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  1. Nutrix and Stacy: yeah, at my age I'm beginning to think I need more of everything. More cops, more pheros, more coffee, stronger lenses, lol. I guess I thought there was more Anol in the lace fragrance blend that was doing it. Funny thing is I just got a sniffee of topper and I got more of a zing out of that than FP so I see how much stronger a straight pheromone could be. OW and PP in fragrance blends don't affect me either but maybe as you say that might change with using the stronger UN version as well. Since the lace in gypsum white works so nicely for me I definitely should get some UNlace and really get unlaced, lol.
  2. I just read thru this thread a bit and read Halo's post upthread re: Flying Potion being 1/3 the strength of Lace and now I understand why FP doesn't do it for me, but White Gypsum/Lace does! I find it so interesting how different people's chemistry and reactions are to the pheros. Fascinating. LACE is just enough to give me that light hearted young girly girl feeling, but FP...nada, zip.
  3. Totem Beaver/SWS is a great fragrance blend. Very clean, crisp, all business. I use it a lot. Helps keep me on task with a little added energy to get thru heavy work and people really team up & listen. Hmmm.... Actually, Shut Up and Get Job, as Stacy K mentioned might be a nice choice as it has the fragrance already blended in with SWS. As she said there's a list of the fragrance notes/ingredients in it over on Artfire. I think whatever day - scent you feel most confident with and you feel most yourself with layered over UNSWS would work best but I personally would not use another phero with SWS. It's quite sufficient on it's own. Good luck.
  4. I can certainly see why after a couple of days of wearing this why PM is a staple with you Nutrix. It's phenomenally effective how you so wonderfully said in helping break down any barriers and is soft and friendly. I wore it all day yesterday and last night out dancing and again today and it really helps put self/others at ease....My sons and daughters were more thoughtful and slowed down to really interact on a more sensitive level with their Dad and I today as well. I can see how this would be perfect for work. Can't wait to try this out during the week with clients. It's so hard to put into words sometimes my experiences with the pheros....but for me PM was like this: Years ago my husband and I did a lot of canoing. We've always had boats, but anyone who has been In a canoe knows how quiet and serene it is and how in tune you become with the water, flora and fauna around you. We used to canoe then come back to shore and then take a leisurely swim in the lake and a nap after. Do you know the feeling after a swim with someone you truly love and you are lying on the sand/shore holding hands and you feel washed/swept clean and warm with the sun on your closed eyelids and that feeling of oneness with each other? Like that. The BS of the world recedes and the essence of your bond with each other and the life source/higher power can then step forward. It's like a reset button. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
  5. Thanks, WnG: After 32 yrs. of marriage, it's the precious moments that one cherishes. With or without pheros, lol. I was lucky tho, and was able to find a couple of more bottles of The Promise at Romance of Yesteryear. Cindy emailed me back last night and she's shipping them out for my daughter and I on Monday. The Perfect Match phero in this blend was effective thruout the entire day and evening. And of course, I'm wearing it again 2day for Father's Day family festivities. Nice. I'm really thinking of having some LP's boosted with PM and/or must get a bottle of UNPM.
  6. Lovestuck: Hmmm....methinks it would be lovely for you to do that....Thanks to Birkey I tried the summertime sparkle/alpha A and a couple of others. Do you have anything (fragrance wise) with the phero Perfect Match in it? Reason I'm asking is because this morning The Promise/Perfect Match arrived......it was supposed to be for my daughter, but my husband loved it sooo much and the Perfect Match phero is incredible....so I went online and ordered more for her and I....at Romance of Yesteryear....I'm thinking that would be a wonderful one for you to try with him, or maybe you have already? Something really special about that phero. Very deep bonding, yet also reminded me of when we first fell in love....and deep feelings of respect/appreciation. I love LACE, but this PERFECT MATCH is something. I hope you pack some really wonderful lingerie, music, candles, have a wonderful time, laugh a lot and try to remember what you loved about each other in the very beginning. Wishing you Hearts On Fire.....
  7. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Halo. Still learning. I love this blend so much that I've already ordered two more bottles today. It's been a wonderful day and afternoon into early evening here of family warmth and closeness. I'm going to also wear this out tonite dancing with my husband.
  8. OMG! Perfect Match is just that: PERFECT! So far I have only tried it in The Promise, but I have a bottle of Bonded/Perfect Match on the way that I found on the trade pages, but I can attest to the fact that this phero really works. I just wrote a review of my experience of it in The Promise thread, but also wanted to share on this thread. Please, please, please, if you have not tried this phero, do so. This morning I woke up to coffee, a bouquet of Iris, Weigela and Mountain Laurel, that are all in bloom in our backyard, with a bottle of The Promise next to it and my husband sitting there all smiles....I'm like, "What is going on?" Apparently he had gone down to the P.O. to get the mail early morning and there was the pkg from Romance of Yesteryear with The Promise amongst the mail. He said, he wanted to surprise me, so he opened it not knowing I had ordered it for one of our daughter's who is getting married in the spring. He said he already smelled it and that "This one, is Perfect!" I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had ordered it for our Heather, so I put some on figuring I could order more. Well....perfect it is and perfect it was. I was literally crying because it truly helped create a magical morning for us. I will continue to wear this for my beloved husband who has always somehow managed to keep his promises to me and his family all these years, has helped make our dreams come true, AND if our daughter's fiancé is half the man/father that he is she'll do just fine.
