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  1. Hinzmanal: Wow. Sounds like you had some great hits. I find that the effects of the pheros I've tried to be subjective to the setting, timing, individual idiosyncracies of the two individuals involved that one can't predict the same results every time. So many things can interfere.....kids, animals, schedules, work, weather, life in general. My "experiments" have been on my husband who doesn't need much help from pheros, but different pheros absolutely have spiced things up a notch for us. But are we always "on" when wearing pheros? Do we depend on them? No. Also, while I've found that the sillage of some of the fragrances doesn't last very long, the phero effects do and sometimes kick in the next morning if I've been wearing them late the night before. And sometimes we just want to sleep, especially if we've been out dancing.
  2. No worries... ETA: Re: Super Custom Order: Perhaps that's an option Birkey will consider. Hearts: It may come as a surprise to you, dear, but the most I have in LP fragrances is TWO bottles of any one thing so I don't think I qualify as a hoarder. Now when it comes to BOOKS, that's another story, lol!
  3. I wouldn't call it scheming, as Birkey has stated that she has Asperger's. She's also gathering several favorites to take to ladies in India in her fiancé's family. ETA: She also felt that LP White is light enough to withstand the heat there.
  4. Vlad, Irish Eyes, DD and CuR: I WANT!! LOL! I think younger women are lucky as they already produce a lot of their own cops and shine without needing as much Cougar/cops like older chicks like me, lol. But LUMINA sounds like the perfect balance of a go anywhere, daytime/anytime phero that would complement any fragrance and give one just the right vibe. I can always add OCCOs or switch to Cougar for night time. Glad I found this thread.
  5. Loves Truck: Yup, lol! I think I read somewhere that Mara does a Phero special in November where you can sample them? Sounds great. And I'm really excited over the new June LPs that have so many with the pheros added! I tend to lean towards the ones with pheros already blended as it takes the guesswork out of the equation for me. But I'm making progress, lol. I have UNCougar and CPotion which I love, then stocked up on Beaver/SWS which is like a kind of "work horse" phero for me, lol and then hoarded XAppeal/Sexology....which is good cuz I luvs luvs the phero and scent combos in those, but in the long run I'll probably save money when I buy more UNpheros as it will of course give me more latitude in using it under different stuff.
  6. Loves Truck: Yes, I'm fast learning that the UNpheros are an important way to go. Just was trying to stretch the dollars by trying stuff out in fragrances first.
  7. StacyK: Yep. You're probably right about those two fragrances may just not work for me....I will def try OW in another fragrance, but PP doesn't do much for me. In fact my personality is better without it. Liking the MLH. I can see how it would be helpful for work. Have not tried it at the office yet....been using my Beaver/SWS which is great. What has been your experience with the differences between MLH and SWS? Would you consider MLH as SWS Lite?
  8. Wanted to try Bear, but the peanut factor is putting me off.....Spoonki..did you try Totem: Beaver/SWS? It's wonderful and absolutely could be worn by men.
  9. I want to try this for sure. Baby goats (kids) are fun. But Bucks/Billy Goats are stinky, lol. Nubians are kewl. StacyK: Noooo.....I keep telling myself no....but you know I willll....but only one bottle. Vlad: Did you get some, try this yet? I love raisin bread and the husband adores cinnamon buns....ah geez...here we go....
  10. When I asked Halo what the difference was between LUMINA and Cougar (which is very similar) she summed it up as did others in this thread as: "Cougar Lite". "Cougar's younger, innocent sister". Kewl. While I haven't tried LUMINA yet, I really enjoyed reading everyone's reviews (kudos for you Vlad and Birkey) I especially like Vlad's analogy to it being kind of like a witch's brew blending a little bit of SS4W, LACE, Levitation, OW,and PP. It sounds like a delightful, go anywhere, confidence building, all around phero. A must try for sure.
  11. Ah yes, of course, silly me, good old EST....I must have been generating lotz of that during pregnancies as well, eh? I have to watch it with too much EST now tho....it can tip me towards moody, weepy, etc. especially if I use too much TMI.
  12. I embrace my witchdom, lol! But now that I've read everyone's reviews of Goat with Cops, I cannot resist adding this to my next order.... I must stop reading reviews....I must stop reading reviews....
