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  1. i usually use three sprays from the x2 strength so it's definitely worth it money wise. There results are great. Cougar was the first UN phero i ever tried and it's still my favorite, combine with OCCO or LAM and ... amazing!!!
  2. I got mine in the sale too, I really like the scent. It's definitely great for autumn. I love the LP base in everything, this one after drydown, as mentioned before, reminds me a ot of LP Original, although it's not the same. It has great through too and I can definitely smell the day after on my clothes. Very nice scent indeed.
  3. I hadn't worn this much lately around that man I'm dating. For the last week though i decided to use it on two of our dates ... instant success! I love Cougar, I have it in spray double strength. My man just couldn't stop telling me how beautiful i look, how he loves my eyes, my hair ... you name it. Everything about me was oh so beautiful. Seriously, we would be talking about politics for example, then he'd stop and comment on how beautiful I looked. I don't consider my myself as beautiful maybe sweet but not beautiful. Cougar makes me look like a million bucks, or so he thinks! i love it
  4. Thank you for replying StacyK Well i decided to go with BI with some extra LAM on top. The only thing i changed was my make up and my dress code, so to speak. I have to say I was very successful Oh and don't apologize for the advice I know what you are saying about only changing the things You feel like changing, not because someone asked you to. I don't know why, only today i just felt like ... following orders ... so to speak I had a great time!
  5. I was thinking about giving LFN another try. I really like Cougar and LAM so i use them most of the time. i love the way i feel when i wear them. But here's the deal today. I'm meeting with this guy i'm seeing, and he is considerably older that me, like 17 years older than... There's a lot of chemistry between us, both in the bedroom and outside. Sex is great with him and our conversations outside the bedroom are awesome too, meaning that when it comes to maturity etc I'm pretty close to where he is. As I said we are meeting today, and he metioned something about wanting me to look more like a woman (grown up woman) as far as appearance goes. Like he'd love it if today i wore a more intense eyemakeup and stuff like that, just for a little change of pace. So i was considering changing my signature phero today to help me with this. Do you think LFN can do this? In general I'm a girly girl, I'm petite, and athletic, I smile a lot (especially when i'm with him ... ohh to be in love ...), and usually people think i don't look my age, mostly because of my attitude, character, etc. Do you think LFN can help with this? I know it can't create something that isn't there, but frankly i can be quite adaptable whn i want to (I'm a Gemini), so when i want to turn on my inner diva, i can work it. Any suggestions are welcome BTW the meeting will be at ahotel so sexy pheros suggestions i think? My arsenal contains the following, in case you think LFN won't do: Spray: Stone Cougar Bang! SS4W LAM LFN LFM Blatant Invitation Oil: LP Red with Sexpionage (I'm not very sure about this one, cause he's never smelled it before and I often get the incense comment so i don't know ... even though i love it) Compromising Positions
  6. For me scent-wise i think, LP Red, OCCO Red (love the combo!), LP Original, Phero Girl, (these would be must haves ... cause we all know we need everything!). As for heros, I'd say LAM and Stone Cougar, Open Windows ... and a bucket list to be able to buy everything on the site in this lifetime
  7. "all of the guys are ski bums who have smoked so much weed they have effictively lobotomized themselves" My first ever purchase from LPMP was a sample of LP Red and one of OCCO Red. I couldn't describe the scent, i couldn't put my finger on it but it was such a pleasant, calming, familiar yet seductive scent ... i was hooked immediately! Imagine that my next (i don't know - 4 orders?) were all LP red and OCCO Red ... i just ciouldn't get enough of it! I'm sure you'll love it. It's way different than regular fragrances, that's why you might get mixed comments, but i love it
  8. First of all let me say that i need to come to your area because i have trouble finding a man where ilive... I love LP Red, mostly because it reminds me of good old days and a certain someone that i'm trying to bring in my life again... I have to say though i get mixed comments for it, from both men and women. I get the hookah comment quite often, or the "something smell like coffee, incense etc". I also get positive comments though from people who can appreciate its complexity and depth. As far as anythong spooky goes, no, nothing that i can recall.
  9. I get mixed comments for LP Red. I find it so weird. I love this scent especially for colder months. I burn incense and this smells nothing like it! Some people think i smell like incense, others like coffee, others like cinnamon, others like a hukkah and others like vanilla ... go figure. Funny thing is that they are either going to love it or they are going to hate it, there is no in between with this one. I do love it, and i have awesome and intense memories from wearing this but i do feel self conscious at times because i don't know what to expect from others. Johnsonlisa didn't he have any comments on the LP Black??? LOL!
  10. With BI i don't get motivated to go workout, as in "OH!!! lets go tworkout!!!", but once i get started then there is no stopping me. I love this feeling!
  11. I remember reading that someone did OD on UN Cougar, but i can't remember who. I think that if you use the phero-enhanced scents, that are 1/3 strength, you shouldn't go straight to x2, unless you use a ton of it. I'd start with the x1 strength and see how it goes. For me, i use around 5-6 sprays from the x1 strength that's why i bought a bottle of x2, but i haven't used it yet.
  12. I wore BI today at cross training ... ok Enone is the best preworkout ever!!! I must get Dom with my next order (note to self). I pushed through so hard! i love it! I was a beast at the gym, but a very sxy/sensual beast at the same time...
  13. i just received my x2 Cougar today. Mine is 60/40 though. Haven't tried it yet, probably tomorrow. I think that since i use about 5-6 sprays from the regular strength, i'll try 3-4 from this one.
  14. I haven't had the chance to try Popularity Potion. I have LFM and SS4W both in spray. They are different to me. I'm not sure i have found my sweet spot with this two. i get no selfies from them so i usually pair them with something else. I use often LFM with a couple of sprays from LFN. I like this combo, it makes me feel very feminine, a bit mysterious and kind of vampy all together. SS4W again no selfies, it feels more girly to me, i always use cops with this one (or some times i use it together with Compromising Positions (sexpionage). The combo feels way sexier and it does deliver. Cougar is a great social for me, i love it! My very first phero. I'm sparkly, youthful, sexy, and so much fun to be around.
  15. Will the Peenifeet be available in spray too or just oil?
  16. ephoebe23

