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  1. I got my coveted shipping notice e-mail on the 24th. Starting tomorrow i can start stalking the mailman in earnest. The anticipation is half the fun, isn't it vladmyra?
  2. Phero-Fogger In Training

  3. This cream is *magic*. I moved to a colder climate a few years ago, and my skin is getting dryer with age, but the problem is I also perspire with very little exertion even in the dead of winter because of some medications I'm on. So, I normally avoid body applications and just moisturize my hands. Because, IMO, it's bad enough to feel gross and sticky (and unfeminine,) but to get that "melted lotion" feeling in the mix on top of it makes me feel sealed in my own skin. But I took a chance with this Olive & Apricot Cream because of the reviews of how quickly it soaked in and having become convinced that LP products deliver. I am so happy to say the reviews are spot on. Mara, you need to patent this stuff, it's that wonderful. Please don't ever stop making it! The first time I put it on my skin felt so nourished and moisturized. Within seconds the O&A cream had totally soaked in. Shortly after when my accursed "glistening" happened there was zero funky, greasy feeling. None. That's never happened with any other moisturizer. My poor legs aren't going to look like a lizard's this winter! Oh, and it's amazing how far just a little bit goes. The cream's scent is beautiful. Just enough to be pleasant and have those very near smell the LP Original, but it's a soft scent and would absolutely fit the bill when you don't want to, or can't wear a full perfume, but still want some fragrance. I'm still very new as far as cops, but this only gets better on me after soaking in and I've smelled nothing like what I've read about as far as "cops smell". It just smells *good*. (I'll waft my shirt to get stronger waves of it if when i'm not outright sniffing my arms. .) Thanks for making something that makes me feel so soft, pretty and feminine again.
  4. Yes, it's my favorite sample. I keep getting wafts of it when I wear it and think "OMG, what smells so good?" and realize it's the SC. I love the SS4W blend, it lifts me, the Hubbs responds to it, but I'd still get SC for the scent alone if it was 'mone free.
  5. June haul: FB 60/40 Alc/Silicone Lumina Spray, FB Sneaky Clean oil roll on, June Sampler, and several other scented phero samples. (So many new "toys" to play with, it'll truly be Christmas in June & July this year for me!)
  6. Aaaand this is where the phrase "more enthusiasm than reading comprehension" would apply. Thanks for the correction. Still sounds like a winner! I will check that out, thank you, luna65.
  7. I haven't yet, Rose, that's in my cart (sample) along with pretty much every other phero blend in a fragrance that I didn't get in a sample, so that I can see what works. And I'm very curious about the LAM, and BAM mixes, too. And if I'm passed that part of life, then I suppose I'll live with that, too. Not ready to give up yet, though, I haven't yet tried straight EoW and all that 'cheese' yet. .
  8. Thank you so much, everyone! I appreciate all your guidance, tips and ideas. (I'm literally taking notes.) This feels like coming home into a reunion of family and friends I never knew I had! Isn't it amazing how we were all drawn here for various reasons, (including the sadness of the unfortunate things we share), and we get to celebrate the joy and excitement of the amazing things the pheromones can do and share the fun of new scents together. Overdoing it in an already taxed brain and taking phero breaks makes total sense, so THANK YOU for the heads up on that. I really love this forum already and how much everyone seems to look out for each other. @cinnamonmel It's Acqua Di Parma Gelsomino Nobile. (It's a jasmine, pinky peppery musk).. Many Sephora gift cards gave their lives so I could own it. @Amalthea: I've tried all 10 in the "Newbie Sampler", plus OCCO Pink & Red, plus Flowers in the Moat that was one of the free samples Mara included. The heavier scents perfume only (like the Black LP) I did a quick swipe on my arms, but won't really break out until colder weather. LP Original, Pink & Red all work really well with my chemistry, as do the OCCO. However I haven't found a sweet spot for the OCCO that seems to have gotten DH's attention or any self