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  1. I don't know what possessed me to order this one, because I despise fruity florals in general (there are a couple of LP exceptions, but I don't think I've ever gone FB on one, even so!) I think the line from the description about the scent being modeled after "a delicate spring breeze" did it. Because I want to smell like a delicate spring breeze, dangnabit! Well, darned if I don't love it. It's very fruity when wet, but everything blends together beautifully once it dries down. I find the cardamom comes out more on warmer parts of my body (d├ęcolletage is definitely spicier ; ), but it is
  2. Please reserve me a bottle of Embla, version 1, and a whiskers & tails! Thank you!
  3. Beautiful!! I emailed you at the address in the 1st post, Mara. If you don't get it, please let me know. I don't know what it is about asking for invoices that triggers my anxiety but it's probably for the best because it keeps me from doing it too often (Oh yeah, it's from the cow last name in case you don't who I am, haha!)
  4. Aww yassss! Thanks! Could you hang onto a copper wrapped black tourmaline for me when they're done, please? I would also like a loose piece of the raw bumpy kind if you have any (small enough to fit in a pocket if that is possible). I'd also be interested in a copper wrapped (raw) rose quartz if you have any of those left. I will shoot you an email this weekend!
  5. Mara, do you still have any black tourmaline?
  6. Ha, I got spice too! I thought my imagination must be filling in the blanks because this reminds me so much of pumpkin custard. Pumpkin custard with a LP Original drizzle Maybe it is the amber pretending to be pumpkin pie spice! I don't know, but it's very rich and creamy and pumpkin-y, and has that vanilla I adore from the Love Potions. I don't really notice the honey, and I can barely smell Aja on myself even when I'm wearing it solo, so I'm no help there. Either my skin eats it or I just can't smell it. Or I'm part plant and it blends right in
  7. I've been dragging my feet on reviewing this one. I did not reread the notes before I tried it. I got a weird note I didn't like and couldn't place when I first sniffed the vial straight out of the mailbox, so I blamed travel shock. I set it aside and waited for a few days before actually putting it on my skin. That odd note was still there. I couldn't figure out what it was, but it drove me to distraction. I thought maybe my skin was reacting badly with the vanilla, though I don't usually have that issue. Finally I looked up what's in it, and I'm 99% sure now it's the fig that I don't c
  8. I'm pretty sure I could put this on anything and want to bang it. Needless to say, my man now fully supports my purchase of the monthly sampler. On a slightly more helpful note, I wear men's scents all the time, but this is too alpha male for me to wear. I don't remember if it's supposed to be unisex.
  9. I was dead set on not liking this one. I looked at the notes before I tried it and was thinking "no way do those things sound good together. Eucalyptus and coconut? Lavender and pine? Really?" I never would have ordered it if it hadn't been part of the sampler. But I should have had more faith in Mara's talent because I put it on (well away from my face, a little dab on my wrist so I could wash it off in a hurry!), took a sniff while it was wet, only caught the eucalyptus, shrugged and forgot about it...and then got this whiff of something absolutely heavenly a little while later. What IS
  10. I'm dying to review Gargoyle Gargle. It was the surprise hit in my sampler Pleeeeasssseee, someone unlock the thread! I promise I'll be good!
  11. Funny story: I wanted to come up with a PE for my anniversary, but I waffled quite a bit and wrung my hands and eventually talked myself out of it. The four notes I had decided on before I chickened out were rose, frankincense, vanilla, and sandalwood. Naturally when I read the description for this one, my jaw dropped, not only because it had those 4 notes I had wanted to use, but because I know I like all the other ones, too. The only thing that made me a little unsure was the bourbon, because I've enjoyed that in some scents but not in others. Well, at first sniff, it was love! I j
  12. This smells exactly like apple crisp to me! It's delicious. Foodier than my usual preference, but very yummy. I did get a lot of spice but it wasn't as overpowering as I feared it would be. I still got a lot of apple! Phero-wise, this was my first time trying Mother's Little Helper, and I really enjoyed the effects. Mainly I just felt upbeat (but in a calm way, not in a giddy Lace or Levitation way, haha) and very confident and in-control. I felt much more like "myself" compared to, say, Leather, but still a little more assertive than I am on my own. I was out at a craft fair much of the
  13. This was the second scent I tested from this month's sampler. I found it really intriguing in the vial. It comes across fresh and floral, almost spa-like to my nose...not really what I was expecting from a Weenie! It's beautiful though, the floral notes behaved very politely for me and the "ozone" kindly refrained from stabbing me in the sinuses, remaining a remote supporting player. It's very much a lady of a scent I think this one would be wonderful as a spray! Phero wise, this was my first time trying Lace. It put me in a good mood, but it also did that awful thing where total strange
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