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  1. On 10/19/2015 at 11:56 PM, halo0073 said:

    Just a whiff of berry goodness and a full frontal assault of RED MUSK shaking it's balls in my face. 

    God I love you Halo :hearts18:

  2. Agreed with Hedgehog and Halo0073

    11 hours ago, halo0073 said:
      On 8/11/2019 at 11:57 AM, hedgehog said:

    This is such a deep, thick honey. It makes me feel sexy and slinky, but on my skin it's not dirty, just deep and rich.  It's actually cleaner than I expected! The "earthiness" here is a natural kind of depth like you "feel" with a well blended amber,


    11 hours ago, halo0073 said:

    It’s the honeycomb!!! It adds depth and a different kind of rich deep ness without being drippy and super smutty! One of my favorite notes and I think it’s underused.

    This is such a deep rich honey and one of our very favorites   Often my 'honey slumber essence' with or without a dab of Balm Balm - both of which I received as

    re-homing stock from the cleaning sprees from other members (thank you!) so I do not know which edition I may have - yet it is glorious and the best experience to fall asleep within its gorgeous cloud of happiness... sigh ... now I must find my little honeycomb cloud  - this will be perfect for me right now ... sweet rest sweet friends - when once you get there  :onigiri_moon_sleep:

  3. Our bottle of Risque Whisque has a very pronounced Lime scent ~ although I did not see this in the list of ingredients perhaps the Vetiver?

    Risque Whisque is the most commonly identifiable male-type scent we have that Mara has made - at least our bottle of this - so will appeal to those Less Risky Adventurers who wish to remain within a stable male scent orientation  - it is good!


    Yes,  "Traditional" is what I was trying to convey when I said:  "commonly identifiable male-type scent" 




    OH MY! 















  5. "I think depending on how you huff this one I think the combination of vanilla, cocoa, and amber makes me translate it into a nice light sexy caramel.... This would be my runner up next to Cherry Tobac as arsenal to lure a man into my trap. :female-gangster: Cherry being sexy, but playful while this one gives off a more sensual vibe... I just sniffed it again, and again... and it just got ME worked up! Light fluffy cocoa scent on a chocolate colored woman?? ?? I'm gonna bring all the boys to the yard :Emoticons0804:

    It's a Win/Win :say19:" ...  Quoting Vicki Lee


    @Vicki Lee rock it!  Be the Goddess! 

  6. @johnsonlisa90012 your last post spoke to my soul ... and i am not even an hoarder... :20628860864593fef0b8f29:

    every scent we have ever been blessed to receive from Mara we have used to the last drop and yet, i can totally identify with what you have shared here ~ all of her creations are in an aura all their own so imbued with that undeniable 'something' special only Mara can do and our very own Wizard in nature scents that make me feel i am out in mother nature on the best of her days... and i think the different ones are amazing on our different chemistry or handling our different needs, wants, desires... processes and healings... i think why we are drawn to a certain one or another is a deeply personal moment ~

    and definitely we have found it worth some reorganisation of priorities in order to have these love-inspired magicks be a permanent part of our lives... in mass quantities!!!!   :Emoticons0086:

  7. 22 hours ago, Eastwood22 said:

    @skydancer I'm just a responder to this blend, I like the sexier intent stuff on me and the cuddly stuff on him. I feel like the description for Perfect Match on the LP website is dead on. PM has the pheros that promote bonding and communication, a-nol and b-nol, which are what make TMI and the other truth serum type blends when mixed in different ratios. I can't speak on the other 3 ingredients, but the DHEAS adds the upbeat vibe and maybe lends to a little giddiness/silliness. it's just got that good lovey dovey perfect-for-each-other thing happening. I'm not sure, but I'm sure a forum vet  (@luna65 @halo0073) could tell us, there used to be a blend called "Soulmate?" I don't know if that was a blend of Mara's, but I think PM could be called Soulmate. I don't wear it, really, my man does, and I respond better to it than the heavier sexual blends. We like to talk and play games and tell jokes. I think that one ingredient, Androstadienone, isn't good in copious continual quantities if a man tends to suffer from depression, but I don't know that, I've only seen it mentioned. I think it helps women relax/settle down, but don't quote me on any of this, I can barely see the top of the phero iceberg from where I'm lounging. I just know PM works for us. I'm also a big responder to SWS! I know that it's supposed to be for trust and confidence at work, but my man says it's his #1 "get lucky" phero. 