effects yet. TMI smells great and I believe was a total hit (which I reported on its thread). I do like musks and lighter scents, and so wasn't shocked that Sneaky Clean and Cuddle Bunny were favorites, and I think DH might have been a bit more attentive, but I'll have to wear them more and before I can say I'm actually seeing results. Pherogirl was a fascinating experience. I kind of loved/hated the scent, but I did the "lollipop" pattern I read about here after a shower and let it dry thoroughly before putting on a nightgown in anticipation for some "couple time". My DD hasn't started her cycle yet, (but is close) and she's as "scent oriented" as I am usually noticing both my natural scent and perfumes. She happened to seek me out and needed a hug because of a bad dream on my way to my bedroom. With me wearing Pherogirl she reared back from me like I'd given her an electric shock and gave me the longest side-eye and said, "Mommy, you don't smell like you." I had to bite my tongue so hard to not LOL at the look on her face and just said it was a new perfume I was trying out. She suggested quite firmly that I not wear it again. (ROFLOL). DH said nothing and didn't act like he used to during my natural cops production (more aggressive and hair pulling) but he did ask me afterwards what was up with my new perfume, and why his tongue was tingling because he'd licked some of it during the playtime! Which surprised me because it was completely dry. (DH is not allergic to bees or honey). Still, I clarified that it wasn't allergic reaction and i didn't need to go get my Epi-pen kind of itching "tingle". He said it was more like toothpaste or a hot salsa afterburn. But I'm a little nervous to wear it again.
  9. I'm a student of life and notice patterns, and while I know this is a large forum, I have to say outside of a PCOS forum, I've never seen so many other ladies with PCOS. I have it, too. Fascinating. I wasn't diagnosed until my late 20s because I did have regular periods, and I did have some ovulations, but my eggs turned to painful cysts, so I had the pheromones and DH reacted awesomely to them. (As in throw me on the bed, hair pulling, talk my ear off, caveman. I can believe cops raise the Testosterone because DH is borderline low-T and is normally a very calm, tender lover. Until I knew about that connection I'd wonder who this "dirty talk" guy was, and what I could do to get him back, LOL!) I'm now forty-four and my cycle has been insane the last year. I don't think I've had one actual ovulation, and I apparently have a golf-ball-sized cyst that isn't going away on one of my ovaries (joy). I'm going in this week find out about having it removed. So far playing with the OCCO samples in the last two weeks and Pherogirl I haven't noticed DH reacting differently to me. Things haven't been anything to complain about when we are together, but there hasn't been any hair pulling either. It's definitely "My body, my phero science project" and it'll be fun to (hopefully) find the sweet spot.
  10. I think I have to get a FB of this. (That is the board lingo for full bottle, yes? ) I love cakey vanilla. I love blackberry. (Especially blackberry musks.) I haven't tried Bang phero mixes yet, but was going to. Yeah, I think this is a full-size Go-For-It. *excited!*
  11. That's probably true, Vladmyra. I haven't felt *overly* chatty with TMI, but anything above my norm is an improvement. Despite my wordy posts so far, I'm an in-my-head introvert. Not shy, just too busy either reading a book, something online, or with the 7,093 thoughts swirling around to share them all at that moment. Considering myself shushed, Coming up Roses. I'm certain the bloom is lovely on yours, and many other roses our age. But it's been a rough couple of years for my...er, petals, so to speak, so I'm in process of rehabilitating them, part of which brought me here! No vandal caught, Donsie, but I did get some mild satisfaction that they at least lost the blade tip to their knife--which kept the tire from going totally flat. We used the bread for sub sandwiches for lunch, DH made Cheesy Garlic bread for dinner with a salad, and we had the rest warmed up with butter and freezer jam from last summer for dessert. Highly recommend getting that sample! Sneaky Clean+TMI=delicious, sweet, musky goodness, not even taking into account the phero benefits, Blackcat.
