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  1. I have a sample of LAM Pink Amber and I love it. I'm considering getting a FB in spray in my next order. Has anyone tried both forms of this? I wonder if the difference in the strength of the scent be big. I have LAM Original in spray and I can't smell it at all. All I get is cops in the beginning and then after dry down nothing. I've read reviews here about how lovely the scent of the original is (I'm guessing in oil). But I love the PA scent in oil so I'm wondering how different it might be in spray. Also, for those of you who have this in spray, how much do you use?
  2. Rouge reminds me of Red a bit but at least to me Red is way better, hotter, sexier etc. I like Rouge too, but Red ... OMG it's so sexy yet elegant and combined with OCCO Red, there are no words!!! I have received the weird comments of hukkah smell etc but i don't care, i love the scent way to much to let them get to me I'm sure you will like it a lot.
  3. Donsie you haven't tried LP Red yet???!!!
  4. What M said above. LP Red on its own is awesome and combined with OCCO Red ... OMG. It's nice to have options (w/cops or cops-free). So if i were you I'd get a FB LP Red without cops and the OCCO Red (and all the other you mentioned of course!) just so i could have more options.
  5. I tried my Cougar Potion sample again. As M said above, the grapefruit is in your first at first but it does die down quickly. This is very faint on me too, at least my sample. Maybe if i got a FB i'd slather (like i usually do). I do like the scent after a while when the grapefruit is not so loud. I might consider this in spray. I have the UN Stone Cougar and i love it. Waiting for my x2 strength FB to arrive
  6. I agree with Donsie. I have also noticed that men oftentimes like to recoginse you by your scent and it creates in their minds a sensation of something familiar, so i'd stick with your combo at least for the time being. You can always switch it up on the dates to come. I think that now when you meet again you want to remind him (through scent and phero at least) why he asked you out. I'm sure he liked you regardless of the phero combo but the mix together with your aura and magnetism left a lasting impression on him, so that's why i believe you should stick with it for now. Just my two cents. Just to give an example, the guy i was interested in last year (i still am ... but anyway...), on our first date i wore LP Red with OCCO Red. I made sure everytime i was to meet him after that, either a chance meeting, or a scheduled one, i made sure i wore the same combo. He would stop dead in his tracks and try to find me in the crowd because he recognised my scent and he knew it was me. Every single time.
  7. This is one iss great for summer! I love the coconut in it. I can't really smell the berry sugars. On me it's a nice combo of coconut, vanill and musk. Great lasting power too. I might consider a FB for this summer ETA: I like the guy on the label too
  8. Awesome review Johnsonlisa90012! Great hit, it seems that LFM delivered as expected You must have smelled delicious too! I want to be asked out too Such a dry spell over here... Venus is in my sign though since yesterday so i hope things will brighten up!
  9. I really like the Original too, although it's a very subtle scent, when layered with something else i cannot smell at all. Pink Amber (i have a sample oil of this one) is stronger to my nose. i wonder how the spray will be. Has anyone tried the Pink Amber in spray?
  10. This thing puts everybody in such a good mood it's amazing! I smile a lot more when i wear this phero and it makes everyone around me smile back to me I wear some at work and i know it might not be appropriate but honestly it just gives such a happy vibe to the whole! Since the day i received my bottle i wear it daily. I can't believe it took me so long to try this. I was introduced to LPMP a bit more than a year ago and only a month ago did i finally buy a bottle. Such a simple phero but it delivers!
  11. Oh so now I'm a vilain... i guess there's a naughty side in all of us Congrats Donsie!
  12. I'm now Mr. Mxyzptlk ... what / who is this?
  13. Well the thing i have noticed since i discovered LPMP is that my smell buds (like taste buds!) have changed so much. For example the Pink Amber scent is not a scent I'd ever wear in the past, but now it just feels familiar in a way, cosy even. People around me though are not accustomed to these types of scents (honey scents for example, or the spices in LP Red) so i often get weird commets. But they'll get used to them eventually
  14. Must-have pheros for me would be: - Stone Cougar UN (my next order will be a x2 strength) - LAM (such a happy sauce!) - LM and LFN together for self effects ( i love how they make me feel when i wear these two together) - OCCOs (no comments for these )
  15. I received my last order a coupe of days ago. So i gave LAM Pink Amber a try (i got a sample). When wet i can definitely smell the cops big time. That smell of vinegar and cheese and all that mixed with, well, pink amber. Now i know that this is weird but i like the smell when wet, not as a perfume i'd wear without proper dry down time, but it's this familiar cops smell that i just have come to like, lol! I know it's weird... Anyway, after dyr down the cops smell disappears and you are left witht his very sheer pink amber scent that stays quite close to the skin, though not as close as LAM Original (at least on my skin). I might consider getting a FB in spray when i finish up my LAM Original spray. I know there's a lot of cops in this one but with pheros i just feel i can control the amount better when in spray. With roll-ons i tend to slather ... a lot!
  16. Hi Mara I'll send the bottle back to you today (I've been rediculously busy lately ) I hope it reaches you fast. If they give me a tracking number i'll email it to you. Thanks again ETA: I'm curious, should i say at the post office that there's liquid in the package or not? I've never mailed a perfume before, i don't know what i should tell them. I've noticed that the description on the packages from LPMP is "decorative bottles", should i right that?
  17. This one is sold out :( I'll cherise my sample then ...
  18. BG!!! I'll do my best to work it good Congrats Tink!!! Thank you to all
  19. I think Road Opener together with Gimme Money potion might deliver good results, cause currently he needs to find new job openings. Thank you Cutie.Pie for the link
  20. ephoebe23

    Land of Nog

    i got a sample of this with my last order. When first applied i get this strong cherry-like scent (probably the almond). Way too overwhelming for me. But this lasts for only a couple of minutes, then it morfs into this very yummy creamy and spicy scent, it's delicious. Totally different compared to how it starts. This one sits close to the skin, at least for me and have to put my nose quite close to my wrist to be able to smell it. It's a lovely scent. It doesn't remind me though of Petit four your Thoughts. I was hoping it would, but to me at least, this is very diffferent.
  21. Oh thank you Mara. I'll send it to you this week. i don't want to be a burden, i just do find it weird that i can't smell cops at all in this.
  22. I have a Road opener sample from a previous release. I'd like to use it in some way to help my brother find a job, but i don't know how... Would that potion work with this sigil? Anything you can suggest would be great help.
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