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  1. i have it in 60 alcohol/40 oil x2 spray and love it. Never had anything with silicon.
  2. I don't do tweeter, but facebook and Insta I do. I love it that you joined insta too. I'm ephoebe23 there(same as here) if anyone wants to follow me
  3. Great results with BBM MelaninEnriched! I love BBM, the scent is devine, and if i'm not mistaken it has quite a lot of cops in it. When i'm on the go and want to reapply some cops i always reach for this one, i can't smell them at all in this and it always delivers. With OCCO White (another great vanilla scent) i feel it definitely nedds around 10 minutes to dry down, but with BBM it's like apply - spread it around with wrists - and go!
  4. This is not related to the scent, but Blackcat, if you don't mind, could you share how you feel that Aphrodite is thrying to get your attention? Maybe in your journal and not here so as not to get off subject i love reading things like this, they are very inspiring to me
  5. I'm 30. But at least for me, i think i need quite a lot of this one, 5 sprays is a lot right??? It's a lovely phero though, and with a bit of cops it helps me get noticed. I feel that it attracts both younger and older men, which does make scence if yo think about it. It gives you a youthful aura, which will attract younger men to whom you'll appear closer to their age, but also older men, cause let's not forget that older men are attracted to younger women
  6. Nice hit Witty Kitty I think Cougar with a bit of cops from soem OCCO is a great combo. How much Cougar do you usually use? For me it's about sprays.
  7. I have UN Stone Cougar in spray, i love it. I like it more than the RB. I usually go quite heavy on it, maybe 4-5 sprays. I like to pair it with LP Original or fruity scents. Scented Cougar is a great pairing of scent and phero, so anything that helps imitating that. As far as regular perfumes go, i like to pair it with Emporio Armani She.
  8. I too get the incense comment whenever i wear something ike LP Red (which i love) or anything with honey, like OCCO Gold, Phero Girl etc. So even though i do love these scents i now tend to wear them for my own pleasure at home, or when i know i'll around peple that don't care. Fruity, vanilla and flower scents get me complimetns thouugh all the time, and the selection here is great, so i'm sure you'll find something you'll love without having to deal with stupid comments. Secret sweetness was amazing, i liked it a lot and so did others around me, BBM is a great hit too, Compromising Positions, Inspire Desire, LP Tropique, LP Original has gotten me great compliments as well, especially when i spray it on my hair. Get samples and sniffies and see what works with your chemistry, read the descriptions and ingredients and see which ones work for you and then deside. As far as covering the cops smell from Gotcha, i'm sure Mara or someone else here will be able to help you
  9. Hi elena_delevega!!! Welcome to the forum I ended up getting LFN instead of Gotcha!, i haven't managed to get Gotcha! so far or try it in a phero fragrance. I like LFN a lot, i like the vibe i get from it. It's not my "go to" phero though. Maybe i haven't figured out my sweet spot yet. The pheros i wear most of the time with very good results are Stone Cougar UN (my favorite in spray!), LAM and Bang! I like Blatant invitation a lot too. Stone Cougar though is my absolute favorite, great social phero and if you want to make it a bit sexier just add some OCCO of your choice and you are good to go
  10. I like combining UN Stone Cougar with LAM (either unscented or Pink Amber). I love this combo
  11. Nice hits Witty Kitty! I love LAM, it's fun and sexy and social for me, it's perfect in its simplicity
  12. This is such an amazing scent!!! I have a sample of it and i tried again last night before going to bed. It's so delicious, warm and cozy. I can still smell it on me this morning. To my nose it's a warm vanilla scent with butter and spices that make it more interesting and deep. I could bathe myself in this seriously! I never got the chance to try the first version so i can't compare them, but I can definitely say that this is yummy and delicious! Perfect for this season
  13. Well try it a home for a while to see how you can manage the feeling and then give it a try in a more social setting. But don't be afrais of it, it's a great phero and it's not that deficult to handle. I'm sure you'll love it
  14. Same thing here, it definitely smells like grass on me too. It's weird how skin chemistry works, isn't it? LFN is a lovely phero though. You should definitely give it a try, don't be afraid of it
  15. You should definitely give it a try Witty Kitty! I never thought i'd like it that much but it so happens that it is indeed delicious
  16. It's true OCCO Pink has a great sugary sweetness to it which i really love! I used to ne an OCCO Red or OCCO White girl depending on my mood but lately OCCO Pink has climbed on the topp of my list. It's my favorite OCCO. The scent lasts and lasts and i can't detect any cops on application or later! Perfect
  17. Thank you Nutrix for replying, i had searched your thread first to see if you had anything on the topic Of course since i know my luck, just when i was thinking I'd get the chance to try this combo, i came bck to the "singles' club" ... oh well, maybe next time. I might give it a try at home though just to see how i feel with it.
