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  1. Sorry I am so slow to return to the board:( shopping!! Maililyahn currently I am LOVING The Steampunk Tarot!! Well I ordered like $300 worth of product!! Help me!! Lol. I will let you guys know what works best!! Oh but I did discover LaFemme Mystere turns my ex-ish to mush!!! I always hit him up for cash ( it's my job!!) and he is always a pain in the ass about it. Well yesterday, I hit him up and not only did he say sure but he went and got me cash so I wouldn't have to wait for the bank transfer! ? lol I forgot I was wearing anything and then it dawned on me!! I think a new blend called " manipulation potion" might be great!! Lol. Xoxo to all
  2. Oh yes, I'm an addict. Getting ready to place another shortly. My fave has to be unBI. However I also adore LAMs and OCCOs, Gotcha and LaFemme Noir are always in my arsenal. Didn't do well with CuddleBunny for some reason. Oh I forgot Pherogirl... Ahh. Until now I haw only ever used roller oils and am thinking of switching to sprays. Any suggestions are appreciated. I am planning on ordering Gotcha, and flying potion also prob la femme noir too. My favorite scents are Red and Black. Not a big fruity fan more of a spicy or clean scents. I do like the sugar and honeys though... Sigh. I am looking for a bonding type affect, attraction. Also could use a good potion for Christmas with the family. I am the black sheep and always feel on guard. >> thoughts? Thanks for the welcome ☺️
  3. Hello, Finally I am finishing and posting my intro. I have started to to this many times.... Anyway, hi! I stumbled across LPMP via Amazon and feel it was fate. I have looked for info on the boards but never joined the fun. From what I have read, you r my people!! Yay for me. Ok so want to know about my exciting life??? Lol I am a mom of 2 young girls and live in North Jersey. Nothing too exciting about me. I am an aspiring astrologer and tarot card reader. I do read charts for people and hope to start offering my card readings soon as well. A few years ago I experienced an out of body / near death experience and since then everything has changed. I feel blessed and will probably always refer to myself as aspiring because there is always so much more to learn. I am so looking forward to getting to know you guys and am going to probably ask a million questions! Also I am an open book with a great sense of humor, and not easily offended. Just fyi:)
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