  13. Maroon: Geez, that is a bummer about the Oranzipan. Sounds like you had a good day regardless. My house smells like curry a lot so you would have fit right in here, lol! The name sounded good, but I've never sampled it. Did you see the new line of LPs for June? There is one called LPRouge that has LFM in it that sounds nice. I've never tried Marigold & Amaranth. What about Anthea? Do you have that one? ComingUpRoses: Should have my OCCO Ambrosia very soon. Sounds yummy. I'm loving my OCCO White and Pink.
  14. Wonderful, Birkey! Looks like it will be a fun weekend or Monday for both us when our pkgs come! Curious to read your reviews on the Totem sampler(s) once you've tried them. They are spectacular. Beaver/SWS is my fav. Can't wait to try La Syphide and Flying Potion. Enjoy, but be careful with those C.C. s.
  15. Congrats, RoseBlackThorn.....a Rose by any other name would still be as sweet....or something like that...The real you always comes shining thru no matter what! Thanks for being YOU! QG: O.K. Will do. Donsie & Ravenwing: Gracias.
  16. CuR: Me? Superstar? Are you kidding? I'm just getting my feet wet. It usually says on your shipping notice 1-3 days from date of shipment. Is your postman hit or miss and not a regular one? Mine goes to my lock box at the P.O. but is usually too big for it so my guy keeps it in a safe place in the back.
  17. You don't give yourself enough credit CuRoses. Well, I think the allo-pregnalone and B-nol is certainly part of the critter attraction. Mine try to get as close as possible whenever I'm using pheros and my dogs try to lick it off my wrists/arms. But with GOTCHA, it's ridiculous. I think that's what gets to them most olfactory wise. It's the only phero formula on the Phero list that has allo-pregnalone so I think it's what helps give that extra nudge.... Similar to when I was pregnant, my animals were all clingons. Even one of our horses, a mare, would nuzzle my tummy and was extremely gentle with me and refused to go beyond a walk thruout the whole pregnancy. When I wear GOTCHA my dogs are ridiculously clingy and don't want my husband near me. Not in an aggressive way, but more in a possessive way. I literally have to peel them off me. It seems to evoke a kind of protective, nesting feeling. I suppose some commitment phobe dudes would run for the hills if you wore GOTCHA, but it elicits a very positive reaction in my husband. Then again, he really loved it when I was pregnant. So did I. Good thing I'm thru menopause, lol.
  18. Halo: OMG, COUGAR LITE! Love the analogy. Thank you!
  19. That's so kewl RBT! Betcha like it. Did you also decide to get some UNCougar x2....and I see that LUMINA is back....I haven't tried that one. Sounds very similar to Cougar. For me Gotcha is definitely the Velcro Phero for all two legged, four legged and winged loves, lol! :iguana3:
  20. Awesome, Hinzmana! Sounds like you've found your sweet spot with GOTCHA!
  21. So, Halo, could you please tell me what the difference is between LUMINA and UNCougar? I understand that UNCougar is a proprietary blend and all, but after reading the ingredients in LUMINA over at the Reading Room, it sounds very much like the writeup for UNCougar including the fact that they both contain copulins, albeit a small amount. And while as a consumer I don't know what's really in UNCougar, could it perhaps be that it's very similar/same and the name LUMINA just appeals to a broader target/age group rather than something named COUGAR? I for one LOVE UnCougar and scented Cougar Potion, but am happily married and not interested in picking up young guys. Should I be using LUMINA instead, or is it more geared to younger women. Must say tho, that the Cougar really does lend that pick me up, sparkly kind of vibe, but for those of you who have used both, what would you say was the difference? I have a sample of All Hallow's Eve with LUMINA that I need to try, but was curious. Thank you.
  22. LUMINA! (Read Halo's post). ETA: Hint: In Pheromone Blend Thread
  23. Not only do I have great postal service (my postman signs for me, makes sure pkgs are safe/secure and calls me to let me know when they get there) I have always gotten impeccable service from LPMP. My last order was placed not even a week ago and I've already gotten my shipping notice......Wow! I get to have LPMP goodies twice this month! Way to go LPMP, although a 2 week turnaround from the time of the last order placed is entirely reasonable and understandable, this was a wonderful surprise. Thank you!
  24. Coming up Roses: Go to OBW's Stash at the Trading Post, and then E-mail/call me. I'll have my people talk to your people, etc. and mayyybeee dig up some for ya...
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