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  1. Beautfl label and I love the smell of the clear tea. So fresh!
  2. Love the creepy antique label on this one and its one of my favorite 'fumes for the month. If I couldve afforded more I wouldve got a bottle of this too.
  3. Just got a Christmas special pack and a bottle of Frosted spray. The first for a gift, the Frosted is mineallmine! I been an awfully good girl, santa baby!
  4. One of my favorites for this month. Big bottle fo sho and maybe more than one. I can see being in love with this one for a long time.
  5. I like thi s one but I think more for bath products than for perfume. I poured my samp into some hair conditioner and I'm really enjoying it that way.
  6. I've been wearing the original LP for many years now. I don't post much but I have been a customer for a lot of years. For sure the lots are different. I can tell the difference between them but the over all character remains constant and I enjoy the artfulness of the micro brew process and appreciate the subtle changes over the years. When they settle on my skin, they always end up smelling pretty much the same. I noticed the amped apricot in the BI brew too, but after dry down, it settled into my favorite LP scent just the same. I wore this one yesterday for an important meeting and thought the addition of BI was an extra boost to my ego if nothing else, and the scent had the usual effect = distracted drooly man.
  7. This one and Halloween Moon are my two favorites of the month.
  8. I wore this one yesterday layered with LP Summer 08. Naturally I forgot that I had put it on that morning and had the strangest afternoon. I was talking to 3 aquaintances that were all trying to get my attention at the same time, and I was like, woah! one at a time! and then one of them says, me first! cause I love you more! LOL so they others start bickering, no I love her more! no, I do! Of course it was all very silly, but I hardly know these people so it was funny to hear them arguing about who loved me more. Later I remembered about the LP/Treasured Hearts mix LOL!
  9. Hot Chick (really digging the spiced sugared roses feel of this one) Lap of the Queen LP Summer PG Super Chakra (don't know what I'll do when I run out of this!)
  10. I got this added to Naughty Minx. Crazy amounts of attention! This image would make a great t/shirt, don't you think?
  11. So cool. I think I will probably wear this most in the fall but I have been loving it for the past month.
  12. Glad to see ya here Con! Try Synchronicity. It has amny of the notes you like and is for either gender. Try Forever After and wear it lightly, it's really strong. Cuddle Bunny is also lovely and phero laced. This is a great place to hang. I'm shy and not on the forum often but I'm a dedicated LP addict. Just so you know, the company is Love Potion, and the perfumers are Mara and Danna. I float around the web and see BPAL-ers calling LP "Mara Fox" instead of the correct name. Be nice.
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