    EBIL-ish 2014

    I put this on tonight and i get this very nice combo vanilla and musk. The spices are very light on my skin, they are definitely there but they stay subtle (I'm glad about this as i usually amp spices). This smells very sophisticated to me. It's sweet and inviting but also clean smelling too, i really like it! ETA: I woke up this morning and i can still smell this one on my skin! It has staying power alright! And the scent hasn't really changed.
  17. I put this on today and was like "oh i love the banana in this one!" Checked ingredients, no banana! LOL Now i can see it was the pear i was smelling all along but for some reason i thought bananas! This one is lovely, fruity and just yummie! Sweet but not too sweet and it definitely makes me happy! Wish i had discovered it sooner.
  18. ephoebe23

    Double O

    LOL!!! I's nice smelling like a cake and make everyone just want to eat you ...
  19. I love threads like this that compare different pheros. For me they are very useful. i don't have Popularity potion but i have the other two. I'll need to think a bit about their effects on me and others in my circle and report back.
  20. Has anyone added cops to this one? Do we know how many drops this could take?
  21. I guess that's what i'll do next time i get a comment like that!
  22. I hate the hookah comments mostly because for a minut there they make me feel uncomfortable but to be honest i don't really get understand them. To me LP Red smells nothing like hokkah. If hookah smelled like LP Red, I'd be smoking that thing all day long I sometimes get the incense comments too, again to my nose LP Red smells nothing like that. I wish i could find incense sticks that smelled like LP Red! Now that would be awesome! To me LP Red is yummy, sweet and spicy (cinnamon) and delicious. I guess people aren't used to these type of scents mostly because most of them if not all of them wear typical store baught scents.
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