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  1. I found a sniffie of LP Original and i used it to scent my DHEAS spray. Everytime I use it on my hair it smells amazing
  2. Hey Bubble I'm not Shelly, but i think she is referring to Stone Cougar x2 (double strength). I think it's always been the same formula.
  3. Honeycake ... yes be tempted, because it is that good! I'm telling you, these two together are the perfect combination. So many hits with these two.
  4. Glad you like it! I love this one, together with OCCO Red it's lethal, believe me! y very first order form LPMP were these two. The throw of it is very strong. People definitely notice it.
  5. Oh i totally missed this for two days, i already placed my order It didn't even cross my mind that it was Black Friday / Cyber Monday. We don't have this here in Greece. Oh well ... hopefully next year
  6. Thinking about giveing DHEAS a try for the first time! Very excited I've read the DHEAS' thread again and again, so yeah i think it's time!
  7. Halo is right, testing is everything! I know we say this all the time, but everyone is different and all pheros are no the same. I think I've written this here before, Stone Cougar requires 5 sprays for it to work on me, BI 3 sprays tops, 4 would be really bad and I don't even wanna think what 5 sprays would feel like
  8. It depends on how hot the weather is where you live and what you are doing, e.g working out etc. Usually if i have to reapply i do after at least 4 hours, but to be safe, i use a baby wipe over the places where i've added the pheros, to clean everything up and then apply from the start. I don't wanna risk ghosting or OD on any phero
  9. My sweet spot with BI is 3 sprays. It is quite potent. I'd say start with 2 and if that does nothing then try 3 sprays. I use 1 spray on the abs and then 2 to chest area, wait a bit and then use my wrists to spread it around.
  10. i was checking this thread every day to see if someone had tested this. I wanna get a sample with my next order to see how i like it. The fig concerns me too. I don't like anything green in a scent. So, Nutrix, would you describe this as a foody scent or does the fig make it too green?
  11. Dolly is right, you have to test each phero for yourself, it's not a one-size fits all. Take for example Cougar, others need 2 sprays and they get awesome results, anything more than that and "hello headache!". For me, i need 4-5 and i get amazing results. Try them out, start with small dozes, check out that amount for a couple of tries at least (cause every setting is different) and then up the amout if you are not pleased with the results.
  12. i haven't tried Sexology, but Sexpionage in Compromising Positions is awesome. I've worn it together with some Un Stone Cougar when i want to take it out in the town I just want to add here that for me most pheros are better in spray form, unless they have a ton of cops, then no. Bang! in spray is awesome, it has quite an amount of cops but if you are carefull not to spray it in your hair, then you are fine. Cougar, LFM, LFN, BI, everything in spray. I only have Sexpionage in oil (in LP Red).
  13. For me Bang!, as well as Cougar, is one of the few pheros that i need more sprays to get hits. With Bang! i usually go for 4-5 sprays and works perfectly Don't boost it with anything, i don't think it needs it. Just start with a regular dosage and use more everytime till you find your sweet spot. BI i only need three sprays.
  14. i just used a sniffie of th is one, i didn't know i had one. Anyway, this is lovely on my skin but very sheer. I really like it but i wish it had more throw. It's light and airy. The vanilla combined with the rest of the wh ite notes gives a very aetheral feel to it.
  15. Thinking about getting a sample of this one, by everyone's descriptions this has to be lovely.
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