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  1. What a great review, RB! Isn't it funny how different pheros work with different people's chemistry? Cougar's the one that works "magic" for me, but LFM sounds like a real winner for you. You GO girl! Sooo glad you had a wonderful evening. And, I bet whether you wear Cougar or LFM you'll always be a shining star.
  2. CuRoses: I got my bottle of Tonka Tobaccum from Just Ducky who mentions liking it too, that's why she had an extra bottle I bet. I agree it can certainly be worn by a woman...it reminds me of my beloved Maine woods, and I like anything with the fragrance of Tonka beans. QG: That's great! Looking forward to your PE!
  3. Wow, Molls, Forest Retreat sounds awesome. Wonder what Inna's Soft and Summery and Lina's Sweetie Pie's notes are? I have a bottle of Tonka Tobaccum I got from the trade pages. Nice. Wasn't QG working on one? Maybe next month?
  4. I ordered a sample of this. Don't know why I just didn't go straight to full bottle....
  5. Vlad: OMG, yes! I was even saying to them: "Stop looking at me like that".
  6. I ordered LP Exotica right away FB, along with a FB of LPBlue and samples of Flutterby and Incandescence. So excited to hear you ordered Cougar x3 RoseB! Can't imagine how wonderful/sparkly that's gonna be....I've only got it in x1, but can't wait to hear your experiences with it.
  7. That's great Irish Eyes! I haven't tried Leather or Dom....I'm good with SWS for now, as I need that all for one and one for all team work with a large family and my work. I'm a little leery about trying them too, as altho I've mellowed quite a bit, I already have a Dom switch that can get flicked. I do see what you mean about LFM helping others give you space/respect willingly. I pretty much get that already, although I've had to fight for it on occasion with my family. When I wore the LFM/LFN my husband, kids, associates, friends were all asking me, what's wrong? You o.k.? You seem stern and/or something's bothering you, etc. Not that I'm one to mince words with them and they always know where they stand with me. However, I just seemed too far removed from my immediate environment. Hard to put in words.
  8. I got La Sylphide/LFM in my last order. Great scent. Seemed easier to figure out/wear than LFN. I like wearing this when I have a lot of work/charts to get done and want to be left alone/not interrupted. Although I prefer a more social vibe/phero when I'm with clients, I can see where LFM would be perfect in the retail business/service industry. I picture a woman with glasses on a chain around her neck, or peering over them, with an air of being totally in control and commanding respect. Perfect for a librarian I would think as well. Kind of like having a bubble around you where people keep a respectful distance, yet they are courteous and helpful if need be. For me, I find when I wear MLH or SWS I'm more accessible/sensitive than with LFM. More of a "we're all in this together, so let's pull our weight and get the job done" kind of feel. I can see how LFM would be helpful in some circumstances, but MLH and SWS fit me better as I'm still empathic/approachable with family/clients with a clear sense of purpose/focus and energy. LFM/LFN seems a tad chilly to me, could possibly push my bitchiness quotient up, but is still very intriguing and I will definitely try it out some more.
  9. I ordered a FB of LP Blue and Exotica/Gotcha last night and a few samples of the others.....so much for self control! My OCCO Blue awaits as well, lol!
  10. I ordered a FB of LP Blue and Exotica and samples of Flutterby and Incandesence.
  11. Don't you just love it, Maroon? I got some MRF in my last order and some OCCO Ambrosia on the trade pages. So I tried MRF over the OCCO Ambrosia and topped it with Tobacco Berry I got on Artfire.....OMG! It's wonderful and everyone loves it. Many compliments on that combo. The Tobacco Berry has Blackberry and caramel in it so you can imagine how that blends with the yumminess of MRF and OCCO Ambrosia....so smooth. I also tried MRF over some PheroGirl and topped that with Tobacco Berry....YUM! Hubby really liked that one....I had that on when we played cards the other night and he lost every hand we played at setback...heh heh. I don't think his mind was on the card game.... LP Original is nice over MRF as well. Must get more MRF for sure.
