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  1. If anyone has this scent gathering dust somewhere, I'd love to buy it! It is my all time fave and one of the few that really works on me.....
  2. Hi everyone, I'm just curious if anyone knows of any good pheros for men (either to wear or smell on their woman) that might calm down intense anxiety and panic attacks. I know pheros aren't miracle workers (and I'm just about to order Balm Bomb) but wondered if there was anything else I might be looking at-- any experiences and advice much appreciated! Many thanks!
  3. Hi all, sorry its taken me so long to reply-- I'm just coming up for air now. It actually went really well. I took the majority-rules advice on here and wore Cougar. The friend was awesome to me all night, and told me he thought I looked great and he told me that he told my BF not to "screw it up" (although my BF swears that he never said that to him?!) At the end of the night he gave me a huge hug-- so I think I have his approval. My BF reacted really well to Cougar as well (he reacts beautifully to Gotcha, but not so much to LACE or PM). Weirdly though, my band (all men) were all irritable and touchy all night (with the exception of my bassist who was weirdly flirty) -- the guitarist was actually a bit agro and rude with me-- so strange. Ah men, lovely but downright confusing at the best of times!
  4. Thanks all-- I don't care what he thinks at the end of the day, (and hopefully my BF doesn't either) but I've learned a lot lately about what men think about managing impressions and status and all that bullshit. If he doesn't like me, screw him, but yes, it would make things easier if he did!
  5. I wore BANG! and it was awesome-- so many eyes on us that night, we had a blast! Thanks for all the advice beautiful people!
  6. Hi all- first off, I just want to say how amazing all of your advice has been up to this point with my foray into pheros-- I've truly appreciated all the help and insight into the magic of these beautiful tools! Well the saga continues-- I am meeting my now-boyfriend's best friend this weekend. This best friend to my boyfriend is a bit of a piece of work-- he only dates models-- has been trying to hook my boyfriend (before we were "exclusive") up with typically "hot" chicks (especially because I am not my BF's usual "type"). In a way this is a good thing as it made my BF realise he doesn't want to be with anyone else but me... BUT.... The best friend, let's call him Plonk, is highly judgmental of women on their looks. I'd like to cast a bit of a glamour over him when I meet him (he's potentially even coming to a performance I'm in) and have him intrigued, find me having a certain something, and not just straight away judging the fact that I'm not a model (and therefore not thinking I'm good enough for his best friend). Now, I know the usual phero advice is that they can't make anyone feel anything, and I totally get that, so I'm not asking for miracles, but what would you ladies suggest in this situation, what pheros can sway this sort of response? What would you wear to help your lovely boyfriend's best friend give you a chance, help to find you attractive (cause you bloody well are), and not continue to try to hook up your BF with "hot chicks" he meets online?! Thanks ladies and gents, any advice is HUGELY appreciated.
  7. Argh now I can't decide between LAM and Bang!-- anyone have an idea which would be better? I rarely wear either around him, I'm usually in Gotcha, but given the concert is a bit special (seeing his fave band), I feel like mixing it up.
  8. Thanks all! I'm now thinking Bang! might be the goer since I don't have SS4W sadly! Ah well, next order awaits!
  9. Hi all, heading to a concert soon with my romantic interest, and wanted to wear something a bit sexy, exciting and naughty. If you were going to a rock concert with your man, what phero would you wear? I figured the suggestions not to wear copulins out might be different if you were with your man all night-- thoughts? thank you! FL
  10. Absolutely concur! Really appreciate the responses. I did a bit of an experiment and used gotcha on day one, bang that night (hot!) and day two used perfect match. He responds to gotcha, but not PM or CB. So interesting! I wonder why.....
  11. I have a 60/40 alcohol dpg gotcha, is normal dosage 3-4 sprays? I usually opt for 3, anyone else have their own dose?
  12. Sounds yummy, great idea! As always thanks for the fantastic help!
  13. The other day as I was leaving for work I was wearing totem beaver (with SWS) and he commented on how much he loves the smell "cinnamony" he said, so I'm guessing he responds to spicy scents. Sadly all I have with cops is Tropique which I loooove but he hasn't commented on it, so I'm hoping to change the scent a bit. Are there other cops heavy UN that are similar to gotcha? I guess what is the most similar to gotcha that has cops? I do have topper, love it!
  14. He seems to respond better to Gotcha than CB... Hmm I wonder what I should use next when he comes over to mine for a few days... Any thoughts on a good phero to wear for a weekend together? Would you mix it up?
  15. Hahaha we're not quite there yet it's a hot Australian summer and leather somehow doesn't fit!
  16. Hi all, So many of you know my story-- reluctant guy, dating since October, were platonic to begin with but now we are moving into the physical side of things, just curious, when is a good time to switch up pheros when getting involved with someone new? I was considering moving from Gotcha to Perfect Match-- anyone have any experience or advice to offer in this area? Thanks!
  17. It finally happened-- hallelujah! Thanks for all the advice wonderful people-- I stuck with Gotcha.
  18. Thanks so much for all the advice.... Will be following it! Goes to show that us newbies need your help
  19. Hi all Fourth date with guy that I really get on with-- we've talked way too much and now its time to actually get physical which he is apparently terrified of (last girlfriend had some real problems and was abusive/crazy) and he's admitted to me that the physical side scares him as much as he loves it because he knows if we click in that way then it's all on. SO..... I've been doing Gotcha up until now. We've only held hands, nothing else. Suggestions for taking it to this next phase? This will be date number 4 and I feel like if something physical doesn't happen soon we're going to FriendZone FAST. We're both overthinking it way too much given our unique and scary histories.. Help?! I have most Un pheros in the arsenal-- any suggestions?! Thanks so much! FL
  20. Arrgghh another amazing date, feeling giddy (or is that the Gotcha)-- gotta say Tropique and Gotcha layered really nicely and I can't get enough of the Tropique smell!. Still nothing physical beyond casual touching, but perhaps I have a gentleman on my hands Can any of you point me in the direction of posts talking about keeping the same phero when dating a guy in the early days? Want to read up on that
  21. You wouldn't think something like LAM or BANG? Which is less "do me now" or are they both that way because of the cops? Any experiences much appreciated and thanks for the advice
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