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    Hey Shelly, I know this is a relatively old post so I don't know how much it has changed in the past 7 years, but I just have a question. When you're referring to Cougar 2x in alcohol, are you talking about Stone Cougar 2x, the scented Cougar Potion boosted with Stone Cougar, or an older formula? I'm still a newbie when it comes to using pheromones (though I made an account 4 years ago because I love lurking and reading everyone's experiments and experiences but didn't have the nerve to actually try it out myself until recently).


    Hey Bubble :)


    I'm not Shelly, but i think she is referring to Stone Cougar x2 (double strength). I think it's always been the same formula.

  2. I finally tried LP Red. It smells amazing in the bottle. I could smell cinnamon, but there were other elements that were hard to figure out - so I slathered and kept slathering this fragrance on. Then the fragrance changed to something cinnamon/sweet, but I still couldn’t tell what was what. Then LP Red turned sexual and really dirty on me. It smelled powdery like cops. This smelled like an unwashed woman sprinkled in powdered sugar. I wore this on a really bad day where I felt bad and looked bad...(that time of the) However, women were very friendly and perky; men opened doors, were polite, and complimented me on corny stuff. The throw of this was over 10 feet away. I had cashiers winking at me. It was funny. I was told that I smelled good and sweet, but to my nose I smelled like a woman with powdered sugar on her unwashed vajayjay. This one is a keeper because of the effects. I will get a full bottle of this.



    Glad you like it! I love this one, together with OCCO Red it's lethal, believe me! y very first order form LPMP were these two. The throw of it is very strong. People definitely notice it.


    However, we're not going to ruin your fun if you like all that Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/Cyber Monday stuff. Here's our contribution to the melee, to help stretch your holiday shopping dollars further.


    From NOW until MONDAY at MIDNIGHT, for all perfume & phero purchases, just put the word REDUCIO! in the notes area and when John processes your order, he will refund 10% back to you. (Yes, you can ask for an invoice but you still need to say the magic word!)



    Oh i totally missed this for two days, i already placed my order :Emoticons04284:

    It didn't even cross my mind that it was Black Friday / Cyber Monday. We don't have this here in Greece. Oh well ... hopefully next year :fingers-crossed:

  4. Oh my! I would really REALLY like this with the exception of the fig.

    Fig reads "green" to me, so instead of sweet ripe fig, while it IS sweet, my brain is saying, "Green! This isn't right..." :(

    But I DO love the vanilla/maple/milk/butter/cream....drool worthy :heart:

    i was checking this thread every day to see if someone had tested this. I wanna get a sample with my next order to see how i like it. The fig concerns me too. I don't like anything green in a scent. So, Nutrix, would you describe this as a foody scent or does the fig make it too green?


    Testing the blends for yourself is of utmost importance.


    Dolly is right, you have to test each phero for yourself, it's not a one-size fits all.

    Take for example Cougar, others need 2 sprays and they get awesome results, anything more than that and "hello headache!". For me, i need 4-5 and i get amazing results.

    Try them out, start with small dozes, check out that amount for a couple of tries at least (cause every setting is different) and then up the amout if you are not pleased with the results.

  6. i haven't tried Sexology, but Sexpionage in Compromising Positions is awesome. I've worn it together with some Un Stone Cougar when i want to take it out in the town ;)

    I just want to add here that for me most pheros are better in spray form, unless they have a ton of cops, then no.


    Bang! in spray is awesome, it has quite an amount of cops but if you are carefull not to spray it in your hair, then you are fine. Cougar, LFM, LFN, BI, everything in spray. I only have Sexpionage in oil (in LP Red).

  7. i just used a sniffie of th is one, i didn't know i had one. Anyway, this is lovely on my skin but very sheer. I really like it but i wish it had more throw. It's light and airy. The vanilla combined with the rest of the wh ite notes gives a very aetheral feel to it.

  8. Things seem to be going pretty well :)

    Now i need any tips you can share for reapplying this while at the beach.

    I suppose that pheros and cops will wash away when i get into the water? Or do you think that cops (OCCO) might stay a bit longer if i don't dry myself with a towel (since they are in oil)?


    BI i have it in spray 60%-40%, do you think i could transfer some in a small spray bottle (travel size and mix it with some perfume to make it less stinky and apply while he might not be looking?

  9. Sounds like he's hooked already! Can't wait to hear how rhis progresses!! Good luck!




    Sounds Exciting! I would keep working with your winning formula.



    Thank you ladies for the positive thoughts :)

    I don't know if he is hooked already, i can only hope so and keep my fingers crossed. BI seems to work quite nicely on him. And the combo with BBM and Inspire Desire that i use with it help a lot too. The first time i used them together with BI, he and I were trining training on two benches side by side. So after he was done with his set heh leaves the weights on the floor and we start to talk a bit. So all of a sudden he stops, stares into my eyes while he leans forward to be able to smell the scent better. The funny thing is that he didn't lean towards my neck, he leaned towards my lips, and for a few seconds i was sooo sure he was about to kiss me ... I almost leaned closer to kiss him too :D That would have been awkward, lol!

    He took a big breath in and was like "You smell amazing!"

  10. Blatant Invitation contains Est so you should already know :)


    Oh yes it does, you are right! I totally forgot about that. Today i went with BI again. I was staring out the window between sets and at some points he approachs me from behind and puts his arm around my shoulder. And we just stand there, with me holding his hand as his hugging me from behind and we stare out the window together ... I really wanna do something with this guy ;)

  11. I hope you have GOOD cover scents for these...haha.


    I'm assuming your target is ok with est, some men don't respond well to it according to some of the ladies on this forum.


    LOL! yes i do :) I especailly like to wear Inspire Desire as a cover for these two. It works great!


    This might be a stupid question, but how can i find out if he responds well to EST? Only by giving it a try right? Or is there another way?

  12. Hello ladies and gents :)


    I have a question for you all and I'd really appreciate your advice.


    At my local gym there is a trainer whom i really like, and lately we talk a bit a more since i train there in the super early mornings when he is doing his workout too. At that hour there's almost no one else around, or if there are other people, they are on different floors than the one we train. So basically it's just the two of us there.


    I have been wearing BI (3 sprays of x1 60%alcohol/40%oil) and a teeny bit of BBM on cleavage cause i know he likes the scent.

    I know you will say that this isn't approapriate for the stting in hand, but since it's just the two of us (plus BI makes me get throw my workout amazingly well!) and i don't come in contact with other trainees there I'm ok wearing it.

    Anyway, he seems to respond well to it, making little compliments and nice comments here and there. And sometimes he touches me more, like on the shoulder while we are talking etc (not in a sexual way but quite cozy).

    Plus, i have caught him at times, starring me at me when he thinks i can't see him.


    So I was thinking about wearing Bang! the next time we work out together, just for a change, to see what happens. I don't know how he will react, so i keep postponing it, but i really want to give it a try. Again it's just going to be the two of us there on the same floor training.


    What do you guys think? Will it be a huge difference?

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