  12. Spoonki: I think you will love it. There's a review thread for Totem Beaver....check it out and let us know how you like your sample. There's also a great unisex one called Tobacco Berry that was a LPMP Private Edition over on Artfire. You can get there by going thru the Gift Shoppe page...it's on sale. Did you try Totem Lion and/or Wolf?
  13. Actually, my sinus/congestion has been kicking up all week due to the inordinate amount of pollen in the air here which gets in my face when I'm on the motorcycle and which certainly contributes to headache so I'm going phero free for a few days in order to do some herbal self care.
  14. So, is there gonna, like, be ANY Totem Goat/Cops left, lol?
  15. Way to go CuR! You won't be disappointed. I got a sniffie of this from StacyK. Awesome. Received my bottle of Lady Suzy's Snow Leopard yesterday....divine.....
  16. OMG! I tried this after getting my new LPMP order that included some MRF and a bottle of Tobacco Berry. I took the PG (Phero Girl) sample from my very first order and put that on first, then some MRF (Mara's Rocket Fuel) and a dap of LP Original and Tobacco Berry (on sale over at Art Fire). Very very good. The honey and cops of the PG blended perfectly with the MRF (which has SS4W in it) and the LP Original/Tobacco Berry....YUM! Tobacco berry has Blackberry/caramal with a hint of pipe tobacco... I had a great time playing cards and my husband lost every hand we played of setback...I don't think he was concentrating on the cards as well as usual, heh heh.
  17. Timing can be everything. And age probably factors in as well. Hypothetically, if still alive, Marilyn Monroe (my husband's fav) could douse herself with a gallon of pheros and stand there, and in spite of the probable testosterone spike if he was too exhausted he might be like, "hold that thought", or fall asleep trying, lol! And work can certainly interfere if he's on call and/or has to hospitalize a patient. In an imperfect world one must work around the interruptions. But when the timing is right? Making that extra effort with the pheros is sooo worthwhile. ETA: Black Cat: Oh my Goddess - you are so right about Lady Suzy's Snow Leopard. Just got mine. It's heaven. CuR: How did you like the La Sylphide? Dyin to hear what you think about LFM.
  18. And I'm smiling over here as well, cuz' I'm really o.k.! I simply had noticed that Birkey mentioned being an Aspie in her post prior to yours and was a bit surprised you hadn't noticed that before making your post...as not much slips by you, lol! I will say this tho.....in this day and age of technology and trying to understand posting/texting and where a person is coming from without being able to see the other person's face, body language and/or hear their voice inflections sometimes feels like navigating a mine field, especially when you don't know each other. I'm worried that humans are going to eventually lose their ability to talk to each other or even make eye contact in real time. For example, I was in the grocery store the other nite and asked an employee if they knew when they were going to restock a certain brand of coffee (that they normally carry) and he's texting away, and uncomfortable that someone's actually talking to him. His response was, well if it's not on the shelf we don't have it. No eye contact, even once. I gave up, came home and found it online instead. Anyways, I digress, lol! So, is this the part where they say hugs all around??
  19. OMG, Lady V! Just got the Lady Suzy's Snow Leopard and all I can say is ....beauty, elegance, class with Champagne on ice, cashmere and diamonds, leather and frost.....The lilies.....crystalline timelessness..oh my, .....
  20. That's great! COUGAR is so versatile. Have you thought about also trying LUMINA? There's a great thread on that in the Pheromone section and there's a description about it in The Reading Room pages on the Pheromone List. Enjoy.
  21. ComingUpRoses: I have Demimondaine. I like Unbridled better scentwise, but Unbridled has LFN in it. Have not tried Kitten Nip/MLH. I have only tried MLH in Totem: Kangaroo. I prefer MLH over LFN. They are quite different, altho I like LFM in La Sylphide. Maybe you could try Demimondaine over some UNMLH? I don't see it on Artfire tho.
  22. And do check out LPMP's OCCO line of cops. They are fragranced copulins which makes them much easier to use. Phero Girl (which is in the women's sampler) is a nice way to use cops as well. There's a lot of good info in the OCCO review thread. Sorry to hear about your bottle of Cougar breaking....it's a wonderful phero and scented perfume. Love it. ETA: Also, Dolly has lot's of great tips re: OCCOS, EOW/Cop usage. It can be tricky at first.
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