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  1. Good to know. Is the ratio of LP UN pheros to alcohol in spray form the same as the ratio of LP perfume oils to alcohol in spray form? As in, can I go to the Art Fire site and pick up a couple of the DIY pre-loaded atomizers with pipettes and just do it that way, or do I have to do more complicated mixing and measuring?
  2. I totally screwed up my first order by making a second order over a week later and thereby getting booted to the back of the line. But when the stuff arrived it was so much fun. I sat there pulling stoppers off of this and that and sniffing everything in olfactory range. And I loved the little free samples. In fact, I loved one of them so much that I loved it way more than any of the things I had ordered on purpose and I just placed a second order for a full bottle of it. It just goes to show you that you never know. I had looked at A Treasure of Amethysts while making my first order and in the end decided that I shouldn't go for it because it had Lotus in it. I don't know what Lotus smells like. But I do know that I'm allergic to tons of flowers (although Lavender never bothers me) so I thought I would stay on the safe side. Ok, I'm willing to admit that I still don't know exactly what Lotus smells like, but I can't get enough of my little vial of ATOA. That said, I just realized I screwed up my second order too. I think I need to convert my oil pheros to sprays to get the effect I'm looking for. So I need to make a second order of perfume supplies from the Art Fire site. Gack! Sorry to be an idiot. Well, at least this time there's only one day between orders!
  3. I made my original order with an eye to testing out various pheremones prior to an upcoming divorce mediation. I then joined the forum because I needed advice on which ones would be best. So far I've tested out SWS, MLH and OW and I've just ordered LFM. I've tested out a bunch of fragrances too, of course When I made my original order I went for oils. I didn't want to run the risk of blasting anyone! Also, we're heading into summer here where I live, which is typically hot and sticky so I figured oils were the best. But now I'm wondering... I haven't been getting huge effects on any of the pheros I've tried yet. I get self effects, and that's nice, but I think I'm looking for a bit more. However, I can't be sure whether this is just the solitary nature of my day. I work at a university and most people are gone for the summer. I spend a lot of the day in my office by myself, and while I obviously do go out in public I haven't really noticed anything as yet. The only person who really comes into my personal space is my daughter, who is three. I try not to wear the pheros around her but I think they may linger at the end of the day when I pick her up. I have noticed that she's a big cuddlier than usual lately and also that she's better at listening to me. But this may be coincidence as it's also happened when I'm not wearing anything (unless you count what might still be clinging to my bra from the previous wear, if I didn't wash it). This upcoming mediation is probably going to happen in a couple of smallish breakout rooms in a law office. It will be air conditioned. Do you think that under those circumstances I should just use a slightly heavier dose of the oil or will I get better effects if I buy some perfumer's alcohol and convert it to a spray?
  4. This was another winner in my first order. When I put it on I could smell a sweetish kind of lavender/clean linen scent. This was a long wearing scent and the smell stayed very constant over the course of the day. After a couple of hours the linen smell became very dominant. Wafting up from my body as I worked was the slightly lavender scent of laundry snapping on the line in a fresh breeze. I think it was probably the mint pushing the scent to the fore in that way because it smelled extremely fresh (kind of like my nostrils were being cleaned out - only in a good way!) - however my brain interpreted the scent as linen rather than mint. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the sugar. I think I would have actually preferred a slightly more herbal lavender. However, being a perfume newbie, I'm discovering that my body chemistry turns up the volume on anything sweet, so perhaps others would not notice this. And when the perfume was wet the lavender was not too sweet. Anyway, whatever was in this really projected on me - but not in an overpowering way. I will definitely wear this again because it evokes some kind of scent memory of staying at a friend's cottage in the summer as a teenager. My friend always had very expensive toiletries that were out of my price range and I think something she must have been using that summer smelled a little bit like this.
  5. Equinox

    Gilded Season

    I loved the way this smelled in the vial. I just reviewed Bonnie and if that was the best thing I think I have ever smelled, this was a very, very close second. I was in love with both of these from the second I pulled them out of the wrapping. I can smell a warm golden kind of smell. The fleshiness of the nectarine scent is balanced by the woods so it ends up not being a wet scent - although that is how I imagined it. It's like there's something warm and dry just behind the fruit. It smelled fantastic on as well but I think I will need to give it another try in a few days. I tried it the day after receiving it and while I couldn't get enough of the smell it disappeared into my skin in very short order. I refreshed it after a couple of hours but it faded almost as fast, so I'm going to give it a few more days and try again.
