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  1. I don't know where else I can ask this question except for here where the forum is phero aware. For the younger readers who may not be aware of the abbreviation, HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy. I'm actually doing BHRT (Bio-identical HRT), testosterone and I'm a middle-aged woman. Well, this one gets interesting and I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or has any insight. My mother's husband has gotten a bit moody with age and for whatever reason, this time of year (hot summer days), he tends to have some personality changes - or at least that's how the past couple of years have played out. Long-story-short, I started taking low doses of testosterone via injection because the creams were not working. LITERALLY, the day after starting the injections, Mom's hub's personality changed. He went back to the nice guy he had been for several years, but with an even higher need to be helpful. It's AMAZING! If he sees anything he thinks I might need help with, he initiates being helpful. So much so, that I try not to look surprised, but just graciously accept the offer. It's really nice! It's amazing. If I had known it would evoke this reaction, I would have done it a couple of years ago! As an added note, right now I can't compare with other people I'm around. Either the impact is too low to notice or I'm not around enough people since the virus to be able to measure friends' responses. My family has blessed with longevity and has a lot of seniors, so we're all laying low to minimize exposure for them. Just wondering ... Has anyone had this happen before? Has my personal phero signature changed and is now exuding something that inspires peace and helpfulness?
  2. My ex and I have always had mad chemistry. Unfortunately, that hasn't changed and is getting in the way of our relations when we do run into each other (which is often unavoidable). We usually know it will happen and have done well until this last time. Things didn't go well. Currently, we're trying to create distance, but there's a limit on how long we can operate in stealth mode. Our circles are small and eventually, we'll start crossing paths again. I'm hoping time will eventually help, but in the interim I'm also hoping there's some phero magic that can lend a hand. ? My question: Which phero would be the most helpful for lowering sexual tension and/or attraction? My first thoughts were Swimming with the Sharks (SWS), Mother's Little Helper (MLH), or Leather. Of course, I'm open to other suggestions and would LOVE feedback on this topic - especially if you have stories of a similar experience. ETA: Just read the description of B2. I wonder if wearing a phero that makes me "one of the boys" would be a good fit for this situation. Thoughts?
  3. Once. Shortly after I started wearing pheros. There was another company with a single product. It had a distinctive smell. The cashier at Lowe's was wearing it. That's the only time I know I've come in contact in the wild. However, there have been times when I found myself attracted to someone I would not normally find attractive. I suspect at least on occasion, there's been phero use involved.
  4. I'm trying to remember who posted about this type of reaction... Anyway, the theory suggested was that if the target wasn't ready to bond, then PM became a sort of repellent. On the beneficial side, it can function as a sort of filter if you're looking for that someone special and he's looking more for right now ?
  5. One phero that's a MUST HAVE during the holidays is Treasured Hearts. If you have loved ones that get tense and grumpy, this blend can keep the peace. I came here for the pheros, got excited about the sexy blends and ... yep, TH was my first re-order! Who would have guessed??? Love how it keeps the peace!!
  6. I use 10-12 inches divided between wrists, torso, and decollete.
  7. I was hesitant to try the UnLAM. It's easy for me to OD on Anol. BUT ... once again, the LP magic was there. It's a wonderful phero blend. I felt upbeat without any od at all. Really well balanced for my chemistry! Also, I'm not sure what it is, but something in the UnLAM smells slightly sweet to me in a good way. I can smell the cops when I focus on smelling them, but they aren't the first thing I smell. (Kind of reminds me of jelly and brie - though without the pepper that's usually in the jelly - ;-). If you like the effects of LAM, I highly recommend the UnLAM.
  8. Great info! Which application points do you use?
  9. (This looks like it may post inside the box - for the response to your post ...) Thanks for the links! Great info that make my inner nerd giddy!! This does make me wonder something. For those who aren't depressed from it, could it be mildly sedative? ie, I knew someone (male) who was much nicer and less anxious when I wore it.
  10. This is interesting. Since Dolly mentioned her guy's also Est sensitive, I wonder if there's a correlation between the men who are Est sensitive and those who are A1 sensitive. Any thoughts?
  11. I'm with you tyvey! re: being a "hedione ho". I had been searching for a way to describe the inner contentment that flooded my experience with hedione. "self-acceptance" is a great descriptive word for it. I'm one of those constantly working toward improvement and growth. Sometimes that drive can cause self-critical thoughts. With hedione, I still have the drive to improve, but the critical thoughts go on vacay and just positive "let's move forward and get it done" thoughts are left - though, with a more calm, relaxed, and confident vibe to accompany those thoughts. I rarely use the same phero two days in a row, but I had to with this one. It's performing as well on day two as it did on day one - unusual for me. Hoping this will be available in an UN! Thanks Mara!
  12. Would love to hear a guy's review - especially whether you had any hedione selfies or noticed any in your bride.
  13. I wasn't sure what to think if Moist at first. I'm bad to break out the new releases and try 6 at once. It's tricky, but I've got a system. It does however, not always give each scent it's proper attention to allow for fair judgement. Today, I broke out this beauty for a solo trial. I tend buy in all oils and convert a portion of them when they arrive into sprays. I like having options. This is one I've converted to a small purse size spray. I didn't have it pointed in the intended direction when I sprayed, so I got a snoot full ... and I LIKE IT!! Oh my, it is lovely and yes, there is something water/aqua about it. It's amazing to me because although it has an aqua quality, I picture light, ever so faint, yellow. Almost like pastel, yellow blooms drifting down a refreshing, cool brook. Refreshing and energizing while still calming. It leaves an internal sense of bliss. The experience of this one is lovely. I also have to agree. I think it was Rose who described it as fascinating. It is. It gets your curiosity and sense of intrigue going. Now, as for the hedione ... um, yeah, it works as Donsie described. Quite well when you get the snoot-full I managed to get. (BTW, this was my first ever to buy an unsniffed fb ... great decision!)
  14. Oh Oh Oh ... I see several I've been wanting to try!! Lick of Cream is just one!! EXCITED!!
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