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  1. I found a sniffie of LP Original and i used it to scent my DHEAS spray. Everytime I use it on my hair it smells amazing
  2. Hey Bubble I'm not Shelly, but i think she is referring to Stone Cougar x2 (double strength). I think it's always been the same formula.
  3. Honeycake ... yes be tempted, because it is that good! I'm telling you, these two together are the perfect combination. So many hits with these two.
  4. Glad you like it! I love this one, together with OCCO Red it's lethal, believe me! y very first order form LPMP were these two. The throw of it is very strong. People definitely notice it.
  5. Thinking about giveing DHEAS a try for the first time! Very excited I've read the DHEAS' thread again and again, so yeah i think it's time!
  6. i was checking this thread every day to see if someone had tested this. I wanna get a sample with my next order to see how i like it. The fig concerns me too. I don't like anything green in a scent. So, Nutrix, would you describe this as a foody scent or does the fig make it too green?
  7. Thinking about getting a sample of this one, by everyone's descriptions this has to be lovely.
  8. Mara could you please check if i have posting credits?
  9. Great results with BBM MelaninEnriched! I love BBM, the scent is devine, and if i'm not mistaken it has quite a lot of cops in it. When i'm on the go and want to reapply some cops i always reach for this one, i can't smell them at all in this and it always delivers. With OCCO White (another great vanilla scent) i feel it definitely nedds around 10 minutes to dry down, but with BBM it's like apply - spread it around with wrists - and go!
  10. I have UN Stone Cougar in spray, i love it. I like it more than the RB. I usually go quite heavy on it, maybe 4-5 sprays. I like to pair it with LP Original or fruity scents. Scented Cougar is a great pairing of scent and phero, so anything that helps imitating that. As far as regular perfumes go, i like to pair it with Emporio Armani She.
  11. I like combining UN Stone Cougar with LAM (either unscented or Pink Amber). I love this combo
  12. Nice hits Witty Kitty! I love LAM, it's fun and sexy and social for me, it's perfect in its simplicity
  13. This is such an amazing scent!!! I have a sample of it and i tried again last night before going to bed. It's so delicious, warm and cozy. I can still smell it on me this morning. To my nose it's a warm vanilla scent with butter and spices that make it more interesting and deep. I could bathe myself in this seriously! I never got the chance to try the first version so i can't compare them, but I can definitely say that this is yummy and delicious! Perfect for this season
  14. Well try it a home for a while to see how you can manage the feeling and then give it a try in a more social setting. But don't be afrais of it, it's a great phero and it's not that deficult to handle. I'm sure you'll love it
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