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  1. On board with that. Of course, since I'm posting in thread - would ask for Beach Bunny and Surfer Dude - lol!
  2. Thanks Mara! I bought a few during the sale but want to buy a few more when I can
  3. Can we add DHEAS and/or Topper? I've had great results with adding either to the usual blends.
  4. Thanks!! I looked in pheros and DIY area and didn't see it. Glad it's safe! ETA: Are all of the sugared collections also safe? I saw them in the catalogue but worried bc most were in the 'sales' category; and there are more I want to buy and layer when I can.
  5. Is Sneaky Clean 'safe'? I just got introduced to it and really like it, but when shopping on the new site - under 'pheros and DIY' category, I couldn't find it. I could have totally missed of course, but want to check bc it's pretty awesome.
  6. I really love this - got a couple of samples and it's amazing. I didn't get the double layer of coconut, which is kind of what I was hoping for. That said, the coconut is definitely present in a well rounded way. I'm thrilled with this, can't wait until I can go FB! It's banana coconut creamy on me, love it
  7. Something else to add to my new list - bc the notes, the notes!! ETA: Just rec'd my shipping notice today. HUGE SQUEE. I can't remember how long it's been since I placed an order, but placed 2 small ones back to back, so glad samples of this are on the way. :cat690: I'll post reviews of everything once I get 'the precious'.
  8. I just ordered a couple of samples this weekend, can't wait!! ETA: Tried this and adore it. It can be super sweet right upon application, but settles down nicely to a robust peachy pink sugar scent. It's also pretty uplifting. I think it would cover anything - cops or pheros/ w cops - bang, etc. Lately I've been pairing with UN LFM and it's so pretty together, very feminine but not like over the top. this!! ETA: I think the throw on this is probably medium to small, which I personally like with any perfume. I don't want to be 'that girl' who everyone smells before they see Maybe I shouldn't take this up too much, as want to get more in the future and it's LE.
  9. HTH - but I either do like a half-smiley on torso; or (with samples) - use the wand in a few various areas, very lightly. I'm still new to pheros so still cautious.
  10. Thanks for the great info in the reviews! Adding to my list. Sounds like it would be good with LAM, cops or wow, will have to try with Lumina too.
  11. Ok so drooling over the notes and reviews - adding this to my list as a 'must have'. Thanks for the reviews! ETA: So I had this on my list to order and totally forgot. Starting new list with this at the top. Because, yes, I am a cupcake ho - LOL
  12. I think I'll be wearing this tomorrow - I have a lot to get done and LFN works for me that way. I have to be careful to not flip my own bitch switch with it though - A little goes a long way for me with this.... now which scent to pair it with? OMG, just thought of it - LV's Pussycat - YAAAAAS. Both have that sleek cat vibe.
  13. Adding this to my list! (love Cougar - amazing!) Thanks for the reviews all - very helpful!!
  14. It really is amazing; and from the notes I wouldn't have guessed it, just because I didn't know. If the noco buttercream peach is still avail, you can buy both to mix it. This was one of my first pheros and it's very light, graceful and pretty - love it!
  15. Has anyone ever tried Clean's Shampoo Fresh Hair Fragrance? I've had a bottle for ages (only use very occasionally and hoard it bc I can't find it anymore). Anyhow - does it smell anything like this? It's not a scent I typically wear, but one I love and perfect for certain situations - hoping to find at least a sister/ cousin scent - it's like super fresh clean (not green at all) - very light yet also strong, smells a bit like a soap bubble. But like good fun soap bubble - not sweet not tart... Yea, I'm pretty great at describing this - lol. Anyhow, just curious if this is in that spectrum - have read all reviews - just unsure of what type of clean soap it smells like and if it's powdery or green at all - my skin doesn't like either of those. Thanks in advance!
  16. I'd forgotten how amazing this one is, going to wear tonight or this weekend. And you're spot on with 'my skin just smells this way' - i.e. ah-mazingly awesome. I still haven't tried sneaky clean - moving that one up on my list, thanks Witty Kitty!
  17. Hi JL! Good to 'see' you! For some reason I don't get email notifications on things; just see notices when I log in - and have so many bc haven't been in the forum much.
  18. At or better than Sweet Pussycat status? What is this magic scent - omg I've missed soo much. Luckily I still have a very healthy FB of Sweet Pussycat in the interim, will have to try this out sometime though!
  19. OMG - why am I not wearing this more? I love it (see past reviews where I flipped out over this). It's definitely sheer, but in a great sexy elegant way. But even being sheer, it covers the UNs in an amazing way. (runs off to apply this, will be huffing my arm)
  20. Still a major fan of DHEAS, gives that sparkle ( in my head anyway LOL). I'm really conservative with any pheros - but a few spritzes (from small spray bottle) works well to lift my mood for sure.
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