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  1. Velvet and Steel is one of my top 3 LP favorites. (It actually competes with Ebil-ish 2014 for the #1 spot.) So imagine my surprise when I saw that Tropical Musk has a wonderfully similar scent at Velvet & Steel. I agree with Wendylynne and hearts in that it has a hint more coconut than V&S. It's a thick, rich coconut on me, and it blends beautifully with the bamboo. It's not as green as V&S, but I think that makes me like Tropical Musk even more. This is the perfect tropical scent without being too on par with suntan oil. It's very grown and sexy tropical.
  2. I've never tried Tranquility Potion, and usually I'm not one to want a mellow effect. (I'm a recovering energy drink addict.) But this one surprisingly appeals to me. I'm about to lie down now and yup, I'm reaching for my little trial vial. Curious to see what I'll feel like in the morning after a full night with Beautiful Dreamer.
  3. I'm usually not a fan of lavender as it goes all medicinal on my skin. But this past Saturday the red river was flowing, and since I'd never tried BB, I figured this would be an excellent time to try it. This is the first lavender scent that I've immediately fallen in love with. It's sweet and thick and rich, riding on a creamy vanilla cloud. I actually think it's kinda sexy. I only had a swipe on my hand and I laid in the bed with that magical hand close to my nose. I was asleep with drool on the pillow in 5 minutes! And that's with no pain killers, so Balm Bomb appears to be sedative to
  4. I wore this one yesterday (2 sprays to the neck) and today (3 sprays to the neck). Before I offer my review, lemme just say that sweet spot testing is my new mantra. At 2 sprays I sat down in front of the computer and got so much shit done, it was almost unbelievable. I'm talking MAJOR focus power here. I definitely got a creative boost too. (This is something I desperately needed.) As far as energy, it was like perking up after finding $200 in an old jacket pocket. I had some butterflies going and a bit of smiley, confident excitement. Confident is a good word here... kind of like the 'd
  5. Great review androstenol! I'm seriously looking forward to trying Mega Watt now. The whole focus/creativity angle is perfect for me. I love self effects like these. And how awesome that you see auras... even if it is on occasion. I did readings for many years, but I never saw auras visually.
  6. OMG Cougarrifc... I thought it was just me with the TMI boo-hooing! So a few weeks ago I tried three sprays of TMI... one to the neck... one to the back of the neck and another to the back of my hands and smooshed. I felt good, kinda happy-go-lucky. Went to a Fridays to get some potato skins. All of the bartenders were SUPER attentive to me. I've been to this Friday's on a few occasions and it was slightly over-the-top how nice they were. That was definitely a TMI hit. Once I got home though, the 'shit-hit-the-fan' switch immediately came on. My father passed away last month and it wa
  7. I have White and Pink. I wear White a lot, but I think the Pink had travel shock when I first got it a few weeks ago, and it smelled really 'ewwwwww!!!!' to me. Just went into my LP stash box and pulled out the Pink again... OMFG! It smells 10,000% better since it settled. Doesn't even resemble what I initially whiffed when it arrived in my mailbox. Seriously! It's luscious and sweet, just the way I like it. I should've known better. I have several LP scents that have beautifully morphed like that after a week or so. Glad I read this thread... feels like I just got a new order!
  8. I wore Dominance for a second time yesterday. The inner self boost is really, really nice. Still made me feel comfortable with me, which is something I needed right now. At Walmart the cashier greeted me (and only me) with a great big "Good Morning!" Full eye contact and everything. She hadn't greeted any of the other customers that way, so I assume it was the Dom at work. I still need more testing around women. Got home and was carrying the groceries up the stairs to my apartment. I passed one of my guy neighbors on the stairs and said, "Good morning!" Later that afternoon I went
  9. Vladmyra... I'm a very easy going, fun loving person. I tend to make friends with all kinds of people -- the Gemini in me. But in general, I'm not a domineering personality. That's the main reason why I didn't think Dominance would have a significant role in my arsenal. But now that I've tried it, I realize that it doesn't change me. It just amps up the confident parts of me. It makes me feel even more comfortable and awesome in my own skin. And it feels like the natural me, only better. It's not as though I spray it on and turn into insta-bitch. I don't want to go kick anybody's ass or a
  10. I debated about buying Dom. I had something like 15-16 bottles in my cart, and Dom was at the bottom of the list. (Why yes... I did go batshit bananas this month.) Dom was one of those "Aw, what the hell!" type purchases. I figured it would be good for the gym, and that was my initial goal this morning. First spray to the chest -- nothing. Second spray to the back of the wrists -- nothing. Third spray to the neck -- ooooohhhh yeah! Sweet spot target found. In my mind, I'm swinging my head around like Axl Rose. I'm every woman. Feeling like I could get frisky on the kitchen counter. And yea
  11. @livin10 Sorry about your eye, but at least you got lots of TLC. And funny you should mention your experience with the eye doctor. My aunt was in town for my dads funeral (I talked about him a few posts up when he was still alive). Somewhere between New York and the shuttle to my place, she caught pink eye and I had to take her to an urgent care facility. Since I had been wearing the hell out of LFM, I told her to put a couple of sprays on. Ironically she also got some major VIP coddling from the staff and the doctor. She told me she couldn't believe how nice they were. When she went
  12. I wore 3 sprays of UN Cougar yesterday to the mall and all I've gotta say is -- Whoa nelly... this stuff ain't called Cougar by accident! Needed a strapless bra from Victoria's Secret and wandered over to the perfume section. A guy - probably a good 15 years my junior - asks if I need some help. I tell him that I'm just looking. He asks which scent do I like and then he tells me his favorite. To make a long story short he was hitting on me the whole time -- HEAVILY, might I add. At the end of the conversation he says, "So when can I see you again?" To which I replied, "Maybe later!" (wink
  13. Normally I gravitate towards sweet foody and floral scents, but I've thrown them all to the curb since I've gotten EBIL-ish last week. This is one hella sexy vanilla, with hints of spice, and a long lasting base of musk. The musk isn't heavy and dark. To me it offers a bit of sweetness that offsets the chai spice beautifully. All week I've been slathering Ebil-ish onto the back of my hands and huffing like a mad woman all day. It's definitely one of the longer lasting scents I've tried so far. I'm stocking up today. @androstenol... I agree that a LFM boost would work magic with Ebil-i
  14. Hi Beach Goddess.... I also discovered that less is more with LFM. Yesterday I did a few swipes in the morning, then I did a few more before going grocery shopping in the afternoon. It was almost like my body could tell that I'd gone overboard. As odd as this sounds, I could feel that I was wearing too much. Today I did a swipe on the outer wrist of each arm and a 2 inch swipe on each side of my chest. That was perfect for achieving the (now) tell-tale LFM confident vibe. Seriously loving this one.
  15. Girlie... this is the lil black dress / favorite leggings of pheromones -- with sexy, yet comfortable shoes, might I add! Hey androstenol... I've been reluctant to try the LP Rouge because the cinnamon has me a little nervous. Though I'm finding that even scents I don't think I'll like, I end up really loving here. So I may have to snag a sample just to be safe. My next purchase will be the UN 60/40. And you're right missdarlyncherie -- this is cool and confident. I was worried that it would be an "Outta-my-way-bitches!" kind of blend, or that it would make me appear too m
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