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  1. If anyone has this scent gathering dust somewhere, I'd love to buy it! It is my all time fave and one of the few that really works on me.....
  2. Hi MissDarylnCherie-- can you tell me what LAM is? and what is the response when you wear OCCOs out? Thanks
  3. Thanks Amalthea-- great points. I had tons of samples but for some I don't like the scent so I'm not sure how I feel about the pheros hence the question What kind of negative self-effects do you get with a-nol?
  4. Hi Beccah, thanks for the feedback. What is the full name of LAM? I can't find it here http://lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/filter/unscented/?num_to_display=50
  5. Hello Gurus of the Forum-- If you could afford to buy three UN pheros for layering with other scents-- which would you buy? (As a separated woman, with no prospects in sight) For self-effects and for attention from the opposite sex. Are OCCOs okay for going out in? Thanks for any advice ladies! FL
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