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  1. You know, I used Cougar at my weekly dance a couple of times in the spring and eventually decided that LFM was my phero of choice for this venue. I think I may have decided too soon though. I just busted the Cougar out again after a long hiatus and I got much more noticeable hits now that I'm well known in the club. Interesting. When I tried it earlier I felt that it boosted my confidence to ask people I didn't know to dance, and that a handful of new people that I was meeting were maybe more social than they would have been otherwise. I did, however, have to fend off a creepy guy who was trying to pick me up, so that was the down side. LFM also boosted my confidence, but perhaps not as aggressively. I didn't get any unwanted attention, although plenty of people were interested in dancing with me. I did decide that my dancing was slightly better with LFM than otherwise, but this could have been chance. I decided to experiment with Cougar again after a few months of LFM and I basically do not sit down when I wear it because I am constantly being asked to dance. I get a bit more down time with LFM. And the same people were asking me to dance over and over again on the same evening, so I guess I know who the big Cougar responders are now. I wonder though. I think I get the biggest responses to a phero when I change my signature after sticking with the same one for a while. I got the biggest hits on LFM, for instance, when I switched to it after a long stint of trying out Cougar and OW. Now I'm getting hits with Cougar after a long stint with LFM. I should probably try something else out now. I did try SSFW in Sneaky Clean one time but ended up having to wash it off before the dance started. Turned out I was allergic to something in the perfume. I guess I'll have to get an UN spray. OW isn't good for me in that venue because I end up talking too much and not dancing enough. Maybe I'll try PM just to see what happens. I'm going to have to look through all my sniffies to see how many of them are boosted with anything I can experiment with. So much fun!
  2. I find it helps me focus as well, but not as much as MegaWatt or Leather - but those are crafted for women so probably best to stick with SWS.
  3. Good luck and welcome Javoanta2! Lots of great advice here. I don't have any experience with the sexier pheros or I'd pipe up with my advice, but it looks like everyone has you covered.
  4. Leather really makes me feel kick-ass. I haven't tried it out dancing because I do partner dancing and I don't want to intimidate my leads. It might be kind of fun for a night though. If I try it, I'll let you know how it goes. But Leather is amazing for working out and it tends to make me not give a shit about what anyone else thinks so it brings out an extra dose of awesome. Why don't you try some in your rehearsal and see how it goes for you? Ok, now I'm tempted to try it out dancing too.
  5. Hmmn. I can see why LFN would be a good choice for salsa. Lindy hop, less so. It might be good to try some out on Blues nights though. Blues is a more intimate dance that I could see it working with. Thanks for the info.
  6. LOL, Snoopyace! Don't worry - all hearts were still intact when I left the dance floor. And Reincarnated, I knew there was a salsa dancer on the boards here somewhere. I'd like to learn that someday too. But one thing at a time! Thanks for the tip about LFN. I don't currently have any but I could order some. I worry that it might be a little too much though. Doesn't it have cops in it? The group I dance with is a pretty friendly one - I wouldn't want to go in there oozing cops all over the place. For one thing, while I like most of the people there, there are a handful of guys I try to avoid but still have to dance with from time to time.
  7. So I just tried my LFM in a new context and wow, is all I can say. I've taken up social partner dancing recently. It's something I used to do when I was younger and I'm getting back into it. So I've done a few trial runs with Cougar and a few trial runs with OW but I think this was my favorite. With Cougar I felt very confident and very social but there was this smarmy guy I had to kind of fend off. Also, I seemed to be slightly off my game as far as the dancing went. The OW was super fun. I met a lot of people and was a social butterfly all night. However, I noticed I wasn't as confident about asking people to dance and I also seemed to be slightly off my game. But last week I tried LFM and I'm pretty sure I got a number of hits. I felt confident without feeling aggressive and I was really in the groove as far as the dancing went. I wasn't quite as social as I was with the OW but still talked to a lot of people (and a lot of people talked to me) and I had fun. Where I'm pretty sure the hits were coming in is that four times I got asked to dance to two or more dances, back-to-back by a guy. This is pretty unusual. Usually everybody dances with everybody and people switch partners after each song. One of the guys asked me to dance three times and was this adorable older man in his late 70s. Another guy who asked me three times was this sweet, young guy who's probably 15 years younger than me. So the LFM definitely had a broad appeal! I can't wait to test drive it again this week and see what happens.
  8. I've been test driving this one at my weekly social dancing club for the past two weeks. First of all, I really like the scent and I can't believe I haven't reviewed it before because I know I've worn it. The scent is cool and watery. Refreshing and green with a hint of sweetness from the berries. It's exactly the kind of thing I want to be smelling as my thoughts turn toward the summer. I have this in oil, which works well in the context of social dancing because the club gets really hot so the projection is great. I've also tried a few other pheros in this context, namely LFM and Cougar. LFM boosted my confidence and even though it was my first time at the club I was asked to dance a number of times. Cougar boosted my confidence even further but I did get a bit of unwanted attention. The OW was a nice change. It was a real mood elevator for me and I found myself standing around and talking to people as often as I was dancing. However, I did notice that I was a bit less likely to ask someone to dance with the OW on than otherwise. I think people, especially women, were more relaxed and friendly around me with the OW.
