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  1. I don't really know what to say about scents for Cuddle Bunny. I LOVE Vampire Bunny but it's not really that season... Lol I am a baker, so I like things that are spicy or vanilla/ sugar /cream type scents Anything you make with CB would interest me, though!
  2. I would love, love, love some Cuddle Bunny, some Gotcha, Honeyed Love Potion and I am sure there are more. But those are HUGE favorites for me. I swear Cuddle Bunny and Gotcha calm the bipolar beast in my man I am currently wearing Aphrodisia and it's awesome!
  3. How do I add them to my cart to pay? Sorry I am such a pain in the ass. I get ditzy when I get excited
  4. I am sorry! I meant to ask for a Red White and Blue scrub, not a Vanilla Bean scrub!
  5. May I please reserve a Vanilla Bean scrub and a Cherry Marshmallow Coarse Sea Salt scrub?
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