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  1. I just tried this one and the first thing it reminded me of was Mark's Tonka Tabacum. I went to find my bottle of Tonka Tabacum and put that in another spot to compare. The Adam's Man is a less "heavy" and apple forward version of Tonka Tabacum...at least to me. I really like Adam's Nectar and it's a bit more "wearable" to me than Tonka Tabacum was.
  2. On me this one is honey and peach. I know this is supposed to be a feminine scent but it's one of my favorites once I put it on.
  3. I went with full bottles of Corwin, Xavier and Leopold. Samples of Alaric, Dylan and Bosom Bows
  4. Yep, I got slightly mapled and slightly tobacco'd sandalwood on myself. I really like this scent. Was a little put off by the old man following me around the gym about 6 hours after application though
  5. I'm thinking of making this my everyday scent. Smells great but doesn't feel like I'm wearing a scent. There are times I want what I'm wearing to be noticeable, but at those other times, this one will come in handy.
  6. I just opened my package that had Tonka Musk included. My initial thoughts are it reminds me of Dial soap. A very clean, just after a shower smell.
  7. I'm trying out Tonka Tabacum for a full day today. I get almost all tobacco when I smell it. This one reminds me of when I used to visit my Granddad when I was a kid. He was a cigar smoker and his car and bedroom smelled like tobacco. I'm enjoying it but it does seem more like a cold weather scent so I might save this one more for this coming fall and winter. I'll also say it smells like Super 2 without the maple syrup.
  8. I tried out Totem:Lion for a moment last night and I agree with most of the comments that the first whiff on skin isn't the most pleasant experience of my scents so far. But after about 15-20 minutes, I loved it. I'll have to give it another try this week for a longer period of time than I wore it last night.
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