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  1. I just tried this one and the first thing it reminded me of was Mark's Tonka Tabacum. I went to find my bottle of Tonka Tabacum and put that in another spot to compare. The Adam's Man is a less "heavy" and apple forward version of Tonka Tabacum...at least to me. I really like Adam's Nectar and it's a bit more "wearable" to me than Tonka Tabacum was.
  2. I'd like to reserve another Oshun also if possible. Thanks!
  3. On me this one is honey and peach. I know this is supposed to be a feminine scent but it's one of my favorites once I put it on.
  4. I'd like to reserve one Oshun and Ogun. Thanks! updated-I still would like one. Thanks
  5. I went with full bottles of Corwin, Xavier and Leopold. Samples of Alaric, Dylan and Bosom Bows
  6. Yep, I got slightly mapled and slightly tobacco'd sandalwood on myself. I really like this scent. Was a little put off by the old man following me around the gym about 6 hours after application though
  7. I had a dream that the Pheromas were available for purchase. Such disappointment to wake up and realize I still have a bit of a wait.
  8. Today while wearing Super II I went out to a local burger place. The place was busy so I took a seat at the bar and waited to order. This place has all female wait staff and I hear them whispering about something that smells good. After about placing my drink and food order one of the waitresses comes over and ask if I'm wearing some kind of special lotion or something. I just tell her it's a maple and tobacco based cologne I found online. She then yells to the other waitresses "It's this guy right here". All the waitresses come over to compliment me on the scent. The first waitress then comes back to ask where she can buy the scent. I let her know and the rest of the time I'm seated at the bar, at least 2 waitress or milling about right in front of me with one saying she's not moving until I leave. I've worn Super many times and never heard a peep on way or the other but today it's was a cornucopia of compliments
  9. spoonki

    Top Five

    Right Now Tonka Musk Voracious Teddy Man 2 Sorcerer 2 LP Homme
  10. I'm thinking of making this my everyday scent. Smells great but doesn't feel like I'm wearing a scent. There are times I want what I'm wearing to be noticeable, but at those other times, this one will come in handy.
  11. I just opened my package that had Tonka Musk included. My initial thoughts are it reminds me of Dial soap. A very clean, just after a shower smell.
  12. spoonki

    Totem: Bear

    Olderbutwiser: I did try both Totem Wolf and Lion. I liked Lion a litter better with the jasmine like smell. For some reason Wolf is off putting to me. I haven't tried it on skin yet for a full day so I should give it a full try to see how it evolves outside of the bottle. I just ordered a sample of Beaver so hopefully I'll have something to report on that soon.
  13. Got my first compliment on a LP fragrance today with Sorcerer v2. I walked into a smoothie shop to get my post workout protein infusion. The lady that followed me into the store starts going on and on about how good it smells in the shop. She then walks up to me and asks what I'm wearing. I told her something I picked up in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Sorcerer and Voracious are becoming my favorite two scents so far.
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