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  1. Welcome to the forum from calgary.
  2. Thanks for the info. I love cuddle bunny so much that I always use at work. Im using scented. So now maybe I try to use my veloute lavande w/ gotcha rather than cuddle.
  3. I use all the time cuddle bunny or tropique sometimes I put on my hair. Now wondering is it very unprofessional at work? I dont use heavy cops such as OCCo or ambrosia at work but now im worried cause cuddle bunny and tropique have small amount of cops.
  4. I love LP RED too... My first bottle was mix with phero dominance. Now I'm thinking to buy second bottle with BI or Bang? Can't decide yet.
  5. MONTHLY NEW RELEASES - 10 BOTTLE SET FOR WOMEN - $199.95 THis is good deal, I'm just wondering which year and months are the available? Also can I choice individually from that months because some of them are more than 10?
  6. I wonder how to get the sampler? I'm newbie here so forgive my ignorance....
  7. I'm also new here.. Hoping to learn more.. .. Question? Can user of the perfume have the possibility to increase tolerance from the perfume? I fall inlove with perfume RED with dominance blend now I'm using twice a day before work and going to bed . I'm also kind of worried that I overuse for work...... 2nd Question? Any perfume for everyday use for work? After my first experience from the perfume it seems I'm taking it seriously.. Cuz i'm waiting for my second order...
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