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  1. Additional sweetness would be too much for me, but thank you anyway, every advice appreciated ;)


    "Pure Sugar" is a simple, great scent to have on hand. It can really round out or soften a scent that's not working for you. ..and of course add a bit if sweetness when you feel like it.


    I will follow that advice and try the bergamot essential oil.


    I agree that Jasmine can be really intense. If the fragrance is pretty strong something that overpowers it could make it really loud. I think Xev gave you a good suggestion on cutting the fragrance instead of trying to overpower it.


    Vampire Bait is coming with my next order. I went FB without sniffing it, but reading the listed notes and the reviews I'm sure I'll like it :)


    This is sort of out of my line in scents. While I love them, I just can not wear most florals. BUT, Mara does use some beautiful Orchid scents. What about Orchid with a bit of Vanilla to take any sharp edge off that might be there?

  2. Thank you very much :thank-you: I hope that will solve the problem :)

    Ooo, that actually sounds like my kind of scent :-)


    Almond is usually short-lived, but jasmine and vanilla are really strong, tenacious notes.


    I can't think of a fix involving an LP fragrance, but my idea is try layering some bergamot essential oil with the fragrance and see what happens. You can probably pick up a bit of that for under $10. I think it will go with those notes and freshen them up, cut the cloying sweetness of the jasmine.

  3. The description says it is milky bitter almond, jasmine, sensual musk and rich vanilla. It's a veeery sweet (a bit) floral IMO. IDK if it's the almond and/or vanilla that make me sick or maybe the fragrance as a whole. One spray is veeery strong when it comes to the fragrance and I need 4-6 sprays to make the phero work, but with that much it's :Emoticons00810: . It sticks to my skin, but it has a great throw either. You're right, I don't want a disaster. I thought about layering instead of mixing. I've tried it with my LPMP sample of Spring Fever and it took over :^^:, but it's not a "me" scent ;) I did the same with my favourite fragrance, but it's not powerful enough to overtake it :(


    This is an interesting question.


    Do you know what the notes are in the phero from the other company? Is it floral itself? Resinous? Fruity?


    Also how much of the phero do you need to apply for you or others to smell it? I guess I am trying to figure out the intensity of the fragrance.


    Also does it smell loud/waft around you or does it stay close to your skin?


    The thing is you don't want a disaster on your hands!



    I prefer fresh herbal, floral scents. My current favourite perfume contains the following notes: Mint, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Jasmine, Peony, Pink Pepper, Cedar Wood, Labdanum :love:


    Good thoughts Honeycake. MaryAlice, what Honeycake said and also, what florals do you tend to prefer?


    No, it's not from THAT place ;)


    If it is a certain fragrance called neroli from the place I'm thinking of, I've tried to cover it without success. It is just truly terrible.

    If it is one of that places other fragrances, then I may have some suggestions.

    Can you tell us what it is or describe the scent.

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