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  1. Glad to hear you ladies are still rocking the COUGAR, lol! I have quite a few LPMP loves, but ALWAYS come back to the "magic" formula of OCCO Pink (or Ambrosia) under UNCougar/Cougar Potion with Topper on top. That's one of Maroon's fav combos as well if memory serves me.


    CougarPotion with a little LP Pink or Pinky Sweet is yummy also.


    All Hail the Cougar. Long Live the Cougar, heh heh.

  2. I wear this only for me.....not even my husband gets to smell this.....I wear it when I'm alone... while I'm quietly reflecting, or sitting outside and listening to the trees and the birds. I have daylilies in my garden. My mother had them in hers. They smell incredible. There's a sexy strength to this one with a touch of softness beneath.

  3. So glad to hear you enjoyed your time away together, and that you were able to do so before your husband's surgery, YAY! Your MIL probably had forgotten just how hard it is running a household with that age group!


    I wear my MRF a couple of different ways. Sometimes I put a layer of Phero Girl on first for cops, then after that dries, I put on MRF, then a little dab of LP Original with the Tobacco Berry....If you don't have any LP original, the Tobacco Berry also works well without it, or vice versa, the LP Original is awesome without the Tobacco Berry too!


    I have tried the LAM Vanilla/honey layered on first, let dry, then some MRF over that. Also nice with Tobacco Berry on top.


    And, of course, Tobacco Berry's great all by itself! I was surprised tho, how well it does blend with a lot. I've ordered a couple of more bottles, cuz my friends keep asking me what smells so good and then ask me to get them some. Never know what people are gonna like it seems.

  4. Levitation doesn't do it for me...as much as I love the scent of Flying Potion...nada...But Topper works - yay!


    Gotcha is consistently awesome for special time with my husband, but have not and probably would not use it in social settings.


    I find Heart and Soul consistently useful for family/friend settings. Love it, although in some family settings I've found that Swimming With Sharks works nicely, lol.

  5. Hmmm....everyone seems to like the smell of MRF when I've worn it. For me it works on my husband best when I wear it with Phero Girl. LAM and MRF works too. In either case, I usually top it with Tobacco Berry. There have also been a few requests for pancakes at my house, but no complaints, lol!


    BTW, Lovestruck, how did your get away go?

  6. Well, I've gotta tell ya, that this one keeps passing the acid test! I had only tried Gotcha in Tickle Tickle til now, but this stuff is awesome. We had been working to get the house/yard ready for out of state company and a big party this weekend and I was pretty much eau de sweat in spite of showering...it was miserably humid, but then we had a nice rainstorm, sun came out and we took the boat out for a quick spin, came home, made dinner and I was whipped (no, not that way, lol). So...I headed upstairs to sleep....or so I thought. I keep a lot of my LPMPs in my bureau next to our bed, so I figured, oh what the heck and put some Exotica/Gotcha on and rolled over and thought I would just go to sleep. My husband came upstairs about half an hour later and the next two hours were nutz. But in a good way. Gotcha always makes my husband think everything was his idea and then some....he he....Demanding, insistant, yet loving, and shall we say athletic? Yep. A Gold star for him (and Exotica/GOTCHA)! :star:

  7. Maroon: Re: catty response from woman at work: Interesting. I have noticed twice when I've worn cops that women get a tad edgy...a little territorial, which is sad, because I pose no threat....lol, but I think in your case, it might be pure jealousy...heh heh. Always love reading your posts. Oh! By the way, I got a couple of sniffies of Topper in my last LPMP order and you betcha I used it with the Cougar. Awesome. Just seemed to crank it up just a tad...not over the top, but nice.....


    Rose B: I can only imagine what Cougarx3 is going to be like for you......can't wait to hear more.......I definitely get a lift when I wear it...and I only have it in the regular strength. You inspire me tho, lol!

  8. BC: My daughter has it in Kiss of Magic and in a sample of Flutterby which I gave her, and of course I have sampled it as well. I much prefer it in Kiss of Magic as I find Flutterby is too sheer, but I really do love H&S. It's just a great, consistant all around phero that I have found to generate a very warm, congenial, friendly atmosphere and interactions with others. I have not tried TH yet, but might get a sample of Terra Mater which has it in it. I also love Perfect Match, but I like to wear that phero around my husband.


    I'd definitely go with the Un H&S.

  9. I find that LP Pink goes with a lot of LPMPs...Lindee's Pinky Sweet, Cougar Potion, LAM Pink Amber, OCCO Pink, etc. to name a few....I tend to use it to add a little oomph to some fragrances when they begin to fade thruout the day. It's one of my all time favs.

  10. Got a couple of sniffies of Topper with my last LP order (thanks, guys!) and decided to try it on over what I had on at the time which was Sneaky Clean....YES! A bit of a rush, even some self effects, but I'm going to keep it for very special times as I don't won't to develop a tolerance for Anol and not have it work...Funny, the only way FP works for me is if I use Topper over it. I'm trying it over UnCougar and Cougar Potion next.


    Hmmm...perhaps everything just works better with Topper, lol.

  11. Maybe get a woman's sampler and a few others that appeal to you and have him be a part of the selection process when they arrive. My husband was fond of a particular scent on me for a gazillion years, so when I sprung LPMPs and pheros on him it was mad fun, but also trial and error to find what we BOTH liked. Now he gets a big kick out of each month's order and takes time to slow down and "pick" certain ones he likes. So far, we've both loved the ones he's "chosen".


    Doesn't mean I don't still wear what I want to (clothes wise or scent wise) most of the time, just that when it's "date night" or play time, I'll dress up for him and wear his favorite stuff/scents. He loves Cougar Potion, Sneaky Clean/SS4W, Gypsum White/Lace, X-Appeal/Sexology and The Promise/Perfect Match. White florals basically I guess, but then we like a lot of the darker/tobacco/resin ones as well. Just depends on the mood/setting what your goal is. And I still have other brands I love which I layer over the OCCOs or my UNCougar.


    Enjoy, and have fun with it all! :001_302:

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