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  1. This one is amazingly beautiful, but has a kind of soapy after-smell at first. After a while, it morphs into a very subtle rose with warm and spicy underneath -- but takes a longer while for the soapiness to fade away. I love it, but it's more like how I want my bathroom to smell, rather than how I want me to smell. I would love to diffuse this in my bathroom. On a whim, I mixed equal amounts of this and Sensual Harmony w/ LFM on the back of my (other) hand and the soapy after-smell is gone. I have a spicy scent with a hint of rose and no soap -- yummmm! Very close to my skin, almost no
  2. Does anyone else smell Cougar Potion in the after glow? This scent is amazing and complex, and the emotional response is "warm-bonding-sexy-friendly-bright-warmth" -- and then the afterglow, the long dry down, of the sweet bright kind of lingering musk with a touch of grapefruit that I get with Cougar Potion. I feel very friendly with a side of sexy, and I can't seem to stop sniffing the back of my hand. The scent is very close to my skin, not thrown about the room announcing my presence. I did not realize this was a unisex fragrance until I found it here in this review thread. G
  3. This is an awesome scent -- warm, spiced honey, a tiny bit boozy. A wee bit sexy. Bright, warm and glowy -- a bright fire reflecting off cut glass and dancing through a mug of golden mead. Hobbit mead. If I were a hobbit tavern wench in Middle Earth, I would smell like this. I love this stuff!
  4. I'm in love with Body Paint! do you think it would cover a boost of Bang!?
  5. I've been waiting for this sale -- I placed a pretty big order and I'm planning to place a matching one ($$ wise) two weeks from now, in time to take advantage of the sale again. This order is for an August sampler, fbs of LP Tropique, Beautiful Dreamer, UN Blatant Invitation, 2 bottles of Vampire Bait with a boost of Dom split between them, a 15 ml Fairy Cake Orange and samples of LP Pink, OCCO Blue, OCCO Red, Parasol, Steamy Bikini and Moist. My Freebie bottles are Abby Normal, Frambuesa y Coco, Kitten Heels x 2, Pirouette and Punky. I CANNOT WAIT!!! ... and now, to start plannin
  6. Okay, this stuff is amazing -- I wear it to bed and it relaxes me so nicely and makes it easy to fall asleep. Last week, I was having a hell of a time with my period, so I put two sprays on my chest and one on my forearms, and holy cow I felt so smoothed out. Took the edge off my crankiness and discomfort (I swear it helped with cramps and that painful bloaty feeling!) and within about half an hour, I was feeling happier and doing a few chores around the house. I spritzed it again the next day with the same results -- mood lifted, easing of my crabbiness and crampiness and now, I'm in love w
  7. And you know how *I* feel about PFYT (my mouth just watered a little bit, thinking about it) -- I would not let an opportunity to supplement my meager stash pass me by!
  8. I am absolutely going to be spoiling myself this month -- guilt free! but I'm not so sure that being surrounded by the like-minded IS safe ... at least not for my budget!
  9. Okay, I am an addict -- I have to admit it. I don't have to admit it to anyone else (as I have started keeping the extent of my LP purchases to myself), but I am. I just placed that huge order and now, I am trolling the reviews and the trades and the product pages .... yes, I'm building another order. Let me be clear: I haven't even rec'd the order I just placed!!! Seriously, who needs a couch for her living room when she can have amazing perfume oils? lol!
  10. Thanks!!! I'll send over an email and inquire about it. I love this so much but I'm totally stingy with my remaining AtMan bc I don't want to run out! -- I kind of hate that mindset, actually. I think I'm going to just slather until it's gone and really enjoy it. -- and then hopefully I will be able to buy another bottle or two Right?!?!? I love this stuff!! I bought my bottle boosted w/ Cuddle Bunny and whenever I am home alone but feeling good, I spritz this all over and just revel in the scent and the phero effects -- feeling snuggly and happy and sexy with the CB and the o
  11. I have many reasons to place a huge order -- haven't ordered in a while, just got a bonus, my birthday is coming up, and, my favorite reason of all - just because. FBs of: Flutterby Incandescence Cuddle Bunny perfume Cougar Potion perfume Phero Girl Cauldron Cake Pixie Dust (3 bottles -- love this stuff!) Trianon-esque Mega Watt 1x spray and samples of Beautiful Dreamer, Totem: Lamb, LP White, and Inspire Desire (bc AtMan is no more and I really really need orange cupcake perfume in my life! -- hope this works on me!) For the BF, I added samples of Captain Fantastic, Goal, and Kingm
  12. It was the whole package! -- you, the boots and leather jacket, the Bang -- mix all of that in one sweet sexy package and BOOM! err, I mean, BANG! lol! I love Bang! -- when I want to add that extra oomph of sexy to my day, I spritz some of that on and a cover scent and within minutes, I am transformed into a sexy goddess -- up ten notches from my usual sexy goddess-ness, I mean. lol! The hits are non-stop with this stuff and I love it! Mostly, I love the selfies -- I am so effing gorgeous when I wear this stuff. Literally, I look gorgeous to myself when I look in the mirror. My skin is
  13. This anticipation is exquisitely torturous! ... or is it torturously exquisite? hmm..
  14. Damn, that's quite a vibe. ... a vibe I'd love to have!
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