    thank you for this i appreciate all of the good information 

    i will have to try this out with him wearing the perfect match and see how this goes - all of the scents with it sound amazing

    i do not have much experience with the various socials - other than magnet which i had an older bottle of and loved!


    it had an ingredient that smelled like over-ripe fruit - it took me home to hawaii in a heartbeat and the happy girl i was 

    does anyone know what this may be and if i can still order some of it?  the over-ripe fruit one?  it was awesomesauce!

    made me sooo happy and everyone else around me


  8. @Vicki Lee

    i am happy you have had some success de-barking this snarky couple of guys - what a challenge!:shark825:


    unfortunate the shift leader is unworthy of his position - no one should be abusive in the workplace especially in a position of authority / leadership


    i wonder who is modeling whom in this duo?  they are two of those boys a strict teacher would immediately separate in class

    'no-good' and 'no-good-together' - - only worse


    i think the boy likes to associate himself with whomever he sees holding 'the power' and he has become aware that you do, perhaps he can learn some good manners and work ethics and see that, 'mean stupid blame-talk' is beneath everyone 

    grow himself a backbone and make something good of himself... yeah one can hope :unicorn:


    people learn thru example and you are setting a good one - go girl! :018A1D~14:



  9. 3 hours ago, Vicki Lee said:

    Awwww :Emoticons04284:thank you! And what a sad, sad story... Well I hope that generation learned and hopefully thought the next to not repeat history again... Even though it seems the damage seems to be done... 

    we are still hoping praying educating...  as people become aware that every living being forms an essential part of the great web of life in a living ecology that literally sustains our earth and all of us living here we have a chance to turn things around


    i wish this can occur at the speed of light - we are in an extinction cycle fueled by corporations - am trying to figure out how to get a 'crimes against humanity and the earth at large' wave started that will take them out and begin the restoration cycle we are so desperately in need of 


    i cried reading your sweet post of taking those ten minutes to carefully move them out of your car - this means so much that you valued their little lives!  these small gestures are what keep us all alive ~ bless you vicki lee! 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Vicki Lee said:

    I see two baby wasps (They didn't resemble bees at all or could have been a hornet) were all over my steering wheel humping it! I guess I brushed my wrists across the steering wheel when I got in. I was SHOOK!  ??? I hate waspsssssss UGH! I can deal with bees they're cute! But It took me 10 minuets to nicely escort them out.


    I am delighted you kindly escorted them out - super awesome of you Vicki Lee:love592:

    Wasps are valuable pollinators of fig and fruits and other important crops - often a specialised wasp pollinates only a particular kind of tree - so when that one kind of wasp is gone so too goes the ability of that plant to make any more fruit


    It is my thought that maybe besides the phero all the delicious ripe fruits you were wearing brought them in as they love ripened fruits - you must have smelled amazing!  A special 'blissing' they got busy on your steering wheel! Surely a wonderful

    sign of good things to come!  Goddess energies to bring in the wealth of the ripening harvest to come!


    When I was young, my god-mother and all the folks in her neighborhood had spent YEARS trapping and killing all the wasps that frequented their yards visiting their old fig trees of enormous size - planted by the first Italian immigrants who planted figs to insure good luck and bountiful harvests among other boons


    I had spent many seasons climbing into her tree spending hours up there in the peaceful shady beauty of the old tree

    the wasps never once stung and often when they came close I would open up a ripe fig to share with them some of their bounty as I sat high in the branches enjoying the delicious fruit


    I did chastise her often enough about harming them she made a habit of hiding her wasp traps when I visited and pretended she had ceased abusing and killing them - if only she truthfully had this story would have a good ending


    My god-mother and her neighbors however, became better and more efficient at killing these helpful beings until none were left and their figs remained green hard forms forever locked in an immature state never to ripen again 


    It was heart-breaking that these people who so loved their figs were so short-sighted to the rest of the living beings around them to have in a few short years completely caused the extinction of their only pollinator - the fig wasp


    I truly am grateful you did no harm to your busy visitors and so is some special fruit tree living nearby - thank you for overcoming your aversion to care for those so different from you and in a hurried moment getting out for work too -

    you are awesome Vicki Lee :love592:

  11. On 4/21/2014 at 3:46 AM, vladmyra said:

    I have had a few people (family and psychs) wonder if I'm Asperger's. I feel l have quite a bit in common with AS people, but because I've always been so good at reading people (emotions, motivations, personality), everyone's always come to the conclusion I must not be AS. I am particularly aware of my own and other people's emotional states- so intensely it's often painful to me. I think this might be a bit the opposite of someone with AS, but could be wrong there?

