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  1. It's a sign, Cheesy! Wear Totem: Bat every evening on your stroll, and you'll have more than winged mammals heading in you direction
  2. Belle, sometimes LFM and my cycle don't mix either. My hormones can get the best of me and flatten out even the best of 'mones. LFM is no different. I've experienced being a bit peevish wearing it, even though more often than not it puts a glide in my step and smile on everyone else's face. I will add that (mysteriously) Pirouette is the one fragrance I've smelled the whole gamut of notes on. There have been times when it's all nut one week, then all citrus three days later, then all sugar the next week, then all coconut the week after that... It's a baffling testament to personal chemistr
  3. I am going to post on Amazon too, a short version, but wanted to include yet another review singing Cougar Potion's praises! The scent package is a refreshing blend of citrus and amber/musk. If you like resiny smooth perfume on top of a warm sugary sweet base, this is a great bet. The grapefruit citrus goes on bright, but after an hour or so the amber and musk combination is just about the only thing left on my skin. Whoo, this stuff really warms and blooms with your body temperature! You only need light application in your warmest spots, or slightly more on your cooler surfaces. The hotte
  4. Because I was such a hot mess last year during the sale (it was my first sale--was randomly picking freebies based on names and notes I'd never smelled, doh!) I kinda went insane on my first order... It's great though, 'cause I boosted my UN collection and bought favorites again. Doubled up on my Pirouette, Coquette, and Sweet Surrender FBs, then picked a few Etsy bottles I'd been eyeing for months. With 11 freebies, I'm not sure how the hell a person can rationalize making another order.... But I'm gonna do my damnedest in two weeks when I get paid again, lol. I like how everyone is brain
  5. Coconut Breeze please! It just sounds so amazing, and has been long gone.
  6. I wish I could get that softly femme effect with an occasional knife's edge... Sounds like an ideal female rolemodel indeed! Yesterday, I wore some Dominance spray to a voting meeting (one spray each to back of neck, crook of elbows, between thighs). One of our (elderly but legendary) physicians who I have a good rapport with admitted he didn't even recognize me when I greeted him and gave instructions regarding voting. As he was walking away he said, "OH! I didn't even recognize you, Veronica." and then, "You've done something different. Is it your hair?" I was thinking, "This rat's n
  7. I have the 60/40 spray on today--two sprays to the chest, one and a half on the abdomen, one to the back of my neck, one split between forearms. I was probably ghosting like a mofo this morning, but I didn't care. Called an uber car to take to work just for the hell of things (and I was behind). The guy opened the door for me as I approached the car, but didn't say much else for the whole ride until I was getting out--which is uncommon for my rides, actually. More often than not, taxi and uber drivers like to chat with me, pheros or no. This guy didn't say much, and I asked him to change dire
  8. Donsie, that sounds like you were definitely getting hits! Bat is a great phero fragrance for me so I would hope you can enjoy it some more and find a good sweet spot you can rely on.
  9. Ahhh, nice. Thanks for the tip, Stacy. (I live in the DC area, so I'll remember that!) I adore sugary vanilla and grapefruit based scents, but I can only do white resins typically so I don't get stabbed in the third eye. The white amber in CP really helps the scent to stick to my skin, and I never over-apply because the scent is a great marker for amount. Like someone mentioned upthread, I think the ingredients in CP are just as effective as the Stone Cougar pheros alone. To Mara's brilliant credit, Cougar Potion is a deliciously mature pink and white scent that wears as luxuriously as a s
  10. You're absolutely right, Dolly. The label is also the best representation of any scents on LP, in my opinion. Scented Cougar reminds me of evening gloves, silk, and elegance all rolled into one. When I'm wearing Cougar Potion, I feel like I'm the woman on the label, even if my hair isn't combed and I've got holey sweats on. XD
  11. Excellent feedback, ladies. Thank you so much for clearing that up! As tempting as the crazy good hits Shelly and others have gotten from 2x Cougar in alcohol, I will stick with the 1/3 or 333 mcg strength. It's really a fabulous phero for me at that amount, so I'm not even crushed. On that note, it makes me wonder if the pheros currently falling utterly flat for me may be too strong at just the 1x strength, but perfect at the 1/3 enhanced amount. I'll look into more of the phero-enhanced blends for additional experimentation.