  18. I find LAM to be easily layerable. I usually pair it with Stone Cougar, sometimes La Femme Mystere or maybe Bang. For me it works best either on its own or together with Stone Cougar, at least that's my favorite combo.
  19. I try not o combine pheros either. I only add simple ones like LAM as an accent, it does the trick. I have read good reviews about combining SS4W with Sexpionage (e.g Mara's Rocket Fuel with CP). We don't know what's in Stone Cougar though, so it might be risky. I just i thought i'd ask if maybe someone has given this a try.
  20. i hadn't worn this one for a while, so i put some on just for the selfies and because i really love this scent. I love how it is peppery and creamy / sweet at the time. It's like nothing i have ever smelled before. I'm tempted to puse some with the man i'm seeing now, but i am a bit hesitant. Of course now that think about it, the day we first met i was wearing CP with SS4W (we met at an ATM line - capital controls here in Greece..). I remember i asked him a question about the bank and then he was turning around all the time to talk to me. That was the begining. Anyway, since then i have never worn it around him. i usually wear Stone Cougar in spray and some LAM, they both do deliver But i'd like to try it again. Do you think wearing some Stone Cougar and CP would go well together or not?
  21. Oh i love this one! I've had it both in oil and spray. It's such a cozy and familiar scent. I liked it more in spray cause i feel i could smell it more that way. I used to spray it in my hair and the scent had such great throw. Seriously though i could bath in the oil! IndieAna you need try Red too for sure. That's a great one also. It's actually my first love from LPMP, although I don't get to wear it as much as i'd like, that's why I'm trading a bottle. (HINT: try pairing LP Red with OCCO Red, amazing! You'll find lots of reviews about this combo on the forum) I've tried pink and liked it too. Black wasn't for me.
  22. Awesome Phergineer! If i only i could convince more women to not be afraid of heavy lifting. Weights can definitely transform your body, plus the protect you against osteoporosis which is a huge plus!
  23. I have this very big bowl on my desk that's full of samples and sniffies from LPMP only, i swear all these together make for an amazing scent! I ca'nt pick out which one smells the most. The combiination of them all though makes for something delicious! Anyway, i was sitting on my dest this morning going through my emails and decided to grab to samples and put some on just to fix my mood. So I applied a couple drops of OCCO Gold and a couple more drops of Totem: Bat. Now I have to admit that BAt doesn't smell nice on my, or maybe it's my skin chemistry or my scent tastes, but this is plain grass to my nose. Of course that doesn't stop the LFN from being an awesome phero! A couple of minutes after applying, i hear the doorbell. it's the mailman... So i go downstairs in a very short pair of shorts and a t-shirt to get my mail. We talked for a bit and then all of a sudden he is like, "you know your body looks amazing! you have changed so much since i first met you. You were nice before too, but now you look so sexy!" Insert Phoebe blushing tones here, cause i do love compliments but i get very shy when i receive them let's just say it made my day, so now i'm off to go workout that little sexy tushie of mine P.S don't be afraid to squat heavy ladies!
  24. Awesome labels!!! Can't wait to read what the notes are! May i say how much I'd love to jump on a plane and come to the party??? I live a bit to far (Greece) and don't have the for it but yeah ... I'd jump on a plane in a heart beat! If / when i ever manage to visit the US, visiting you guys will be on top fo my list for sure
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