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  1. Awesome thanks! I might have gone a bit crazy. I had on fairy musk, washed it off when the boss left for the day and put on The new Poudre of bee or something like that- I suck at names. Then I decided to amp it up with Phero Girl in preparation for blowing my husband away when I got home. And then decided to add just a touch of love potion black. You can probably smell me through the screen, I'm sure.
  2. There are three i can't find: Trian-esque, Feral and Ambrosial Summer!?
  3. Wow, ok so this is my first review. I got my first package today at work and decided to try this one first to see if the socials had any effect on my asshole of a boss. (Ahem) Wet in the bottle: it smells sweet and floral to me, like flowers were dipped in cotton candy. But there's a sharpness in the background that I'm assuming are the green notes. Since it smells like stems, that's what I'm going with. Wet on skin: I put it on my wrists and my neck pulse points. It's a little overwhelming at this point. Super sweet and there's something in it that's making my throat tickle. It still smells good, it's just yelling at me. I don't know what the treasured hearts smells like on its own, but maybe that's what I am smelling? Dry down: after about 15 minutes, it finally stopped screaming at me, thank Christ, and the sandalwood is making things even out and get creamy. Overall, I like this one, but I don't think it will be an everyday scent. I tend to go for more resins and patchouli, but this would be fun to wear for cuddling on the couch (after dry down!!) or wearing to go out shopping.
  4. Oh dear god, my box just came to my work and I'm in heaven. Do you know how hard it is not to slather myself with phero girl while I'm at work??? And the freebies are AMAZING! There are some that I can't even find on the site though. I don't even know how to review those.
  5. Thank you all for giving me a case of the warm and fuzzies! Quietguy, I'm a firm believer that men can be lovely too!! Lol
  6. Wow, that was quick! LOL I ordered the January sampler, the women's newbie sampler and samples of Dance of Passion, OCCO Gold and Petit Four Your Thoughts. I SERIOUSLY cannot wait. I am a total scent junkie. Thank you for all the warm welcomes!
  7. My name is Christy and I stumbled across LP yesterday, read through the reviews and immediately made a $75 sample order. LOL I love forums and this seems like a wonderful one to be a part of. I've never worn pheromones or copulins, nor have I seen the effects of them, so I am excited to experiment on my husband. I have a feeling he won't know what hit him! I usually a lurker, but I will most definitely post in the review threads when I get my first (and subsequent) orders!
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