    Vladmyra loved your sharing here so so much!  And yours TheBirkeys!  Such love and nurturance!  I am in love with our family here :hearts0425:


    and now for my 2 cents worth on another perspective...


    Vladmyra, I think you may be a Highly Sensitive Person, about 20% of both males and females in the population are - also they can be introvert or extrovert in nature


    It is not an illness but a selective adaptation that allows our species to evolve and survive things that others miss seeing, or knowing, from any given environment, as a highly sensitive person has exceptionally highly attuned senses, comparatively with the rest of the 80% of the masses


    who simply do not notice all sorts of things occurring within any given environment - whereas, a highly sensitive person is extremely aware  - for the rest it's just filtered out or, they just do not have the same nervous structure in the body and brain that highly sensitives have - we are just different - just very highly attuned to life around us to a very high degree - and the world has not been made by sensitives - so it is loud, disruptive, and basically abuses the senses with way too much over-stimulative input - from which we must seek rest, restorative peaceful places, atmosphere and quieter nurturing beings to be with


    I have this, as do many members of my family fortunately, so our home was more peaceful and harmonic than most families we knew that were not sensitives - I had a preference for being in nature or being with wise adults than with most children and teens my 'peers' - were difficult to be with - so I chose the company of those who were several decades older than I - or, I would be with the wee lil ones who appreciated my calm aware nature or, with the animals, insects and plants - who also seem much more sensitive and aware than the vast majority of people I met - no offense - busy beings can be tons of fun yet we must know precisely when to, 'take our leave' before our nerves are suffering 


    Gaia has a film, "Sensitive - The Untold Story" with Alanis Morrisette in it, who thought she was becoming unhinged as her needs were so different than her family and others - until she met the woman Dr Elaine Aron, who by then had a wonderful handle on all of this - who then assisted Alanis with information on how to take care of herself in the big noisy wild world


    Dr Elaine Aron experiencing these things herself since childhood, discovered thru careful inquiry and observation and interviewing many, many people, that this is a highly developed evolution of human beings and not an malady at all

    her books, "The Highly Sensitive Person" and others have been very helpful in educating our culture about this temperament trait which has been incredibly supportive to everyone with this trait and those we live with and work with and perhaps most importantly with our children who have this trait being understood by their families and teachers, who can then consciously create environments more harmonious for their well-being and development


    Not surprisingly, other animals have about 20% of highly sensitives among them as well 


    Nature is making sure - someone is paying attention - to all the subtle and some not-so-subtle cues we must reconcile to survive all this chaos, with ourselves and our earth intact

    I hope this beams a bright beam of light upon the matter and gives everyone another perspective to consider 


    Being 'different,' imho is usually a good thing - no matter what the difference is - as it gives us more resources from each other in these times - when we all must, 'think' and 'live' outside, "the box" if we gonna survive - we must blaze a path out of the current political-social morass into a brand-spankin' new  paradigm - like quick! 


    Big Love to Us All!

    I Embrace Us! I know you do too  :nice09715:

    (cause i'm just that sensitive) 



  12. On 7/25/2018 at 8:25 AM, Maya said:

    Is it better to get 100% alcohol spray or 60%/40% Alcohol to Oil spray?


    What's the difference?