  6. Equinox


    Bonnie was one in my first order that I was really eager to try. I just loved the sound of it. When I opened up the trial vial I knew I had a winner. It was seriously just about the best thing I have ever smelled. So bright and fresh - almost apple-y, if that's a word. I think my brain was interpreting the bright crisp sweetness and grass as apple, but when I took a second sniff I realized that there was no apple at all. I could definitely smell the berries and a floral, outdoors kind of scent. When I put it on it smelled just a shade less fresh but still really amazing. Then, very gradually, it turned into a powdery, extremely sweet kind of smell that really lingered. Darbla described it as almost a cotton candy smell and I would agree - it hits me in the back of my throat in that same way that the smell of hot sugar does when you're making candy. It does still have a floral edge though. In the end, I decided that this isn't the scent for me. I've never worn perfume before but it occurs to me after trying out a bunch of different samples that I don't really want to smell sweet all day. I think for my next order I will look for more herbal/green/clean sort of scents. In the meantime, I might buy a full bottle of Bonnie just so I can occasionally heat it in my oil burner so that my house will smell like the most fantastic place ever. Or perhaps I can order it as a spray to use on my sheets.
  7. Woo hoo! Got my shipment yesterday! So much fun. I think my nose went into shock smelling everything. I totally fell in love with two of the samples I got - Bonnie and Gilded. I couldn't stop sniffing them. So even though they were all undoubtedly still travel shocked I tried Bonnie out with some SWS yesterday. I'm going to try them again when they've settled for a few days and then write a review (my first thoughts are that SWS is amazing for getting stuff done). Going to work again today and enjoyed the effects of SWS yesterday so I decided to try Shut Up and Get a Job (BTW, I love the write up for that one). Because I'm on a contract and I really need a permanent job, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to send the intent out there into the universe while I work hard at the office - and also, I've got a job application out there right now that I'm waiting to hear back from. I'm going to post all the rest in the reviews section.
  8. Hey Goddess, very interesting reviews, as I placed my first order for very similar reasons that you placed yours. Mine should be here after the weekend and then I will be sure to let everything rest for a couple of days lest I find myself in the same place you did! I'm already planning my second order!
  9. Hey Beccah - you know, it's just amazing how often in-laws try to muscle in there and take children away from their only sane parent. Sorry you had to go through that but it looks like that's the last time you'll have to deal with that. Committing welfare fraud kind of doesn't look good on the old custody application, you know? And last time I checked - grandparents don't have visitation rights so good luck to her ever being able to come by and see him again now that she's burned that bridge . And yeah, the Monty Python fish slapping dance was kind of what I have in mind. You know, how abusive people just take delight in gleefully slapping other people with their crap and thinking they can get away with it until - pow! Karma slaps 'em back.
  10. Thanks, Eggers! I'll start looking for them in about a week now. Which doesn't seem like a long time at all given that I just waited three weeks after ordering for them to ship. The good news is that I ordered something else about ten days later after I discovered the Artfire Site and both of them went out the same day in the same shipment - so I'll be getting it all at once! So excited!
  11. Just checked my account again and I see that since I last checked, yesterday morning, my order has shipped. Whew! I finally know it's on its way. Still, anyone from Ontario can still feel free to chime in and let me know when to expect it I live in a major urban centre in Southern Ontario.
  12. Anyone else here from Ontario and can give me a ballpark idea of how long my package should take to ship? I understand that because I don't live in the US I don't get a shipping notice. It has been just over three weeks since I got the notification that my payment was accepted, and I've checked the account associated with my PayPal and there has been no further notification from LP about problems so I'm assuming everything is good and it went out ok - but still no package in the mail. Any thoughts?
  13. Nice. Sounds like that's going to be veeeeeeery satisfying when it comes back to slap them in the face like a big dead fish. Karma's great, isn't it?
