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  1. OCCO Black:There's no arousal or lightheaded-ness to it for me but I feel empowered/confident. In the times I've used it, it's been dinner or movie dates. The guys usually compliment, pay for the tab (without fuss) or behave well. I haven't had someone try and to get frisky while wearing OCCO Black but that might be due to environmental surrounding. Or maybe it's because I roll it 1 time on my torso (I don't wanna overdo OCCO Black). OCCO RED: It makes me feel giddy and I laugh a lot. I mostly use this to uplift my moods instead of attracting a guy. It's more social for me than sexual. May
  2. OCCO Black: Seductive. Mysterious. Great for a night on the town. I can smell the Ambers and Musk. But I can't seem to complement scents. I've read that LP Red and OCCO Black work well but they clash to me. OCCO RED: Sexy but also delicious. This is an everyday wear for me (If I could). Perfect for dates. I'm a foodie and sugar/yummy scents do things to me. I have worn this on several occasions (A friend gifted it to me and I'm obsessed). Everytime I get hits but nothing too big. OCCO BLUE: Tried a friend's bottle. It seems more feminine. I thought it would be more unisex/gender neu
  3. I think floral or foodie scents over SS4W better. From my experience LP RED, LP PINK and LP WHITE covers it perfectly. I tried it with LP BLUE but I could smell the lingering scent. Later this week I'm going to try SS4W covered in Cauldron Cake and Hunter and the Woodland Nymph. @NuTrix I've always wondered how Mad scientist works. What's your experience because I know it's a try at your own risk thing.
  4. Got my shipment and it was extremely fast. I have order things in my own state that's taken weeks to get to me but a package from LP got to me within 3 days and it's states away. The sniffies are lovely and I wonder how Mara chooses them because they fit me perfectly. Thank you for your lovely service.
  5. I recently got to try out Super Sexy for Women a few days ago and I just had to report on it. Some background about the day before going out to test it: A storm caused half of my town to lose power for 24 hours. Because of this, I had to dress myself and apply my makeup via flashlight. so it wasn't the best if could be (smudged eyeliner, uneven lipliner, etc). To add to it, I was bloated. Deciding I needed some help, I applied a bit of SS4W before heading off to work at the mall. The bus ride to work was when I got my first 'hit'. It was cramped, leaving me to stand. Within t
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