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  1. I should mention- where we are, the divorce hearings aren’t actually done in the big courtroom but rather in a small private meeting room with all 5 people at the same meeting table— the judge, both lawyers, and both spouses. The judge is at the head of the table. No one is opposite the judge. On his left is a lawyer, then a spouse. On his right is a lawyer, then a spouse.
  2. I can't wait for the Pheromas next month !!! (Fingers crossed that they come in sprays...)
  3. Good idea, cheesy! I'd also be interested in a Sugared Bluebell !
  4. Really? Wow! Well, in that case-- I second the motion!
  5. Wow, Sugared Berries smells so much better than the Sugared Raspberry or the Sugared Blackberry. I guess when you combine the two together, and also throw in some mulberry, dewberry and boysenberry-- it must have a synergistic effect! I love the pink berry sugars in this too. This fragrance has depth and complexity, but still manages to be sweet and girly at the same time. Also I like the fact that it's sugar sweet but tangy fresh simultaneously. I feel like I'm drinking a yummy sweet, mildly tangy, mixed berry fruitjuice. Juicy... berrylicious... Yum!
  6. Haha glad to be of service, Cheesy! Yes I definitely got "foody" from this, rather than "candy".
  7. Wow this smells just like a gooey blueberry pie! I'm not much of a foody though, so I'm going to put it up for trade in the Trade Forum. But whoever is a foody and likes to eat blueberry pie, they're gonna love this one!
  8. ? I didnt customize anything. Just ordered sugared layerables, some UNs, and a couple of fragrance sprays. But glad to know it's nearly ready
  9. Update: So it finally arrived on Sept 5th, nearly 5 weeks after the order was placed. And I live in the US and hadn't ordered any custom items. That was sheer agony to wait for if for nearly 5 weeks... lol. But at least the sale went on until Sept 15, which allowed me just enough time to place one more order during the sale and thereby snag some more freebies! Now am waiting for a shipment notification on my Sept 15 order (fingers crossed that this one wont take 5 weeks...)
  10. I only do one at a time. I never have more than one pending order.
  11. What??? Didnt the Weenies only come out a couple days ago? Geez, I'm still waiting on my Sept 15th order to ship I hope they didnt put it in the corner again and forget about it LOL.. (That's what happened to my Aug 4th order-- it got misplaced and then it took FIVE WEEKS to arrive.... ugh).
  12. Well, I went nuts and ordered FOUR FREAKING SETS of the new Sugared Layerables (each set containing 12 fragrances). I'm sure I won't be keeping them all though. Will definitely wind up trading a bunch of them in the Trading Forum. The first set of 12 (numbers 1 through 12 below) has already arrived. I am waiting now for the last three sets of 12 to arrive (numbers 13 through 48). 1. Sugared Peaches (soooo pretty-- my favorite so far! If it were a person, it would be: the prettiest girl at school.) 2. Sugared Plumeria (awesome-- I love it! my 2nd favorite so far! It is entrancing and pa
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