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  1. This one is amazingly beautiful, but has a kind of soapy after-smell at first. After a while, it morphs into a very subtle rose with warm and spicy underneath -- but takes a longer while for the soapiness to fade away. I love it, but it's more like how I want my bathroom to smell, rather than how I want me to smell. I would love to diffuse this in my bathroom. On a whim, I mixed equal amounts of this and Sensual Harmony w/ LFM on the back of my (other) hand and the soapy after-smell is gone. I have a spicy scent with a hint of rose and no soap -- yummmm! Very close to my skin, almost no throw at all. Very lovely and subtle, sexy woman-skin. Autumn fallen roses.
  2. Does anyone else smell Cougar Potion in the after glow? This scent is amazing and complex, and the emotional response is "warm-bonding-sexy-friendly-bright-warmth" -- and then the afterglow, the long dry down, of the sweet bright kind of lingering musk with a touch of grapefruit that I get with Cougar Potion. I feel very friendly with a side of sexy, and I can't seem to stop sniffing the back of my hand. The scent is very close to my skin, not thrown about the room announcing my presence. I did not realize this was a unisex fragrance until I found it here in this review thread. Good grief, I smell amazing.
  3. I'd like to reserve an fb each of Autumn Halo and Salted Caramel, thanks! edit: I mean Buttered Caramel! lol
  4. This is an awesome scent -- warm, spiced honey, a tiny bit boozy. A wee bit sexy. Bright, warm and glowy -- a bright fire reflecting off cut glass and dancing through a mug of golden mead. Hobbit mead. If I were a hobbit tavern wench in Middle Earth, I would smell like this. I love this stuff!
  5. I'm in love with Body Paint! do you think it would cover a boost of Bang!?
  6. I hate doing this, but I just went over my budget and even after an exhaustive audit, I cannot find funds for these PEs. Please release my reservations on Stafanija and Mama Lion. I'm going to go sob in the corner for a while ... and hope these will still be around by next payday.
  7. I love love love La Sylphide -- but I know what you mean about having a dryness to the scent of it. Do you think Pirate Treasure is a suitable match to LFM? ETA What other pheros do you think would be a good match?
  8. I love this! It sits close to my skins, smells summery and wonderful, all coconutty with that bright sparkle of grapefruit -- the banana is creamy in the background, but doesn't ever take the stage. I mixed up some with Gotcha! in a spray and I love it! I layer the spray over the oil and put a teensy bit of cops on my tummy -- I'm a people magnet! lol! I feel so pretty when I wear this -- feminine and friendly -- totally girl-next-door. BF loves this scent, too, which is always a plus.
  9. I'd like to reserve one bottle each of Stefanija, and Mama Lion. Thanks!
  10. I've been waiting for this sale -- I placed a pretty big order and I'm planning to place a matching one ($$ wise) two weeks from now, in time to take advantage of the sale again. This order is for an August sampler, fbs of LP Tropique, Beautiful Dreamer, UN Blatant Invitation, 2 bottles of Vampire Bait with a boost of Dom split between them, a 15 ml Fairy Cake Orange and samples of LP Pink, OCCO Blue, OCCO Red, Parasol, Steamy Bikini and Moist. My Freebie bottles are Abby Normal, Frambuesa y Coco, Kitten Heels x 2, Pirouette and Punky. I CANNOT WAIT!!! ... and now, to start planning that next order. haha!
  11. Okay, this stuff is amazing -- I wear it to bed and it relaxes me so nicely and makes it easy to fall asleep. Last week, I was having a hell of a time with my period, so I put two sprays on my chest and one on my forearms, and holy cow I felt so smoothed out. Took the edge off my crankiness and discomfort (I swear it helped with cramps and that painful bloaty feeling!) and within about half an hour, I was feeling happier and doing a few chores around the house. I spritzed it again the next day with the same results -- mood lifted, easing of my crabbiness and crampiness and now, I'm in love with this particular blend more than ever. Also, the scent is truly wonderful!
  12. I'm wondering the same thing -- I really want to try the White Cobra, but Nola went all booze and smoke on me.
  13. And you know how *I* feel about PFYT (my mouth just watered a little bit, thinking about it) -- I would not let an opportunity to supplement my meager stash pass me by!
  14. If anyone changes his or her mind about Milfy Summer, please let me know. I'm pretty sure I would love a bottle of that! Mara, I'd like to buy a bottle of Summer Shine, please -- hopefully there is a bottle still available.
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