  14. Hi Goddess! I haven't seen you on the PD forum for a while. I actually came here after reading your raving reviews and I ordered a whole pile of stuff almost three weeks ago now. I'm sitting here champing at the bit to get my first order so I can start trying them out. I'm waiting until it arrives before I get another order - because I hear good things about La Femme Mystere for keeping people in line as well. I'm so happy to hear that your scum sucking lying cheater who lies (that was his name, right?) is finally showing you some respect. Or at least, is not ranting at you. Ok, I'm going to go check the post again.
  15. Decisions, decisions. Hmmn, I didn't know Balm Bomb was for sleeping as well. I will have to read up on that one now too.
  16. Well, I'm thinking of getting La Femme Mystere. And then of course, I'd need something to cover it with - or to boost with it. Not sure if any of the samples above would work for it, so I might try 221B. And then there is BB2. You know, I could use a good night's sleep. I live in a townhouse and when I'm trying to go to bed the occasional noise from the place next door makes me jump because I think it's coming from my place and someone has broken in. I hate it. You see, before I left my ex I lived in a detached house for five or six years so I'm still adjusting. And then there's just the stress. Wondering when I'm going to get a job. Wondering how my divorce mediation will go. How much of my settlement will I have to part with in order to get primary custody of DD3 - who after 8 months of shared custody STILL asks me how come she can't stay with me all the time or whether I will come with her to Daddy's house. Wondering whether my toddler will wake me up an 2 AM again. Sigh.
  17. You don't need a bottle of Vermilion. But then again... on the other hand... I placed my order April 28 and the suspense is killing me. I live in Canada so I don't get a shipping notice - I just have to sit around and wonder when it's going to come. This is my first order and I can't wait. Commercial perfumes pretty much always make me sneeze so I was conservative and only ordered sample sizes (except for a phero). But still, I can't wait! I ordered: Kangaroo Lamb Upstairs Downstairs Bonnie Gilded and SWS And then after almost a couple of weeks I discovered Artfire. LOL. I couldn't take it anymore, so I ordered: Shut up and get a Job (because, seriously, I'm a single Mum, I NEED a permanent job and all I ever get are contracts) and River Song Those of course were FBs but they sounded SOOOOO pretty and there was nothing in there I am obviously allergic to. I already know what I need to get in my next order but I'm forcing myself to stop hyperventilating and calm down until my current orders arrive and I have time to sample everything. Phew!
  18. Well, Nutrix, I'm glad to hear that there's life after finally giving these PD types the heave-ho. Not that I'm even remotely looking for any action right now (I'm kind of fed up with men at the moment - except for friends, of course). Still, a relief to hear from someone who's made it out to the other side. And yes, I'm lucky that my particular PD is what is known as a low-functioning one. This means that he is not really capable of hiding his disordered behaviour. He's very high functioning in other aspects of his life but it's probably lucky that he's self-employed, if you know what I mean. Like you, I've seen it all before and I'm not easily goaded. Yep. I'm definitely going to look into that after I've tried a few samples and find the one I want to phero. So sorry to hear that you're going through something similar. Custody battles are the worst and I gather from seeing a few of your other posts that your ex is not exactly out there getting prizes for his winning personality and parenting skills. SWS is in my first order and is hopefully winging its way over to me as we speak. I hadn't considered Open Windows in that category. Hmmn. Good point about avoiding triggering aggressive responses. The LAST thing I need is to sit through another vein popping scream fest where he rolls on the ground gnashing his teeth and smashing things. I mean, that's why I left him and I don't want to pay a bunch of lawyers and mediators to sit around and wait for him to get his sh*t together (although, on the other hand, pretty much all of his credibility would be gone by that point). Can SWS be layered wtih Open Windows?
  19. Thanks for the advice StacyK. I do have my own attorney and so does he. This is a closed mediation with both lawyers present. We get three sessions and if we can't solve it I'll just file. I'm moderately optimistic that we can do this through mediation because 1) he can't think on his feet and I can, and 2) he's a world class cheap skate and mediation is the cheapest option. And LFM is going to be my next purchase. I'm already looking for some good scents to pair it with. I need something non-floral, of course (because of the allergy thing), elegant and feminine. I'm thinking I might order a sample of 221B for that. What do you think? Any other good recommendations? I'm looking forward to trying out LFM for sure because it's got that air of sophistication to it which will make the contrast between me and my ex greater (I did mention that he acts like an overgrown toddler, right?) All the other samples I got were for SWS so I went for things that sounded clean and fresh.