    The diffusion


    100% alcohol gets it airborne and into a cloud around you fast, an asset during parties, dances and any milestone event

    when you really wish to make a great impression or simply insure a particular ambiance for your group

    yet, this will also burn off faster especially in hot weather which in a long day into night scenario may require another application


    60/40 adds oil to the mixture and is beneficial when you will not be re-applying or in all kinds of weather as it will warm with your body and diffuse nicely while also having a longer life on your skin since oil does not diffuse as quickly as alcohol will


    When I can,  I like to layer the 60/40 spray OVER the roll-on oil of the same phero / phero-scent blend finding that

    in any weather during any activity, it envelopes me quite well and will last easily day into night for me:smiley-rpg012:

  13. Regarding childhood lying


    I have a memorable incident of being in the right place at the wrong time... walking into a baby-sitter's house after school at the very moment her son was caught doing something er other - when he yelled at the top of his lungs while pointing at me, "IT WAS HER!!!!!!!!!! - SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    At which, she lead me by the arm and marched me straight into her bathroom, sat me down onto the closed lid of the commode, saying, "Lies are NOT TOLERATED in this house."  Then asked me to open my mouth, which I did obediently and she placed a small piece of clean white soap onto my tongue giving me this odd sacrament while informing me to hold it there and think about never telling a lie again


    She left me there alone closing the door after herself for a solid half an hour although it felt like an eternity

    When she returned to me her face went suddenly very pale observing me quietly meditating with silent tears flowing down my clothing


    When she spoke, she quietly said as a statement of fact, "You have the soap in your mouth... it has been in your mouth this entire time..." 

    She then placed her open palm in front of my little mouth for me to return the soap to her hand, which I did and told me to 

    use the sink to rinse out my mouth many times until I tasted it no longer and when I was finished to come to the kitchen

    where she then fixed me special things to eat and drink that she shared with no one else - made only for me - her silently gifted apology 


    She had realised her mistake in believing her son and he was suitably disciplined for accusing an innocent and this ordeal although painful at the time placed me in an entirely different orientation with her and all the other children there 


    I was never falsely accused again and was allowed quiet time in the garden to be in nature as I preferred while everyone else was busy elsewhere doing noisy things - mainly being loud raucous children


    'She' spent more time with me in her kitchen helping her in preparing foods and beverages from then on

    preparing our snacks, lunches, picnics and sometimes the dinner 'She' and her family would enjoy later on after all the children and myself were once again within the care of our own families...  her tone with me always soft and comforting ... we became friends... I realise now she had all sons and I was to become like her daughter in many ways

    one who cared about and appreciated the feminine arts she could teach me


    a few days later, one of the children came out to the garden where I was quietly meditating with the birds and the dragonflies to speak with me ... she had heard that I had held the soap the whole time and said the reason 'She' closes the door is so you can spit the soap out and she warns you before re-entering so you can put it back into your mouth right before she comes in to check and release you... none of this made sense to me, although I listened quietly - wasn't that a lie?


    Reading your stories in this thread brought this memory flooding back to me for the first time since its occurance

    I can see I was a different sort of child ~ and feel I still am :nice09715:




  14. On 8/6/2018 at 9:45 AM, dolphindolls2 said:

    This blend is so sophisticated and elegant and when you team it with a phero you are unstoppable...


    I need to request a re-brew of this as I'm on my last day


    ❤️ Count me in for the re-brew too ❤️  Wonderful experience - thank you dolphindolls2 ❤️ 

  15. On 2/9/2016 at 7:47 AM, Wendylynne said:

    Mom would disappear into their bedroom, where we could hear her humming or singing in the shower. An hour or so later, she'd emerge, glowing and dressed to the nines. Dad would arrive, throw open the door, and bellow out his best rendition of "What's New, Pussycat", and away they'd go, just the two of them, on an adventure. As the door closed, mom's perfume would linger, preserving the moment.


    Awe! Wonderful love your parents have!  I had to que up Tom Jones in celebration of such a strong loving bond you have shared here of your family ~ thank you!  

    Simply beautiful  :nice09715:

  16. On 7/11/2018 at 11:45 AM, Eastwood22 said:

    #4 is "You Can Only Wear This Around Me/ This Doesn't Taste Anything Like it Smells" after it caused some skin nibbling. I've never gotten any into my mouth before, I can't believe he's been putting up with this for so long! My applications points will no longer include my neck, and I think my hair is about to start smelling really good. Like really, really good.


    Thank you sweetheart for the, 'hip-tip'!   

    I too, have a patient mate who has never complained and continues to nom-nom-nom... I must re-direct my slathering pronto!


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