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  1. Beautiful!! I emailed you at the address in the 1st post, Mara. If you don't get it, please let me know. I don't know what it is about asking for invoices that triggers my anxiety but it's probably for the best because it keeps me from doing it too often (Oh yeah, it's from the cow last name in case you don't who I am, haha!)
  2. Aww yassss! Thanks! Could you hang onto a copper wrapped black tourmaline for me when they're done, please? I would also like a loose piece of the raw bumpy kind if you have any (small enough to fit in a pocket if that is possible). I'd also be interested in a copper wrapped (raw) rose quartz if you have any of those left. I will shoot you an email this weekend!
  3. Mara, do you still have any black tourmaline?
  4. Ha, I got spice too! I thought my imagination must be filling in the blanks because this reminds me so much of pumpkin custard. Pumpkin custard with a LP Original drizzle Maybe it is the amber pretending to be pumpkin pie spice! I don't know, but it's very rich and creamy and pumpkin-y, and has that vanilla I adore from the Love Potions. I don't really notice the honey, and I can barely smell Aja on myself even when I'm wearing it solo, so I'm no help there. Either my skin eats it or I just can't smell it. Or I'm part plant and it blends right in
  5. I've been dragging my feet on reviewing this one. I did not reread the notes before I tried it. I got a weird note I didn't like and couldn't place when I first sniffed the vial straight out of the mailbox, so I blamed travel shock. I set it aside and waited for a few days before actually putting it on my skin. That odd note was still there. I couldn't figure out what it was, but it drove me to distraction. I thought maybe my skin was reacting badly with the vanilla, though I don't usually have that issue. Finally I looked up what's in it, and I'm 99% sure now it's the fig that I don't c
  6. Funny story: I wanted to come up with a PE for my anniversary, but I waffled quite a bit and wrung my hands and eventually talked myself out of it. The four notes I had decided on before I chickened out were rose, frankincense, vanilla, and sandalwood. Naturally when I read the description for this one, my jaw dropped, not only because it had those 4 notes I had wanted to use, but because I know I like all the other ones, too. The only thing that made me a little unsure was the bourbon, because I've enjoyed that in some scents but not in others. Well, at first sniff, it was love! I j
  7. This smells exactly like apple crisp to me! It's delicious. Foodier than my usual preference, but very yummy. I did get a lot of spice but it wasn't as overpowering as I feared it would be. I still got a lot of apple! Phero-wise, this was my first time trying Mother's Little Helper, and I really enjoyed the effects. Mainly I just felt upbeat (but in a calm way, not in a giddy Lace or Levitation way, haha) and very confident and in-control. I felt much more like "myself" compared to, say, Leather, but still a little more assertive than I am on my own. I was out at a craft fair much of the
  8. Memorare

    Just Desserts

    I love this so much! I adore almond scents. I got unsolicited compliments from my man the second he smelled it on me. I normally don't care much for anything very sweet or "edible" smelling, but I don't know, this one hits the spot somehow. I had no trouble with staying power, but I slathered on quite a bit I get that lovely, almost "syrupy" amber after a few hours. So, so good.
  9. Hmm, maybe the handsome fella on the label reminds you of someone ; )
  10. I've had various opinions over the years of what heaven must smell like. At one time, many years ago, it was a particularly expensive sandalwood soap that I couldn't really afford (but loved to the last bubble anyway ) Now I'm convinced heaven REALLY smells like Sugared Sandalwood! Not sure how to describe it if you don't already know what sandalwood smells like (hint: it smells woodsy lol), but this is gorgeous and the sweetness is perfectly balanced, blending beautifully with the sandalwood. I got it in a spray and it's going to kill me not spraying everything in sight with it I love i
  11. Thank you for another amazing package! It made my day, like my LP orders always do Thank you also for the goody bag from the giveaway, everything smells wonderful! I can't wait to try it all out! I also appreciate all your patience with me re: my sale orders. Every year I'm a pain in the butt, but your customer service is always phenomenal. LPMP is always my first choice for smell-goods! Love you!
  12. Finally broke open my Trial sized pheroma bottle of UN Leather. I've been a bit daunted by it because I have a very quiet, easygoing, meek personality. I was afraid even Leather would be too incongruent to work for me, or that it might flip my b*tch switch (I do have one of those. I know because LFM flips it for me almost every time lol) However, it has been an awesome day. No b*tchy mood, no aggravation. I am calm and in control of my sh*t and not putting up with anybody else's. Leather also turned the dick I married into a proper Richard. 10/10, going full bottle first chance I get
  13. Memorare

    New 2016

    A million thanks to Mara for not rebrewing this until after my husband's vasectomy (I was not around for the original brew). The last thing I need is 5 more I am absolutely head over heels in love with this one. It doesn't literally smell like a baby, or at least like none of mine did (or I probably WOULD have twice as many, haha!) It smells more to me like the aura of a baby, pure snuggly love and soft fuzzy white light, which I know sounds woo-woo, sorry guys, but I gotta call it like I smell it Very soothing, gentle, creamy, powdery goodness. Love, love, love. Thank you for taking me back
  14. I'm really sorry Mara, but I can't remember when I last redeemed my forum points. I'm hoping I have enough to redeem for some cute kitty postcards with my next order! Please let me know when you have the time? Thank you!
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