  20. This one was in my first order. I can't wait to try it out. As soon as I get it I'm going to try it out on my ex because I'm test-driving pheros in preparation for our divorce mediation. I need him calm, willing to listen to reason, and respectful (and if it can do that, it will be a miracle). Also, a little more respect from my toddler wouldn't go amiss. And mmmnnn.... All that yummy raspberry almond goodness. I can't wait to get my sample.
  21. You guys are hilarious! And definitely no to a hitman - frankly he's just not worth it. This is what I tell my Dad every time he offers to go over and introduce my ex to his baseball bat. And Dom and Leather scare me a bit. I'm not an alpha person. Most people find me good-natured and harmless. However, when the chips are down I have a slight advantage because I have a cool head and I'm very diplomatic. That's why I was steering more towards SWS and MLH - and now LFM. I thought those might just add a bit of oomph to my natural tendency. Also, tbh, MLH appealed to me because my ex has the mental age of a four-year-old.
  22. Thanks, all. I'm going to go back and have a look at all those recommendations. I really appreciate it. I have a lot of people I want to inspire respect in and that I want to feel positively inclined to me. Two of them are men and two of them are women, when you add up all the lawyers, exes and mediators in the room. So I'm going to go back and read through the threads on each of these to make sure I have a handle on the male/female effects. Then after being sensible I'll probably just go ahead and order them all anyway!
  23. What a great community of people this is. Glad to hear that SWS gets the thumbs up from men as well as women. And I'd be happy to get a man's perspective on this so if any pheros come to mind, let me know. HI Lovestruck, that's good to know about Treasured Hearts. I hadn't considered it for some reason. And yes, I think the marriage counsellor that we saw (both jointly and individually) would back me up on this if it came to that. If my ex digs in his heels I can request that we both go through psych evals and a parenting evaluation, but I'm hoping it won't come to that - because what an awful thing to do. I'd rather just make it all about money because that's way less likely to antagonize him. I don't really care about antagonizing him, tbh, it's just that once I do, he'll get all defensive and dig in his heels and it will take a bulldozer to move him. Anyway, you have reminded me that I need to make one more appointment with our old marriage counsellor just to make sure. Hmmn. Another vote for Treasured Hearts. I may have a second order in my future. I'm also on a forum for personality disorder support and it's really amazing how many women (and men too! although fewer of them are on the boards) are in this situation. It's like they all read from the same play book or something. Ok, I think I'll order Treasured Hearts as well. Got my tax refund coming and this is worth the investment after all. Not sure about Dom. The thing is, I want to have the right effect on not only him, but also his lawyer, my lawyer and the mediator, kwim? I want to seem calm, reasonable, and friendly as well as in control. I want to command everybody's respect but with warm, fuzzy edges (remember, I want to seem like a good Mom, too). I know that he's going to paint me as a cold b*tch who is impossible to please (not even remotely true, but whenever he gets backed into a corner he makes random accusations like this or projects his own flaws on to me). So, my question is, would Dom be too much?
  24. Thanks a lot everyone! I really can't wait to get started and I appreciate your suggestions. I thought La Femme Mystere sounded pretty cool too, but then I thought in the end SWS might be more appropriate. I don't want to take unfair advantage of anyone - I just want to calm things down enough so that a rational discussion is possible and both SWS and MLH sounded like good possibilities there. And I'm so excited by the idea of being able to wear perfume. I see a lot of other people here who have mentioned not being able to tolerate commercial scents but things working out fine here. I bet I'll still have to stay away from florals (because actual real flowers are a problem for me as well) but it looks like there are plenty of interesting things to experiment with. And I know just what you mean by sinus headache! That happened to me this weekend when I made some homemade slime for my daughter that used some leftover hair conditioner. I played with it for about 30 minutes and I felt like I'd burned the sinuses above my eyes for about 6 hours afterwards.
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