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  1. You guys are all so amazing!!!! Alas, I will set my beloved Heart Strings aside. Anyways, I know he loves vanilla, hates musk (again I love this sexy smell) any ideas? I have thought about trying something like Love potion Pink, what are your favorite vanilla scents to start off with? By the way, Perfect Match is the bomb!!! I want to find a yummy dreamy vanilla scent to boost this with!
  2. Ladies and Gents, Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have been reading posts for a few months now, glad I found LPMP!! Anyway, I just mixed my Heart Strings which I LOVE in with my Heart & Soul yesterday as I wear that a lot. My hubby has mentioned a few times that he does not like the scent. I adore both, and thought it would maybe grow on him, or he is smelling it right after I put it on. I have put almost 3/4 a bottle of oil into my 1/2 way full or a little less Heart & Soul I am not sure how to make this appealing to him (I don't want them to go to waste)! My kids love it, and I have gotten compliments from others on it also. It has been a really rocky last year for us, won't go into details but after 14 years of marriage I needed to put that spark back into our marriage and that is what lead me here! So, that being said, is there any advice on layering, or anything that I can do to appease his fickle nose?
  3. Hi everyone im new here and just got my first roll on EOW...ive been looking thru as many threads as I can the past few days and I wasn't sure how many times a day I need to apply it. The past two days I've been wearing it I have not noticed anything different. My hubby is a pretty manly man and he's been working a lot and pretty tired so not much cuddling going on for him to get a good sniff of EOW. Any suggestions on how long they last...any tips on diffusion etc. I have put on a few strips in my cleavage..a dot in my arm pits and a few strips on my belly and no reaction yet.
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