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    If you learn to fall in Love with Yourself then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. When someone Loves You then it actually has true meaning. I am so tired of boys pretending to be men and having no idea how to be real.

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  1. HotMessExpress, Yes I meant Playdate.
  2. I am using on my torso only, under my clothing and allowing to dry for 10 minutes before I put clothes on! Maybe my chemestry is just "off"? I will just try slathering and let the chips fall where they may. Perfumes have always smelled strange on me also. As for the "patchouli-esque" smell one of the guys I work with made the comment that my "California Hippie Surfer Kid Heritage" was coming out and I should never wear patchouli to work. I have normally had to wear "clean" scents ie; D&G Light Blue, Chanel Green, Versace Versense. Anything else goes either heavy or rancid on me. Help. I really want these to work for me.
  3. We have 2 different conversations going on here now. I received my first order and then ordered 6 trial sizes of what some of you highly recommended, I also received some small trials of other scents with my purchases. I have not been able to try them all yet. I have not had great success with cougar, it tends to go very "patchouli-esque" on me for some reason. Playtime goes soooo sugar sweet it is like I got dipped in cake batter (I am being very light with using these scents). I am probably doing something I shouldn't, I just don't know what.
  4. I really appreciate all the feedback. I went ahead and purchased 6 trial sized bottles of different ones that you all recommended, some are no longer being sold but I tried getting the most highly recommended ones. I am really looking forward to trying these. (I just wish I were a more patient person, the wait time is KILLING me but I believe it will definitely be worth it!!)
  5. I ordered La Femme Noire. In a 60% oil spray blend. Now I am a bit nervous. Should I try something else? The info you gave Donsie was awesome! When I say difficult men......I mean they think I am ignorant at times, and a witch at other times.
  6. I just ordered my first bottle and haven't even received it yet, but would like some input on what other people would recommend for different situations. I am female, and work with difficult men. I also am trying to attract a certain someone and have him look at me like a "female" . Thanks for any guidance!
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