesia, heliotrope, water lily, sweet pea) but often time they disagree with me and don't smell true to life or (more often) turn into soap and powder on me. I also like fruity scents, with my favourites being peach and apple. I adore flowering tree blossoms (with peach and apple and cherry being favourites). Oddly enough, there are other scents that I like that I haven't been able to find in a fragrance yet, and they're strange. I love the smell of garden centers, wet stone, water, ice and snow, this one chinese sandalwood soap, and like a million scents (lobbies, Main Street, the smell of certain rides, etc) from Disney World. Amber and I do not get along from what I've found, and I'm not really crazy about musk either, but since I haven't tried any LP blends, I'm willing to try fragrances with those notes in them just to see if maybe the amber and musk will play nice. I am really looking forward to my first order too! Everybody here has been so nice, it's really wonderful. Also I really like the smilies.
  13. The samples idea is actually a really fantastic one- I didn't think of looking for phero'd fragrances to buy samples of just to test the actual pheros (I am really picky about fragrances). I couldn't find one for Heart & Soul, but I found Lace, La Femme Mystere, Cuddle Bunny, and SS4W, so should that be close enough to tell me what sort of thing works for me or if Heart & Soul would work for me?
  14. Thank you all very much for the replies. It's really helped! I figured there was no way I could hit all of those points with a single blend, but I felt it didn't hurt to ask. Appearing youthful isn't too much of a priority- I'm in my twenties and have a babyface besides, but I sort of tend towards practicing overkill. I have read that you CAN overkill on pheros, so I shall have to show restraint there. I am leaning towards Heart & Soul now. In Popularity Potion reviews, people mention being followed and chatted up excessively, which would probably make me uncomfortable. I'm a little worried about A-nol making me too bubbly-I'm already pretty excitable- so the smaller amount in H&S seems better than, say, the amount in Lace. Does anyone how the amount of EST in H&S compares to Cuddle Bunny? I'm thinking the other molecules in H&S would be better than Cops, so it might even out anyway. And on that note, would DHEAS be any good for me, do you think? The one thing I am concerned about with Heart & Soul, though, is that some reviews say it can make you emotional. I am already an extremely hyper-emotional person. I'm wondering if H&S would just complement that and become more effective, or just turn me into an emotional trainwreck.
  15. I've finally managed to narrow down what fragrance samples I'm going to order, but I'm still a bit lost on choosing an UN-phero blend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. At first I was eyeing Cuddle Bunny, but now I am not so sure. A friend affectionately joked that I am looking for the 'White Knight' blend. I am very sensitive and thin-skinned, and get somewhat vulnerable-feeling in public, especially if I am alone. Therefore, I'm looking mostly for something that will inspire protectiveness, gentleness, and accommodability. So far from what I have read, the molecule that will suit that best is EST, but I am not certain what would pair with it for best effect and which UN-phero has the most EST. If I had to check off what I wanted from the list on the PheroWiki, it would be as follows: * inspire awe, deference, respect and admiration * inspire joyful happiness * inspire feelings of comfort and safety * promote nurturing and cuddling * emanate an aura of charisma and popularity * create an air of innocence * uplift moods and emotions * inspire protectiveness * inspire a willingness to please * give off the impression of youthful vitality (I'm sorry, not a terribly short list.) I am quite happily married, so I'm not looking to...um, entice anyone other than my husband. Where he is concerned, though, I would be all right with a more sexual phero in the blend although it is not a priority. I will say that anything I could wear that might help bolster his mood and lift him up would be very welcome, as he has a lot of not pleasant things going on at the moment. Also, I would not complain about even more protectiveness and affection from him. So far I've been eyeing Cuddle Bunny and Lace mostly, although now I am considering Popularity Potion and Bang!, although, again, I don't know which has the most EST or if there's a blend that will check off that list up there perfectly. Thank you.
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