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  1. I still haven't given this one a test drive yet. I like the scent but I haven't had a good opportunity for trying it because I didn't want to walk around wafting BI all over the place for no reason.
  2. I feel like I keep posting in this thread, but really, I have so many good experiences with Odalisque with Bang. I wore it to a dance last night and it really delivered. I had injured one of my hands, so I decided to mainly lead dances last night, instead of following them, so I wouldn't have to use my bad hand. All the men came and asked me to dance and I told all of them my story and said I was only leading. Very few of them could follow at all, but they all wanted to dance with me and so tried it out anyway. It was pretty funny. But the guy who was the most affected is the one who typic
  3. I wore Honeyed LP with Gotcha this weekend to a big party I was at. I like this one for parties. It makes me feel amazing and I usually have so many great encounters with people when I wear it in the right setting. I got a very prominent hit right off the bat. I was helping to set up the party and had showed up several hours early to get things ready. It was a big fundraiser, so several other people involved with the organization of the party were also there helping out. One of the people is a guy with whom I have a powerful mutual attraction, but nothing every happens because he has a rea
  4. No problem I think I'm going to have to test this out again tonight. A girl's got to have some fun ETA: This stuff is gold. I love Bang!
  5. Wow, Bang is pretty potent stuff. I tried it out again at a dance last night. One of my elderly admirers danced with me and afterwards joked that he could die happy now. Forgot to mention that when I wore Odalisque last week he asked me to marry him (in jest, of course!). My usual target was there and I danced with him several times. He often avoids me when I wear blends that have a sexy edge, and this is the sexiest thing I've ever worn before, so he steered away from me as often as he could, lol. But when he did dance with me he was smiling into my eyes the entire time, and he was, hmmn, may
  6. In the vial this one had a butterscotchy/toffee kind of vibe for me. Once I put it on, that toned down a little bit and became a bit creamier, but with a bit more depth from the cocoa. Very nice. I didn't use much of this because I have no prior experience with Bang! and didn't want to overdo it - two three inch swipes in my cleavage and two three inch swipes just about my navel. I smooshed it around with my wrists. This was not one that had a lot of staying power for me, but I wore less than I usually would and went to a dance where I danced for pretty much every dance for three hours, so I w
  7. Got my little box of goodies last week I'm going to try this one out to a dance on Friday. I was going to take it for a spin on Monday but in end decided to wear Cuddle Musk with PM because I was totally digging that fragrance and I didn't know if I was in the mood to experiment with Bang. So Friday is the day. I've never worn one of the more sexual blends before - I think Bang has more cops in it than Cougar or Gotcha, which are the only other things I have with cops in them.
  8. I'm waiting for this one to arrive with great anticipation. I never though I would get into foody scents but I was so wrong. And I've never tried Bang before either, so it should be super fun.
  9. I haven't tried BI before but this fragrance is calling to me. I guess I'd better get a sample first to see how the BI works for me.
  10. Tried out this one again last night at a dance venue I hadn't been to before. Once again, one of my car passengers stepped into the car and commented on how great it smelled. I didn't say what it was this time though. I had a great time and felt like I was able to develop a good connection to almost everyone I danced with - so I had a lot of really nice dances. I also did note that I was touching people slightly more - but only people I knew and was already friends with. I danced with my "target" several times and we had a lot of good "chemistry" moments. He offered to drive my car on the
  11. So I have been wearing this phero to my choreography practices. I found it hard to tell whether it was working or not until I tried a practice without it and started making mistakes! So I can now definitively say that this helps me get through the practice, learn the moves, commit them to muscle memory, and have the staying power to go over things again and again. I can't feel any obvious self-effects but I do notice that when I wear it and go out for coffee afterwards with one of the other dancers, we have very focused and intense conversations! Now I'm just not sure whether to wea
  12. So I tried Pumpkin out with LFM for the first of two Halloween parties. I wore the same amount of LFM I usually do - two small spritzes usually works for me. I did a few swipes (because I only have a trial vial) of Pumpkin (without dipping back into the vial) on my torso and smooshed it around with my wrists, and then I did another swipe on my wrists that I smooshed around and then brushed on the back of my neck. So I didn't use very much but I kind of feel like a ghosted a bit. I went out dancing at a party in a nearby city and pretty much only knew the people I went with and a couple of
  13. Well... Ok I will try it out and report back how it goes!
  14. Genius, Lady V! I think I have just found my phero/scent combination for the Halloween party I'm going to next week. On the other hand, I've been having SO much fun with Honeyed LP with Gotcha lately. Hmmn. Decisions, decisions.
  15. Wow. So I wore this out last night and it packed a punch. First of all, it really amps on my skin. As soon as one of my passengers stepped into my car she said it smelled great and wanted to know what I done to get my car to smell so awesome. Was it an air freshener and, if so, where did I get it? I felt slightly embarrassed to admit that it was me because it made me feel like I was slathered in the stuff when I had actually used very little. After I explained that it was a new perfume and that it was turning out to be stronger than I expected, she and my other passenger started analyzing
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