  9. Woke up this morning to coffee, a bedside bouquet of Iris, Weigela and Mountain Laurel that are all in bloom in our backyard and a bottle of The Promise sitting beside it and my husband all smiles. I'm like, what's going on?? I had ordered The Promise from Romance of Yesteryear for one of our daughters who's getting married next spring. Apparently, he had gotten up early, gone down to the post office and got the mail which included that particular pkg. He figured it must be LPMP or perfume from a trade/somewhere, so he opened it thinking he would surprise me, not knowing it was for our Heather. He says: " This one is PERFECT. I already smelled it." Well, I had to agree with him of course because yes, it does smell perfect, AND the Perfect Match it is enhanced with is truly that. Perfect. Oh yes. I am literally crying, because it did indeed help create a magical morning for us and I did not have the heart to tell him whom I had gotten it for. So....I will wear this for my beloved husband, the man who has kept all his promises to me and his family, and I will just have to get more for our daughter. If her fiancé manages to be even half the man and husband her father is, she'll be just fine. ETA: A big thank you to Birkey for sending me a sniffee of The Promise. I can see why you love it and I'm sooo very glad I ordered some.
  10. OMG, Lovestruck! You could take some wax melts with you for your get away to help set the mood, or to use at the house with MIL....do you have others besides the chocolate one you had? I think there's some left on Artfire....
  11. StacyK: Sanford and Sons....they be smoking some Latin Lettuce.......
  12. Birkey: Avi is just an abbreviation for avatar/profile pic. Knew you'd appreciate Frida. My daughter is stunning*...but she doesn't realize it sometimes.....I will have to e-mail you a pic...I too loved Sophia Loren so much. They don't seem to have actresses like that anymore. Her style/presence were something. Oh yes, I really love tobacco when its used in fragrances. It reminds me of the pipe/tobacco my father used to smoke and how comforting/safe it felt when I'd wake up from the wind howling and smell that and hear the teakettle just slightly whistling on the old wood stove. He used to comb his hair with tea to help keep it dark. I still have that pipe tucked away. Hope you love all your new LPMP goodies....and hoping for a win with LP Blue for sure. Still working on getting Flying Potion to "work" for me tho. I have a feeling that bottle's gonna end up with you. * as are my other daughters
  13. I missed out on this PE except for a sniffie that StacyK sent me.....it was wonderful!! Is the NR LP Latte anything like BCM?
  14. Wellll.....I put Phero Girl on torso area (has cops), followed by MRF everywhere and then some LP Original and/or Tobacco Berry. LOVE. Or, put the OCCO Ambrosia on lst, then the MRF and Tobacco Berry. LOVE LOVE. StacyK has some great ideas she's used: MRF + UNCB MRF + LAM (Brown sugar or Vanilla) Then, the one I tried before I knew it was a sort of home made BANG (Lol) -- Cuddle Bunny and Sneaky Clean......YOWZA!
  15. Thanks, Birkey! Glad you like Frida/my avi. She was quite a character wasn't she? Gutsy and talented. When my youngest daughter pulls her hair back she looks a lot like her....she's got that same spitfirey edge too! My FB of LP Blue will probably be here early next week, cuz I got my shipping notice 2day. Yay!!!
  16. Me too! Yippee! I'm starting to learn not to let on to my daughters when I'm expecting my LPMPs to arrive tho. And, I've already moved my stash around twice.
  17. Just got my shipping notice, so a FB of Exotica will be amongst the goodies.....THIS and LP Blue is going to be spectacular.
  18. Lovestruck: Have your tried Phero Girl with your MRF yet? OCCO: Ambrosia works well with it too. Then add a little dab of LP Original or Tobacco Berry....one of my favs.
  19. Love that Jack Nicholson, heh heh. O.K. so maybe your MIL is not so nice, but try not to let it ruin your marriage....go have some fun time/get away with your husband and go from there..... See ya over on the astro thread.....
  20. Halo, glad you're getting the Gypsum White...love mine. Haven't sampled Fraise Citron, but I love LP Original as it layers so well with so many things.
  21. Vlad: Thanks! It certainly captures the many layers of Friday Kahlo doesn't it? I love it too. And, like you, the more I read about the new Terra Mater/Earth Mother LP I'm thinking YES, must try this.
  22. Lovestruck: If he's already taking shots then I'd certainly be careful to not add to that. I hear ya about the MIL. It can be rough. It will be 7 years this December that mine passed away. We were very close, but like any relationship we had our rocky moments. Miss her a lot. She lost my husband's Dad in WWII and went on to remarry when he was 6. That was a tough generation for so many. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to lose a son like your MIL did. How did you make out with the pheros you decided to try? So... If you know where that thread is on astrology....I think it was on Astrocartography/relocation...when you get a chance, could you please bump it up? I'll look as well. Then we can take a look together at what's up in your chart if you like. Thanks! Hope you get some rest soon. . A nice Jupiter ruled Full Moon tonite - 22SAG06' at 12:11 EDT ETA: If I were you, I would absolutely take the time to get away with your husband to rest and recharge. You might be surprised how different things look afterwards.....for everyone.
  23. Great news, Birkey! Between the Trading Post and monthly LPMP orders it's like a weekly fragrance festival around my house, lol!
  24. Purty little flowers, eh? The tincture my husband used was made from the underground rhyzome/root. In my wanderings amongst things goaty I read that the Billy Goat has some sort of substance in his head that when he butts the females with it, it can actually make them ovulate.....hmmm... BTW, I noticed on another thread you were wondering where transiting Mars is right now. It's around 12 degrees Libra 22" and squaring transiting Pluto in Capricorn. I noticed a thread that had an astrological topic on this forum somewhere.. If you like, maybe we can bounce over there and "talk" more about where it's transiting your natal chart.
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