  9. Well thanks to whoever took care of that for me. Looks like my review is now in the right thread! I'm now trying to decide whether to branch out in the pheromone arena for next week's dance. I also tried LFM there once and I thought that worked out well, too. Maybe I'll try Cougar one last time because it's fun and then give OW a try. I'm not really "on the prowl" as it were, so I have no problem with forgoing Cougar for something more purely social.
  10. I couldn't find a review thread for the Cougar fragrance, so like a couple of other people, I'll just post it here. I got this as a sample a number of months ago and never really found the occasion to try it out. But I've given it a couple of trial runs the past two weeks. The fragrance is very citrusy and I don't really get a lot of other notes - it actually gets pretty syrupy on me on the dry down and has great staying power. So I've been taking this out to a local swing dancing club. I used to swing dance in my 20s and was pretty good at it and I found a club that has a weekly dance on a night that I'm free so I decided to give it a whirl. I can say that the age range at this club runs from university student all the way up to late 70s (although there are only a couple of men and no women in this age set), and all sexual orientations appear to be represented. So far I've been having a lot of fun but it's probably for the best that I have this in oil and not in a spray because it is hot, hot, hot in this club with everyone dancing. Last time I drank almost two litres of water while I was there. So I was probably getting much better projection with this than I normally would. Anyway, I haven't actually been to this club without any pheromones so I don't know how it would usually go, but I can say that I feel pretty confident while I'm there. I ask people to dance about as often as I get asked, which is something that I might have felt slightly more shy about without the Cougar. The women have, for the most part, been chatty and friendly. The men have also been pretty friendly and I get asked to dance a fair bit. Amusingly, two of the biggest "hits" - as in the people who seemed the most eager to initiate long conversations and to hang around and be complimentary - were a lesbian woman and a gay man. Annoyingly, however, a straight guy that I didn't particularly like kind of followed me around for a while and buttonholed me. He was kind of trying to pick me up but without being obvious about it. But on the other hand, on my way out I stopped to pet some guy's dog by the door and ended up getting drawn into a long conversation with two guys there. Success, all in all.
  11. Thanks NuTrix! It's true. I was totally fab Sadly, I didn't get the job - but, not, I don't think for lack of being awesome Or modest. Because obviously I'm modest as hell.
  12. So I wore UN LFM to a job interview a little while ago. I covered it with Liquid Mercury. I debated a long time about which phero to wear because SWS seemed on paper like it might be the better choice but in the end I decided not to go for it. I don't usually get a lot of tangible hits with SWS and I have trouble covering it. The scent is strong to me and I find it distracting. So I went with LFM and I think it worked out well. It was an ALL DAY interview. It started at 9:30 AM and kept going till 8:00 PM, with social lunches and dinners and so on. I didn't have time to reapply but I think the effects stayed with me until the late afternoon, anyway. I definitely felt like a rock star until well into the afternoon and several members of the committee were visibly impressed by what I had to say. And we all got on like a house on fire for the social parts. This despite the fact that I was just getting over the flu. So score 1 for LFM, although I'm sure the Liquid Mercury helped as well.
  13. Not a perfume reference. Your Mileage May Vary
  14. I haven't actually tried any of the sex blends for that or any other purpose. I am pretty single at the moment. I just wanted to say welcome! Eggers is the one to talk to about scents when you are a server (unless you are a baker, that is!). I think she was a pretty big fan of Open Windows blends for tips.
  15. I didn't date anyone till I was 21 and although I had a few boyfriends in my 20s there were often long gaps of two or three years between them. I know where you're coming from in terms of feeling like there's no one for you when all your friends and everyone else in your peer group seems to have no problem. But what everyone is saying here is quite true. I met most of my early boyfriends while out doing something else and not thinking about it. Lot of friends tried to set me up, or invited me to parties with other singles but that never worked. What worked was actually doing things I was interested in doing, joining sports teams, getting jobs, focusing on my work and so on. It was always in those settings that I made new friends and occasionally dated some of them. So it's not a bunch of lame advice. There's a lot of truth to it. But if you're really feeling that badly about not having a gf, then that vibe is probably what you're giving off, loud and clear. And it's definitely a turn off for a lot of women because it can make a guy seem like he is coming on too strong (whether he is or isn't - it doesn't matter, it just feels creepy). So back to johnsonlisa's original post, maybe a potion boosted with cops will work well for you. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to a guy who's had a couple of relationships. They figure that if other women took the risk on him, he must be worth it. It doesn't work the other way around though because guys get all the information they need about a woman from subtle visual cues, so they don't need to know her dating history to know whether they're attracted.
