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  1. Hinzmanel: Which LAM did you try? I've used LAM: Pink Amber with LP Pink. Very nice.
  2. Nutrix: It sounds beautiful. I like that it's just a hint of rosie smell. Thank you. I keep forgetting to use my freebie thing when I order. Oh well, next order I'll make sure and get a sample of this.
  3. There's actually a lot of info on it (Epimedium/Yin Yang Huo) out there and it's used more than you might think. You can even find it at GNC or Walmart. My husband used a compound/tincture for a while that has it as one of the ingredients. Not bad! And in keeping with the theme/scenario, maybe some Totem: Goat with Cops for you?
  4. Maroon: Have Mercy, Woman! And then tell us everything, lol!
  5. Lovestruck: Have him drink some Horny Goatweed Tea while he's standing under the fan wearing Dirty Old Man.
  6. BC: I hear ya. I thought I was clever jumping for the FB's that I ordered, but then I start reading reviews and realize there are always a couple more I shoulda got.....Well....at least I got a sample of this one....
  7. Well, but of course! It's good to be Queen! Can't let Mel Brooks have all the fun....
  8. Wondering if the Rose is hopefully light and more of a background note in this one as Rose amps on me a bit.
  9. The only thing I have in spray is Cougar which I wear over the roll on oil version of UNCougar. I also have Flying Potion in spray, but it doesn't contain cops. I read somewhere on the forum about someone spraying something with a lot of cops in it in her mom's hair and she had to cut her hair....so I'm sticking to OCCOs in oil on torso area.
  10. Yes, Exotica will be a welcome change from Tickle Tickle/Gotcha.
  11. Black Cat: Thanks! Frida Kahlo was certainly one kick ass woman/artist and I've always loved her and hawks, owls.
  12. Coming Up Roses: Yep. Those hazing rituals can get old real quick. Enjoy. Just don't drink the kool-aid.
  13. So, Luna, are your minions, er.....loyal subjects still bowing and scraping today or did the LP Blue eventually wear off? Hmmmm.....I'm thinking Mara snuck some LFN into your bottle... Enjoy.
  14. Thank Goddess! So glad u love it Luna as I was beginning to get worried after reading a couple preliminary reviews on this one and I have a FB on the way.
  15. Birkey: I'm still lovin' GypsumWhite, XAppeal and now, The Promise (thanks for sending me a sniffe of that and letting me know where to get it for my daughter), but I'm looking forward to trying my sample of Flutterby, so we shall see, lol! One thing's for certain, with three grown daughters and a granddaughter (who's getting older) all coming and going, it's gonna be hard to hang onto much of it.
  16. Congrats Coming upRoses: You speeded thru Mrs. Kravitz and Witch Hazel and here you are a Unicorn Jockey!?
  17. OMG, Birkey: They are truly awesome, aren't they? SOOOO enjoying the ones you sent me. Thank you! I will definitely be ordering some of these.
  18. Welcome to the forum CloneClubSestra. Yep. TMI surely works, heh heh.
  19. I'm soo happy for you Birkey as I know how much you love it and wanted enough to take to India with you. So glad you can get more in addition to the bottle I sent you. Wonderful news! ETA: Great pic of Jatin, BTW!!
  20. Coming Up Roses: I knew you would love OCCO: Pink! I can't wait to try OCCO Blue with the new LP Blue....Didn't you mention having OCCO Ambrosia? I use that one a lot. JD sent me a sample of OCCO Black in my pkg. which is indeed yummy with LPPink. Somewhere I read on the forum that there is a sampler pack for OCCOS available. I got the ones I have individually so far, but still need to try Occo Red and Gold.
  21. I ordered a sample of this, probably should have gone straight to full bottle.
  22. CuRoses: I saw the word Tonka then Tobacco and that was it, because I love both those scents in fragrances, lol! Mr. OBW doesn't like to wear scent, nor do our sons....so I figured if I didn't like it I would have to give it to my son in law, but I liked it!! But, not as much as I LOVE Tobacco Berry which is still over on the Artfire pages on sale and goes incredibly well with MRF and Phero Girl. I ordered another bottle of that one. I did get my youngest son tho to try Totem: Wolf. He thought it was nice, but we both prefer the smell of sweet grass when we smudge - lst with sage to help clear any negativity and then followed by sweet grass to draw in "sweetness" and good things.
  23. This one really grew on me. I wore it today, later added OCCO White, and felt fresh, girly and light hearted when we went out for a relaxing Sunday brunch while watching the restored whaling ship, the C.W. Morgan sail up the Thames River back to port after a second day of sea trials. When I work, I work hard, and prefer SWS, but when I want to feel like that young woman who was a tad old fashioned, and just getting to know my husband many years ago, this is what I wear. Interestingly enough, he took time today to pick out this one as his new LP fav on me, (next to Cougar) for daytime wear. Perfect for a warm, lazy day, on or off the boat.
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