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  1. OCEAN RAMSEY IS THE SHARK WHISPERER <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/d-1xU0VfJ-g" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. thank you for so graciously receiving my loving kindness violet light gggrandma magic gifts ~ i am very happy i shared these! and thank you for reminding me of of the fluidity of violet time magicks!
  4. wow! wonderful eastwood22 so happy it all went well! *my above note was very late here - after the fact in fact
  5. eastwood22 i know you have heard this a lot - or you should have - if anyone can carry the day successfully - it is you! i agree with everything stacey k says here of lfn that epi-a is the queen bee along with everything stacey k says about lfn ~ perfect description stacey k ~ seriously perfect lei's femme fatale sounds the right choice eastwood22 to see you through your day ~ it is "packing" on so many levels and like swimming with sharks ~ the respect is there ~ and oh-so-much-more! i will share something my grt-grt-grandmother taught me when i was a wee girl it is to cocoon ones self in a violet light cocoon and to just push away anything and anyone who is negatively in ones space with a great push of violet love ~ it has always worked for me in many situations as i was going out the door into a difficult day she would call to me, "remember the violet love" this held me safely much of my life ~ bless her ~ this feels congruent with lfn and lei's femme fatale both of which feel violet to me and made me think of this violet love ~ with the dynamics of your environment ~ this may come in handy now n then if anyone can carry this day successfully ~ it is you !
  6. this one is really uniquely clean and light and so evocative of the feeling state of being all clean and clear ~ such as after confession and absolution ~ and after a really long deep soak in sacred hot springs ~ sacred practice ~ and after a really intense sweat lodge experience ~ i get the same from this little treasure as for scent... here in our family one of our favorite little bath time treats are those little crabtree and evelyn seashell soaps... and the fragrance note of these is in this upon our skin, along with something moist and earthy for me, like my garden smells first thing in the morning while everything is still cool and darkling moist from the cool night before the sun has warmed it all up ~ scents of flowers, ferns, mossy plants and earth still cool and yet waking slowly while the garden is still in the shade of predawn i like this, and its velvety softness when dry ... for me this is very soft, and clean and unusual my son layers this with cheeky and it is wonderful... with his chemistry this creates a warm spicy apple crumble scent
  7. hmm... 18 months later... more or less... is it time for a re-brew? this looks lovely!
  8. Let us know when a rebrew is happening ~ I would love to try a bottle of this
  9. Greetings one and all my heartfelt thanks go out to you all for your prayers, intentions, and requests of The Lady Bast/et, as Bodhi was found this evening by a lad under the crawl space of a building miles away, who had somehow seen a flyer and called my room-mate. Who went out there twice, lost the first time himself, and found the place the second time round. Bodhi is back home, dehydrated, starved, roughed up, and very grateful to be home. Ate quietly for more than 15 minutes, some canned food with extra water on top and when he rested did not move far from the dish. He had a harrowing time of it. I had to stay after the room-mate to keep looking as he wanted to call it off a week ago - and get me another cat. >.< I have been smiling with happy tears running down my cheeks the past many minutes saying thanks and making offerings in gratitude for this miracle. My heart is so full of gratitude to each and every one of you amazing blessed women to hold us and help us get Bodhi home safely. Sometimes it takes a village to find our lost friends. Thank you from the whole of my heart <3 Purrrr.... Bodhi's Back! trying to find the thread for the re-brew ~ count me in!
  10. Thank you Blackcat, it means a lot to me. <3
  11. Your avi looks exactly like my Bodhi... and I ask for some special Black Cat Mojo go out to him now... he is an indoor cat and someone let him out and he has been missing now for a week! I am with family out of state, and he is in Colorado - it is so difficult not being there to walk the neighborhood myself. It is a college town - and a very large apt. complex where we rented a room. He is gorgeous, and one of the most amazing people I know. I am concerned on so many levels. One of the room-mates is moving and so there is all that going on and carelessness - even though the rule is to have him in my room with fresh food and water and a clean box, when anyone is coming and going so an accident would not occur. I am beside myself. My canine companion of 16+ years and Bodhi's best friend too just passed away a few months ago. And my mother is traveling a 16 hour journey today with my sister - and we are uncertain she is up to this. It is a necessary move, unavoidable... she said her good-byes last night to me, just in case. O my heart! Give me strength, the love is biting into me with steel teeth!
  12. Thank you Rose Blackthorn ~ this is indeed a very special place in the ethers, thank you for your warm welcome. NuTrix, thank you! It is a certainty! <3 bless you for encouraging me <3
  13. Thank you StoremyWhether, Blackcat, and Quietguy for your warm welcome. I am glad to be here. Looking forward to experiencing these lovely creations. A large thank you goes out to the creators of these PE's, and Mara for making this possible. Am ridiculously happy ~ and these scented intentional babies are not even here yet! Wow! ... *she looks around, 'ah, there it is', as she buckles up into her 5-point harness... "click!"... there now, am secured and ready to roll... *or, should I be looking for my parachute...* looking vaguely at the altimeter... 'how high are we?...' ....*as the horizon slopes quickly out of sight... she gazes at nothing but the Big Blue Sky reaching out forever...* "am as ready as I will ever be, to embark upon this Whimsical, Magickally Intentional, Journey!", I say aloud, suddenly, my wings unfurl and with a flutter knock the vase over beside me... giggling wildly all bright and shiney-like spontaneously one thought arises, like a Mission Statement ... what? no, really??? "I am here to Embrace the Great Mystery and Remember to DANCE, SING, and FLY thru Life once again" little did she know when placing her order, Love Potions would have such deep significance upon the inner workings of her being.... 'I have Wings!' Yes... I am a whimsical silly person, so glad to meet you all! xx
  14. Please reserve a full bottle of each: Sanctuary; Black Cat; Siamese Cloud Bonne Belle should these be available, thank you <3 Mara, please mark me for one Sanctuary ~ and if there is enough I would like to very much have one Bonne Belle as Raindrops are one of my favorite things in the world and upon my list for a PE from you ~ a purrfect choice for Spring! StoremyWhether... I am happy to see this, you are so very kind ~ and very happy to see you have a bottle of your own now, too. You have been Karma Kissed! Thank you for your very thoughtful welcome ~ it is good to be here among so many beautiful people... I have been quietly learning from you all xx
  15. Please reserve a full bottle of each: Sanctuary; Black Cat; Siamese Cloud should these be available, thank you <3
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