  16. Equinox


    Glad I just saw this because I realized that I never reviewed it. It's been a while since I wore it because with everything all covered with snow I'm just not feeling the summer scents right now - but this one is a definite winner for me. It's fresh and green straight on and stays that way for hours. I don't get much floral out of it - just enough to take the edge off the green but not enough to dominate by any means. Neither the amber nor the green tea is obvious to me. Now that I think about it, I can't wait to wear this again. I wear minimal amounts of perfume and people rarely comment but this was one that other people noticed. I was told I smelled "amazing" - and I agreed!
  17. Mega Watt is great for getting stuff done, but don't discount Leather, either. It's supposed to be a dominance potion, and it is, but I really get a ton of stuff accomplished when I'm wearing it. Great for workouts too. Not sure if it would be good in a hospital setting but it should be good for studying. Swimming with Sharks is great in a work setting.You should definitely try it. Fun, fun, fun, right?
  18. Welcome and good luck! I actually haven't tried any of the cops or sex pheros yet because I'm single and kind of too busy to think much about that stuff. But it sounds like others have made some great recommendations. I'm also looking forward to trying out some new things in November.
  19. Ok, so I don't have any of the pheros you've listed except TH, and I've only experimented with it once. LFM is great for feeling like a superstar so I imagine LFN would just take that to the next level. I just wanted to say good luck. I'm sure other people will chime in with their experiences.
  20. Equinox


    C'mon. Buy them all. Everyone's doing it. You know you want to... Just thought I would add to the peer pressure and say welcome!
  21. I'm wondering if I might have to let this mellow a bit for me. I don't get much of the tea at all, which is what I was hoping for more of. This is really strong on the apricot, and while it is very bright, it doesn't convey the sort of zen calm I associate with a tea ceremony. Not on me, anyway. The one thing I will say is that strongly fruity scents come across as "sticky" to me where as this doesn't so I think the tea and other notes must be cutting through it. So I found this to be more of a fun, summery scent than a meditative one (which is what I had been expecting). I did get one surprising evocation though. I'm not an apricot eater and I took a deep sniff when I first put it on to see what apricots smelled like. I felt like I had smelled something like that before, a long time ago, so I took another sniff. Suddenly I was transported back to my childhood, when I had an apricot-scented doll from the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon series. I would not have remembered owning those dolls, or the fact that they were all scented, had I not been sniffing this perfume and trying to place it. Obviously this perfume does not smell like a scented doll from the 80s, but something about it evoked that memory for me.
  22. I ordered a sample of this recently because I have yet to try any of the LPs, either the original or the variant, so I ordered two samples of the ones that appealed to me most. This was one of them. First of all I found this scent very evocative. If I could smell like this all the time I would be very happy. There is a definite green musk and wet earthiness, but in a pleasant way - not as if you just jumped in a duck pond. Terra Mater indeed - this is a real Earth Mother scent. Comforting and grounding but subtly sexy. Unfortunately for me the "green" aspects of it die down relatively quickly and I am left with a very faint powdery scent - not bad but not what I liked straight out of the bottle. This does not linger with me at all. As for Treasured Hearts, this was my first trial with it and it wasn't really a fair day to do the test run because I had been camping the night before and got zero sleep because it was freezing and the double sleeping bag I borrowed to snuggle up with DD in the tent (she's four and this was her first camping trip) did not live up to its reputation AT ALL). DD was alright because she was nestled against me stealing my heat all night, but I could not get my feet warm and thus I could not relax enough to sleep. But I decided to do the trial run anyway because I was meeting a very old friend and his family for a brief visit as they were passing through town. This was literally the first time I have seen him in about eight years as we lost touch with one another for a long time. I decided to go with the TH as it is billed as the "family reunion" phero and that seemed like the vibe I was going for. I didn't notice any self effects but I was surprisingly patient despite the fact that I was really keyed up about this visit and extremely fatigued from the night before. DD was also patient and let me talk to my friend for a surprisingly long time without insisting that I focus on her. And my friend seemed keen to refer to past events and references to old jokes that we shared, which was nice. It's been a long time. I also met his wife for the first time and while she struck me as a pretty cool customer and not someone it would be easy to get to know, she was very tolerant about breaking her journey to meet random old friends and seemed content to make small talk. The kids mainly all played in the park and I don't like to wear pheros around kids anyway. DD came back to sit in my lap a lot, which is nothing unusual. My friend's two girls, 6 and 3, both seemed very comfortable around me. Kids generally like me though so once again it's hard to say if the TH was having an effect. The littlest one gave me a surprise hug before she left though, so that could be due to the TH. This is one I'll definitely have to take for another test run at work when when I'm feeling better rested and can gauge the effects on my colleagues.
  23. However, if you are following a diet and fitness regimen, I suppose certain pheros might enhance your determination to stick with it. Lots of people have commented that Dom and Leather, for instance, inspire them to new heights with their workouts. That's probably about it though.
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