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  1. Allumette, first, foremost and forever All Hallow's Eve 2012 Flying Potion 2013 (and not 2014. That one didn't work on me remotely. Sad, sad!) A Night at the Round Table Pizzaz, another one that sold out before I could get a bottle. I'm nursing the sample, but am sad to have missed having it in my life for a full-bottle span. I'm living in hope for a reincarnation or something similar to come into development!
  2. I bought this one from the close out section and am darn glad I was able to snag a bottle. It's so smoothly, comfortingly delicious. Licorice, vanilla and milk in sheer, bedtime paradise. Love this one
  3. Flying Potion 2014 is definitely much heavier on the grapefruit than 2013. I didn't realize I had the sample of 2013, which I fell in love with, so I bought the 2014, thinking I'd get that same lovely smokey vanilla. 2014 sadly goes very much like cat pee on me, and doesn't dry down for an hour. Grapefruit and me have never gotten along, as much as I like the actual scent. (It IS such an uplifting scent, but on my skin, it is rather horrid.) Anyway, I have a nearly full bottle of 2014 up for swap or purchase! Sigh.
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