  12. Belle, thanks for creating this thread! These are all great socials, and the differences are important to note. Glad it's all going in one place now. LFM ~ My number one favorite--probably the reason why I fell for LPMP, and hard. LFM is the intelligent, graceful, pretty girl. She's elegant and lovely and interesting but somewhat out of reach. On the average day when I'm choosing a phero just for whatever, it's LFM. It's middle of the road "attractive but elegant" air makes it great for various social and personal situations. On me, LFM never wears sexy--it's just straight social, feminin
  13. This is probably my second favorite phero (only bested by the trusty LFM) in enhanced perfumes, so I definitely need to get on the UN spray bandwagon. I know this is an old question but, if you're coming from the phero-enhanced scents, approximately 1/3 the strength of the UN's, with very good results, would it make sense to go straight for 2x in alcohol? Has anyone ever OD'ed on Mega Cougar and ghosted?
  14. There are quite a few like that for me, Donsie. I feel like all the LP standards are like that. One day I took a whiff of Betrothal Potion and LP Original and it just clicked for me how masterful these perfumes are blended if I can set it aside and it becomes better with time.
  15. Can't remember if I've ever posted here but... I've been hearing a lot about Celubutante, Gypsum White, Body Paint, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Tickle Tickle. I'm oh so very curious about those. Just about anything Lavender Vanilla. OH! And Seer! That was so friggin' divine!!! (I have to be careful though because it has True Confessions, and I'm not about spilling my guts to anyone right now.)
  16. Shiitake mushrooms!!! I'm finally reading this and grasping what all this wonderfulness means! I just put in an order for a full bottle set and could have redeemed two trials. Grrrr! I guess I'll have to wait for the next order to try LP Flutterby and LP Tropique. :'(
  17. That's exactly it! Thank you Donsie and Bella for solving the mystery of my fuzzy mind!
  18. Maybe my brain is trying to curb my spending, but I'm suddenly confused about the full bottle set rules... When it says "any 10 of the potions of your choice (but no more than 2 of the same one)" does that mean I can buy two Fascination Potions, and then only one of the rest? Or can I order two Fascination Potions and then two Hex Deflections, etc.? (Did I hallucinate that sometimes full bottle sets include two free somethings...? Apologies ahead of time for the supremely dumb questions--it's after Tax Day and I've been grinding an axe with our legal offices today. )
  19. Thank you thank you thank you so much for getting out the spell potions set in just days! They arrived so fast and at a time when I could use some magickal interventions in my life. Also, the bags they came in were green, which is the first time I've ever seen green ones and also the same color as my birthstone. I felt as though there was a powerful connection between the color and the powerful little trials within. It couldn't have just been a coincidence! Anyway, I appreciate the swiftness and awesome collection. I'm way overdue because I forgot about this particular thread unfortunately
  20. Received my spell oils, and just wanted to squee when I saw the green bags--emerald is my birthstone and green is one of my favorite colors! Thanks so much!
  21. Something pretty disappointing just happened in my personal life, so I was really down on Sunday. Thankfully, I spent Easter with my family, and decided to wear Winter's Grace with Treasured Hearts to the dinner. Usually I get really blue for some whacky reason with TH, but I suppose already being pretty morose, I figured there was nothing to lose. Unlike the times when I tried Terra Mater w/TH, Winter's Grace w/TH actually gave me a sense of calm and peace. I was still sad from the night before, but it felt distant and almost tamped down, because I was so grateful to be with family member
  22. I'm not quite sure why it wouldn't work for us, Tink, but you're right that it just may be the way things are. I've tried Terra Mater multiple times since my last post, successfully without headaches, but also without the positive responses everyone else has had here, unfortunately. Generally I feel grumpy or subdued. This one seems tricky to get a sweet spot on, but I'm convinced it's worth figuring out so I'll keep trying! I was considering an UNscented spray, but I'm not sure if more concentration would help or hurt considering it's been touchy in the enhanced scents...
  23. This is the only scent where I experienced the infamous cycle-scent-change phenomena in full blast. When I first wore it (and on most days), it was all coconut and citrusy musk, like Cougar Potion and Coco y Frambuesa had a beautiful little LFM ballerina baby. Then a couple times after, I applied it one morning a few days prior to my period and there was nothing but ylang ylang and vanilla-honey smoothness. Today, I think I'm ovulating and it's straight teakwood, vanilla, bergamot, and musk. Aaaamazing. Yeah, so despite me throwing the notes all over the place, the Potion Master made magic
  24. I don't know if there is much to add about this scent other than to say I fumbled my vial onto my linen couch and pillows, and wasn't even upset because it smelled so lovely. I only regret having to break out the alcohol to remove the oil stain. If it had been another fabric, I would have let the oil soak and sniff away happily while lounging. It's a clean and sweet and perfectly balanced tea/sugar/floral scent.
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