  12. Hi everyone! It's nice to 'meet' you all. I've been reading the forum the last few weeks while getting my first order of samples and familiarizing myself with all the amazing Pheros, Perfumes, and combos available. How will I ever choose??? I'm Lissa, and I am a fragrance addict. *waves at the circle in the room* Since my first bottle of "Tinkerbelle" splash perfume at 7 years old, and first "Wild Musk" candle when I was 12, I've been all about home and personal fragrance. I've been aware of my own ovulatory pheromones casting a cloud of Zombie-like devotion on males even through my late 30's. It cracked me up (in the sweetest way) to see some teenager bagging my groceries, making moon eyes at me and thinking the poor kid was young enough to be *my* kid and that he was just seeing me through the haze of hormones. However, this peri-menopause things *sucks* because I'm not ovulating regularly anymore and I want more good times with my DH. I'm presuming that means cops? And I want sparkling, fun, happy girl pheros, because I've had some suck times the past few years: Major Depressive Disorder, Fibromyalgia, and bad, bad, arthritis in my hips. Anything that will be a tool to make *me* feel happier and upbeat, because I know that in turn will make those around me happier. In sampling the Phero combos and straight perfumes from LMPM I've been blown away by the complexities of the mixes and how not only do they have a richness and unique vibrancy I've never experienced before, but depending on the day, they even smell slightly different on me (where I was in my cycle) and I *love* that! So far the two that smell best on me and that I think my DH responds best to are Cuddle Bunny & Sneaky Clean. I love the LP Original and ordered a jar of the cream from Artfire to match. Yum!! I honestly don't know (or think I can) go back to a commercial perfume again. I sprayed some on yesterday and it...stunk. This is my favorite perfume in the world. It's EXPENSIVE. And it smelled so cheap and alcoholy...and...just...ish. Oh, Love Potion...you've cast a spell on me.
  13. Hi Ladies, This is my first review (and post) here. I have to say I love both the smell and effect of TMI. I rec'd it in my sample pack and wore two swipes on the back of my hands, each wrist, and a little Sneaky Clean on my torso this past Saturday night out with my Hubbs and our two tweens to dinner for Hubbs' 50th birthday. My DD was super cuddly next to me in the booth (which is nice because she's growing up *so* fast) and she kept smelling my wrists and telling me how good I smelled. We already felt guilty b/c we hit the restaurant only 1/2 before closing but the staff was *so* polite. (Now, I was done up, but I'm early 40s and I know that the bloom isn't exactly still on the rose) but when I asked a young waiter to let our server know we needed some extra napkins he bent WAY down into my face with a goofy smile to let me know he'd get some himself, and both he and our server brought more even though she'd let him know she had it covered. 1/2 hour past closing our server came out with our check and a HUGE bag with all the bread loaves from the evening and said "Here, we're not supposed to do this, we usually throw them away, but since you guys seemed to like our bread I thought you might like to take them home." Um, we did like it, but we hadn't raved. Yes, it was really nice. And no, things like that don't usually happen to me. We'd parked on the street RIGHT OUTSIDE the restaurant's huge windows at a meter in our large metro and came outside to find some jackhat had tried to slash our tire only to have the tip of their knife break off in our sidewall. We called the police and an officer had to come to the scene because there was "evidence", i.e. the knife-tip. (Yeah, Happy Birthday D.H., LOL). The policeman would be kicked out of an audition for law enforcement for looking too stereotyped--over 6'0, crew cut, mustache, total alpha vibe. So, after I finished giving the officer my info and statement, he looked at me very seriously and said "I need you to be honest with me about something." Now I'm the "victim", right, but I can't help that natural reaction of :"OMG, What did I do wrong??" I swallowed and peeped out, "Sure." He pointed down to our licence plate and said conversationally :"Did you get a good deal from those guys? Because I have people lie to me all day long, and the last thing I want to deal with is some shyster car salesman." I had to not burst out laughing when I realized he was pointing at the frame from the dealership that we hadn't taken off yet and he was chatting me up about buying a car while my DH and kids were waiting in the van! And all I could think was, OMG, this has been weirdest night ever and I've got to tell the Forum about this TMI "hit".
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